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6 Valentine’s Day Filters To Add To Your TikToks In 2022

Jan 27, 2022 · 4 minutes read
6 Valentine’s Day Filters To Add To Your TikToks In 2022

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day for couples and romance, but these days, the ideas around Valentine’s Day have changed a lot. Galentine’s Day and the newer Palentine’s Day get as much, if not more, social media attention and they give us a platform to share our love for our friends. Whether you are celebrating as a couple, or are sharing the holiday with your closest friends, you can still send a special message to connect with everyone you want to show how you care. YouCam Video is a great platform for doing so, allowing you to send a creative message by making a TikTok or selfie video and then adding some fun, customized filters to it. Let’s jump right into it!

Valentines Makeup Looks

Traditional Valentine’s Day Ideas

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is reserved for celebrating the love you find in a romantic relationship. A partner, a spouse, or anyone else who you share a loving relationship with. We often celebrate these bonds on Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards and gifts, sharing a special meal, and most importantly, flowers! Nowadays, Valentine’s Day has taken on a new life, as many of us wanted a day to celebrate the people we love in a non-romantic way. Our friends, our family, our pets, and even our coworkers. Younger generations are spurring this change in tradition, with Leslie Knope’s character from Parks and Recreation describing the day as “Oh, it’s only the best day of the year ... Ladies celebrating ladies.”

Get Creative: Record a Video!

Many of us are moving from those traditional views on Valentine’s day and are looking for more creative and unique ways to show our loved ones we’re thinking of them. Cards are a good option, but they can be a bit stale considering we have so many other, more modern, platforms available these days. A very popular one that we’ll explore in this article is video, which can be done with none other than YouCam Video. You can record videos for your loved ones, then add makeup, effects, filters, and much more to your video greetings with this app.

Virtual Valentine’s Makeup Ideas

One way to zhuzh up your video message is to add a fun makeup look. You can certainly use your go-to look, but with YouCam Video, you’re able to experiment with others that you might never have considered before. The best part? You can try on these makeup styles virtually, so you don’t have to spend the time or money perfecting them in real life. Read on to hear about six Valentine’s Day filters you might consider adding to your TikToks and video messages for the upcoming holiday.

Makeup Look #1: Sweet Heart

The Sweet Heart look in the YouCam Video app is just like its name suggests — it will transform your face into an ethereal and soft persona. To try it out, upload a video greeting of yourself to the app. Then, tap Looks at the bottom of your screen, and navigate to the Sweet Heart look. When you tap on it, you’ll see the look come to life!

Valentines Makeup Looks

Makeup Look #2: Glam Love

Want a bit more fun for your Valentine’s Day video? Glam Love might be just the look for you, featuring amber eyeshadow, a soft pink glossy lip, and a small heart-shaped rhinestone underneath your eyes. This can also be found in the Looks section of the YouCam Video app, and it’s a great one to try out if you want to experiment with some face stickers virtually.

Valentines Makeup Looks

Makeup Look #3: Pink Crush

Love the color pink? Pink Crush is for you! This look takes the Valentine’s Day theme to a whole other level with its accentuated eyelashes, bold pink glossy lip, and pink hearts in various hues under the eyes. Find it in the Looks category of the YouCam Video app, and see it come to life on your video with just one tap.

Valentines Makeup Looks

Valentine’s Day Effects & Filters

Another way you can add some love to your Valentine’s greetings is with YouCam Video’s wide variety of effects and filters. You can select one that vibes with the Valentine’s Day theme or one that’s more generic. The possibilities for creativity in the app are truly endless!

AI Scene: Hearts

YouCam Video offers a feature that most other video editing apps don’t — AI effects. A great one for Valentine’s Day is Hearts, which generates different colored and shaped hearts to effortlessly float around the subject of your video. To try this out for yourself, tap AI Effects at the bottom of your screen. Then, scroll through the options until you see the Hearts effect, Tapping on it will bring it to life instantly on your video!

Valentines Makeup Looks

AI Scene: Bling

Looking to add some bling and fun to your Valentine’s Day greeting? YouCam Video has just the effect for you. Scroll through the AI Effects panel to the Bling category, where you’ll find a variety of sparkling effects you can try on. You can even adjust the level of bling in your video, customizing it to your exact specifications.

Valentines Makeup Looks

Effects: Rose Petals

You can’t have Valentine’s Day without roses, and the Rose Petal effect delivers on that! To try it yourself, tap Effects at the bottom of your screen. Navigate through the options until you see the petals, and then tap on them to bring them to life on your video greeting. The petals will cover the entire video, but you can control the speed of their falling to make it even more romantic.

Valentines Makeup Looks

Download YouCam Video Now to Create Sweet Valentine’s Greetings

Now that you know all about how to level up your Valentine’s Day greetings and how you can try them yourself, you’re ready to start using the YouCam Video app! To do so, simply download the free and easy-to-use YouCam Video app for iOS or Android app now to get started today.

Valentines Makeup Looks

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