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How to Create Raccoon Pedro Dancing Meme? (Video Download)
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How to Create Raccoon Pedro Dancing Meme? (Video Download)

Apr 26, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Create Raccoon Dancing Fisheye Meme? (Raccoon Pedro)

These past few weeks, we have been seeing a new trend on TikTok. It has something to do with a cute raccoon dancing to music in a fisheye lens. 

I mean...what's not to like? It's got the cuteness, catching music, and cool rotating visual effects. No wonder it takes over TikTok like wildfire.

If you want to make an eye-catching dancing raccoon meme, this is what you can do. Read on!

How To Create a Pedro Raccoon Dancing Video?

In this section, we will go into detail on how to create your own raccoon dancing meme like no other!

Step 1: Download Raccoon Video from TikTok

Download TikTok Raccoon Dancing Video

  • Open your TikTok app
  • Search for "Dancing Raccoon"
  • Click into one of the shorts and download the raccoon pedro pedro video

Step 2: Use CapCut to Remove the Watermark

Edit Raccoon Dancing Meme

  • Open CapCut and create a new project
  • Choose Edit
  • Tap on Remove BG
  • Choose the "custom removal" feature, then ta-da!

Step 3: Apply Cool Effects & Layouts

To make your raccoon dancing meme even cuter, we highly recommend you apply some AI effects to your video. Here are a few suggestions to try using YouCam Video.

YouCam Video has multiple cute effects to choose from, which will make your raccoon dancing meme more lively!

How to find them:

  • Navigate to Effects in the toolbar below
  • Look for effect categories like Hot, Art, and Light

Another thing you can try is a different layout. In YouCam Video, there are layout options like grid, mirror, and geometry to create a new touch to the raccoon meme.

How to find them:

  • Scroll to the right of the toolbar and find "Layout"
  • Apply different layout options

Step 4: Throw in Some Filters

Adding some aesthetic filters can also make your raccoon dancing meme more unique. I personally like these filters the most:

  • VHR filter
  • Retro filter
  • Film filter

They can really bring a different aesthetic touch to the meme! Like a more retro style.

Download Dancing Raccoon Materials Here

The Original Raccoon Pedro Pedro Meme

The Cat Raccoon Dancing Meme

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