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Updos For Prom: 16 Beautiful Hairstyle Ideas For Prom 2024
AI/AR Hair

Updos For Prom: 16 Beautiful Hairstyle Ideas For Prom 2024

May 3, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best Updos for prom 2024

Prom night—a magical evening filled with laughter, dancing, and, of course, stunning hairstyles. Whether you're going for a classic look or something more modern and trendy, your hairstyle can truly elevate your entire prom outfit.

From romantic braids to elegant updos, here are some beautiful hairstyle ideas that will make you feel like the belle of the ball.

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1. Low Messy Bun

Updos for prom: Low Messy Bun

Source: Instagram @niezwykle_czesanie

Perfect for those who prefer an effortlessly chic look, the low messy bun exudes a relaxed yet elegant vibe. This hairstyle works wonders for showcasing a striking neckline, making it an ideal choice for those with intricate dress designs.

Tip: If you want to add some extra sparkle to your prom hairstyle, try jeweled hairpins, pearl hairpins, or delicate flower hairpins.

2. Silky, Smooth Bun Updo

Updos for prom: smooth low bun

Source: Instagram @niezwykle_czesanie

For a sleek and sophisticated appearance, opt for a silky smooth bun updo. This hairstyle exudes glamour and pairs beautifully with elegant gowns.

Tip: Prom night often involves a lot of dancing, so it's crucial to choose a hairstyle that can withstand the excitement without falling apart. Styles like sleek updos or secure buns can hold up well throughout the evening.

3. High Messy Bun

Updos for prom: messy high bun

4. Low Ponytail

Updos for prom: low ponytail

Source: Instagram @niezwykle_czesanie

Simple yet sophisticated, the low ponytail is a timeless option that complements a variety of prom dress styles. It's particularly well-suited for those who want to keep their hair out of their face while still looking polished throughout the night.

Source: Instagram @niezwykle_czesanie

The high messy bun offers a playful and carefree look that's perfect for prom night. This tousled hairstyle adds volume and texture to your hair, creating a youthful and vibrant vibe that's sure to turn heads on the dance floor.

Tip: If you're expecting hot weather on prom night, opt for hairstyles that keep your hair off your neck and face to help you stay cool. High buns can be great choices as they keep your hair out of the way while still looking stylish.

5. Modern Textured Low Bun

Updos for prom: modern low bun

Source: Instagram @niezwykle_czesanie

Add a contemporary twist to your look with the classic textured low bun. This modern take on a traditional style is perfect for those looking to make a fashion-forward statement at prom.

Tip: If you're wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder gown, an updo that showcases your shoulders and neckline can complement the dress beautifully.

6. Romantic Low Bun

Updos for prom: romantic low bun

Source: Instagram @niezwykle_czesanie

The romantic low bun exudes timeless elegance, making it a popular choice for prom night. This graceful hairstyle complements a wide range of dress styles and accessories and adds a touch of romance to your overall look.

7. Low Classy Chignon with a Twist Braid on the Side

Updos for prom: classic chignon with a side twisted braid

Source: Instagram @niezwykle_czesanie

Elevate your prom look with a low classy chignon featuring a chic twist braid on the side. This sophisticated hairstyle exudes understated glamour and pairs beautifully with vintage-inspired dresses and accessories.

8. Volume French Twist

Updos for prom: voluminous french twist

Source: Instagram @niezwykle_czesanie

Make a statement with a voluminous French twist that exudes classic Hollywood glamour. This elegant hairstyle adds height and drama to your look, making it ideal for anyone seeking a show-stopping entrance on prom night.

9. Romantic Braid with Small Flower Accessories

Updos for prom: romantic braid

Source: Instagram @niezwykle_czesanie

Embrace your inner romantic with a whimsical braid adorned with delicate flower accessories. This hairstyle exudes femininity and pairs beautifully with soft, flowing dresses, creating a dreamy, fairytale-inspired look.

10. Classic Half Updo

Updos for prom: classic half updo

Source: Instagram @thelovelyhairclass

Timeless and elegant, the classic half updo is a versatile option that suits a variety of prom dress styles. This effortlessly chic hairstyle allows you to showcase both your hair and your dress.

Tip: Intricate updos and voluminous hairstyles may start to feel heavy after a while. If you're concerned about comfort, opt for lighter styles such as half-up hairstyles, or simple ponytails that won't weigh you down as the night goes on.

11. Classic High Bun with Curtain Bangs

Updos for prom: high bun with curtain bangs

Source: Instagram @yvana_sanders_hairstylist

Channel old Hollywood glamour with a classic high bun adorned with curtain bangs. This sophisticated hairstyle accentuates your facial features and adds a touch of vintage charm to your prom look.

12. Curly Ponytail

Updos for prom: curly pony tail

Source: Instagram @yvana_sanders_hairstylist

Add a playful touch to your prom look with a curly ponytail that exudes youthful charm and vibrancy. This fun and flirty hairstyle is perfect for dancing the night away while still looking effortlessly chic.

13. Low Sleek Ponytail

Updos for prom: low sleek ponytail

Source: Instagram @yvana_sanders_hairstylist

Sleek and sophisticated, the low ponytail offers a polished yet understated look that's perfect for prom night. This versatile hairstyle pairs well with sleek, modern dresses.

14. Wavy Half Up Half Down

Updos for prom: wavy half up half down

Source: Instagram @hanne.bridalstylist

Effortlessly chic and feminine, the wavy half up half down hairstyle offers a perfect balance of elegance and allure. This versatile look makes it a great choice for anyone seeking a romantic yet modern look.

15. Mermaid Braid with Pearl and Silver Accessories

Updos for prom: mermaid braid

Source: Instagram @hanne.bridalstylist

Channel your inner mermaid with a stunning mermaid braid adorned with pearl and silver accessories. This whimsical hairstyle adds a touch of enchantment to your prom ensemble, making you feel like a true goddess.

Tip: Achieving the full mermaid braid effect might require a bit of extra length and volume, so consider using hair extensions.

16. Textured Bun

Updos for prom: textured bun

Source: Instagram @hanne.bridalstylist

A textured bun is a versatile hairstyle, making it a go-to option for those seeking a modern yet refined look.

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