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5 Easy Eyeshadow Looks For Amazing TikToks
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5 Easy Eyeshadow Looks For Amazing TikToks

Sep 24, 2021 · 3 minutes read
5 Easy Eyeshadow Looks For Amazing TikToks

Creating a fun TikTok is one of our favorite things to do, but beyond following fun TikTok trends one of the things we love most about the app is the creative freedom it gives us. Curating your TikTok aesthetic is as important as the content you create. We’ve found some fun ways to add your aesthetic to your TikTok style with five easy virtual makeup and eyeshadow looks that you can add with YouCam Video.

Read on to discover how to add some sweet and easy makeup looks to your selfie videos and TikToks in a few taps.

Easy Eyeshadow Looks

Colorful Eyeshadow Looks

Finding a full makeup style that fits your TikTok aesthetic perfectly can be a challenge, but you can easily try multiple looks with YouCam Video so you can see how the makeup looks on your selfie video. These are our top picks based on certain aesthetic styles.

Soft Girl Style: Soft Peach

Feminine and sweet, soft girl style is channeled with delicate makeup looks in a variety of pastel and light colors. This soft peach look is the perfect way to light up your look and create the perfect soft girl style. This look includes:
  • Soft peach eyeshadow
  • Light eyelashes
  • Glossy peach lipstick

Easy Eyeshadow Looks

If this soft peach eyeshadow look is something you wish to try, simply open your selfie video using YouCam Video, tap on looks and swipe across to try it out.

Baddie Style: Hot Momma

When you want to channel your inner baddie there’s Hot Momma, a light smokey eye with a flaming red lip really gives this look the va va voom. Slick back your hair into a neat pony and try this look on your selfie video to reveal your inner baddie style. Highlights of this look:
  • Grey smokey eyeshadow
  • Chiseled cheek contouring
  • Vampy burgundy red lipstick

Easy Eyeshadow Looks

If you’re ready to channel your inner baddie, simply open the video you want to edit in YouCam Video and tap on looks to check it out.

For Glam Girls: Girls Trip

Satin, silk, diamonds, these are all the hallmarks of a glam girl. Glam girl style is definitely more is more and the makeup looks are the same. Pink, red or high gloss lips, blazing highlight and lush lashes are all key components of the glam girl look. In the immortal words of Mean Girls this fetch look includes:
  • Luscious eyelashes
  • Pink smokey eyeshadow
  • High gloss fuscia lipstick

Easy Eyeshadow Looks

If this sounds like your style then try it out using YouCam Video. Open your selfie video in-app and tap on looks to try it on your TikTok video.

Glitter Eyeshadow Looks

Sometimes you don’t want a full look, and for those occasions YouCam Video has you covered too. There are a wide variety of eyeshadow styles available. We’ve picked some of our favorites that we think will make you TikToks really shine.

Multicolor Glitter Eyeshadow Looks: Green sparkle

Simple, easy eyeshadow looks are a quick way to highlight your eyes in a TikTok. Adding a touch of sparkle to that look can really make your eyes pop. These looks are two of our favorite eyeshadow looks that are super simple to try and recreate for yourself. These two looks focus on:

  • Sparkling eyeshadow looks in multi colors
  • Three color eyeshadow looks
  • Combined glitter eyeshadow looks in an easy pattern

Easy Eyeshadow Looks

Try glitter eyeshadow looks for yourself using YouCam Video. Simply import your selfie video, tap on makeup and then swipe through to find your eyeshadow style.

Single Glitter Eyeshadow Looks: Peach sparkle

For a straightforward sparkle, there are single shade eyeshadow looks that are the ideal look to focus on your eyes. Simple glitter eyeshadow looks might seem boring, but they can really add some shine to your look without adding too much glow. These looks are perfect when you want a soft glow but not go all out.

Easy Eyeshadow Looks

To try this style simply open your video in YouCam Video, tap makeup, then eyeshadow and swipe to find your favorite glitter eyeshadow.

If you want to find out more about how to up your TikTok game, there’s even more to read in our article:  How to make Aesthetic Videos for TikTok.

Easy Eyeshadow Looks

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