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How To Nail The Korean Makeup Trend On Your TikToks
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How To Nail The Korean Makeup Trend On Your TikToks

Dec 23, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How To Nail The Korean Makeup Trend On Your TikToks

Korean Beauty Trends

K-beauty goes beyond makeup. It’s also about keeping your skin healthy and showing off its natural beauty. We see K-beauty trends crop up everywhere, especially when it comes to K-pop and Korean idols, like Blackpink and Twice.

Many Korean celebrities have complex 12-step skincare routines to keep their skin smooth. While trends change, you can usually find some Korean beauty staples in each one, like:
  • Traditional hanbang ingredients
  • Acid layering
  • Clean beauty
  • Microbiome-friendly skincare
  • Skincare supplements, like pre-, pro-, and postbiotics

K-beauty has recently started using fewer, more effective products, rather than pushing a routine with 10 or more steps. K-beauty encourages people to understand their skin’s needs as a basis for keeping it healthy.

Korean Makeup Style

Korean makeup styles focus on showing off your skin. They focus on bringing out your natural beauty, rather than covering your face with heavy makeup like many Western trends. In this case, makeup works to accentuate your skin’s best features.

K-beauty makeup’s signature styles usually feature youthful looks and minimal eye makeup—just enough to make your eyes stand out. While Western beauty uses concealer on the whole face, K-beauty uses it only for certain areas, like dark circles. When it comes to the eyes, Korean beauty doesn’t bother covering up eye bags, otherwise called aegyo sal. Koreans believe they emphasize a person’s youth, especially when they smile.

You don’t have to revamp your beauty routine to get these looks. Instead, YouCam Video lets you edit your videos to achieve your ideal K-beauty makeup look.

Korean Beauty TikTok

YouCam Video: Best Video Editing App for Korean Makeup on Your Videos

YouCam Video is the most realistic video editing app that helps you apply any makeup look you want. Its advanced technology pinpoints where you want to apply makeup and other effects to your video. The app has tons of features, from background animations to sparkles to makeup to help your TikToks stand out. Keep reading to learn how you can hop on the latest Korean makeup trends in just a few taps!

How to Add Korean Makeup Effects to Your Videos

Adding Korean makeup effects is easy with YouCam Video. Follow these steps to create the perfect look for yourself:
  1. Download YouCam Video.
  2. Choose the video you want to edit from your phone.
  3. Go to Looks.
  4. Explore lots of Korean makeup looks like the ones below.

Korean Beauty TikTok

Korean Makeup Idea #1: Mago

Inspired by Mago, a song by K-pop group Gfriend, this look focuses on minimalist makeup that gives your skin a smooth, clean look while highlighting your eyes. It lengthens your lashes without overdoing the eye makeup and adds a natural pink lip. Get it by following these steps:
  1. Go to Looks.
  2. Select K-pop to open the selection of looks in that group.
  3. Scroll to find Mago and tap to apply.
Korean Beauty TikTok

Korean Makeup Idea #2: Tag Me

Modeled after K-pop band Weeekly’s song Tag Me, this fun and peppy look still sticks to the emphasis on natural beauty with a glowing pink lip and matching eye shadow. It adds an extra sparkle beneath your eyes for a more youthful look to accentuate your aegyo sal. Get it when you go to K-pop in Looks and scroll to find Tag Me.

Korean Beauty TikTok

Korean Makeup Idea #3: La Di Da

La Di Da is bolder than some of the other looks while still keeping to the Korean makeup style. Inspired by the song from Korean K-pop band Everglow, it adds a bright pink blush to your cheeks, minimal eye makeup, and a deep red lip for a pop of color. Find it in the K-pop category under Looks and scroll to find La Di Da.

Korean Beauty TikTok

Korean Makeup Idea #4: Squid Game-Inspired Makeup

If you’re one of the millions who got immersed in the world of Squid Game, YouCam Video has the look for you. It’s more dramatic than most Korean makeup trends with winged eyeliner and full lashes, soft pink blush, and a glossy pink lip. The red tear represents the gruesome nature of the show, along with the popular Player 067’s number under your right eye and the Squid Game worker symbols above the left. To find it under the K-pop tab, scroll until you reach the Player 067 look.

Korean Beauty TikTok

Korean Makeup Idea #5: Squid Game-Inspired Makeup Dalgona Candy

Also inspired by Squid Game, Dalgona Candy gives your video a playful feel. It applies Squid Game symbols along with clouds, stars, umbrellas, and other shapes across your cheeks and leaves the rest of your face makeup-free. Find it under the K-pop tab!

Korean Beauty TikTok

Download YouCam Video: The Best Video Editing App to Get on the Korean Makeup Trend

YouCam Video has all the features you need to get the best Korean makeup looks to show off in your videos. You can also create your own looks and become a TikTok sensation in a few taps. Download YouCam Video for iOS or Android and explore even more Korean beauty features!

Korean Beauty TikTok

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