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Best Audio Removers: How to Remove Audio from iPhone Video
Video Editing

Best Audio Removers: How to Remove Audio from iPhone Video

Apr 23, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best Audio Remover: How to Remove Audio from iPhone Video

Don’t like the current audio for your video? Or want to replace the original sound with a more attractive music track?

First, you will need to delete the audio from the video. And it’s really easy with the right tool at hand.

So in this blog, we will show you exactly how to remove sound from an iPhone video and the audio remover apps that you need for this task.

How to remove sound from iPhone video?

In order to remove sound from an iPhone video, you need a video editing app or audio remover to help you out. In this blog, we will focus on how YouCam Video can help you with that. Let’s go over the process.

Step 1: Import Your Video

Delete audio from iPhone video

First, download and open YouCam Video. It is a video editing app with audio remover feature. Then click on the blue “+” icon at the bottom to import your video.

Step 2: Delete Audio from iPhone Video

Remove audio from iPhone video

After creating a project, you will automatically be brought to the video clip editing process, where you can see a ‘Mute Clips’ option right next to the video footage.

All you need is to click on that to remove sound from iphone video. Easy Peasy.

Step 3: Export the Video

Remove audio from iPhone video

Lastly, click on the export button on the upper right, so you can export the video to add voiceover or music. Where you have more flexibility over the audio track.

How to Extract Audio from Video on iPhone?

How to extract audio from iPhone video

If you want to extract the sound from iPhone video to use it for a different purpose, YouCam Video also has an ‘Extract’ feature you can utilize.

This is how it works:

  • Go to ‘Music’ at the bottom toolbar
  • In ‘My Music’, click on the feature ‘Extract’. This will bring you to the video storage on your iPhone.
  • Choose the video you want to extract sound. And the audio will be automatically extracted and displayed at the ‘Recent’ section.

Other audio removers that work just fine

In short, it’s not a complicated process to remove audio from your iPhone video. It all comes down to whether you have the right audio remover that works. And what other features you need to adjust your video audio track.

For example, you might want to denoise the background noise, create a fade in / fade out sound effect, or try different voice effects in your video.

Besides YouCam Video, here are 3 other audio remover apps that not only work just fine in erasing sound from video but also other features.

#1 Audio Remover: iMovie

iMovie: Delete Audio from iPhone Video

iMovie is probably the first app that comes to mind when you need to edit video right on your iPhone. It has the basic video editing feature that’s quite enough for a quick video editing.

Here’s how it removes sound from video:

  • Start a new project and then tap on the ‘Movie’ option.
  • Choose the video you want to remove sound.
  • Click on the video footage and then find ‘Detach’ on the toolbar.
  • Tap on the audio track and then click on Delete

Another way to do this is to click on the Volume icon, and mute the video there. Either way works!

🌟A small tip:

If you prefer more advanced editing options, you can also use third-party video editing apps, which offer more features and control over the editing process. This kinds of apps typically allow you to remove audio tracks, adjust volume levels, and perform other editing tasks on your iPhone.

#2 Audio Remover: InShot

InShot: Delete Audio from iPhone Video

As a video editor app, InShot can mute your video and also add music, effects, and voiceovers to your iPhone video. This is how it works:

  • Go to Music and click on the video footage there
  • Erase the sound from video by clicking on the Volume icon and decrease it to 0%

In the Music feature, you can see a denoise option at the bottom left. It is designed to reduce or remove unwanted noise from the audio or video signal, including hiss and hum, or any voice distortion.

#3 Audio Remover: KineMaster

KineMaster: Delete Audio from iPhone Video

In KineMaster, you can remove audio from video. Here’s the details:

  • Tap on the video footage and a set of feature will pop up on the right
  • Go to Mixer and click on mute to erase the audio

KineMaster also comes with a powerful package of audio editing tools, including volume envelope, noise reduction, and voice changer you can play with.

FAQs about Removing Audio from Video

How do I remove audio from an existing video?

It depends on what devices you are using to remove audio from video. If you are using your iPhone to erase audio, then here’s a general guide of using YouCam Video:

  • Import Video: Open YouCam Video and import a video.
  • Remove Audio: Click on the ‘Mute Clips’ option right next to the video footage to remove the sound.
  • Export Video: After removing the audio, you can export the video without audio by going to Export button and selecting your desired export settings.

How do I save a video without sound?

Say you are using a video editing app to save a video without sound, this is how it works:

  • Remove Audio: Follow the steps outlined earlier to remove the audio from your video using the video editing app.
  • Export Settings: After removing the audio, go to the export settings in the app.
  • Choose Output Format: Select your desired output format and quality for the video file.
  • Configure Audio Settings: In the export settings, make sure that the audio track is either disabled or set to export without audio.
  • Export Video: Once you've configured the export settings, start the export process to save the video file without sound.

How do I remove audio from iPhone video memory?

To remove audio from a video on an iPhone, you can use built-in features in the Photos app or third-party video editing apps available on the App Store.

Here's how to do it using the Photos app:

  • Open Photos App: Launch the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Select Video: Navigate to the video from which you want to remove the audio and tap on it to open it.
  • Tap Edit: In the upper-right corner, tap on the "Edit" button.
  • Tap the Volume Icon: On the bottom left of the screen, you'll see a volume icon. Tap on it to mute the audio. You can adjust the volume slider to mute it completely.
  • Save the Video: Once you've muted the audio, tap on "Done" in the bottom right corner.
  • Save as New Video (Optional): If you want to keep the original video with audio, you can tap on "Save as New Clip" to save the edited video as a separate file. Otherwise, the original video will be replaced with the edited version.

How do you remove audio from a video in iMovie?

To remove audio from a video in iMovie on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

  • Open iMovie: Launch the iMovie app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Create a New Project: Tap on the "+ Create Project" button to create a new project. Choose the "Movie" option.
  • Import Video: Tap on "Create Movie" and select the video from your library that you want to edit. Tap on "Create Movie" again to import the video into your project.
  • Split Audio: Tap on the video clip in the timeline to select it. Then, tap on the scissors icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the editing mode.
  • Detach Audio: With the video clip selected, tap on the audio waveform below the video clip. A menu will appear. Tap on "Detach" to separate the audio from the video.
  • Delete Audio: Tap on the audio clip (the detached audio) to select it. Then, tap on the delete button (the trash can icon) to remove the audio from the project.
  • Adjust Edits (Optional): You can adjust the remaining video clips in the timeline if needed. For example, you can trim or rearrange them.
  • Preview and Export: Once you've removed the audio and made any other edits, tap on the "Done" button in the top left corner. Preview your project to make sure everything looks as expected. Finally, tap on the "Share" button and select how you want to export your edited video.

By following these steps, you can easily remove audio from a video in iMovie on your iPhone or iPad.

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