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Try On Allure Magazine’s Top Makeup Looks of Fall 2021
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Try On Allure Magazine’s Top Makeup Looks of Fall 2021

Aug 20, 2021 · 4 minutes read
Try On Allure Magazine’s Top Makeup Looks of Fall 2021

In celebration of their September issue, Allure Magazine has partnered with YouCam Makeup to create 7 fall makeup looks with trending Pantone shades. With these bold and fashion-forward makeup looks, you’ll get inspired for all of your fall and back-to-school events. Get ready to pumpkin spice things up—no matter your style there’s a look for everyone!

How To Try-On Trending Makeup Looks by Allure Magazine

YouCam Makeup is the best makeup app for beauty trend inspiration and current styles. This fall season will be one to remember when you bring this collection of Pantone shades to life. To try on Allure’s trending makeup looks, go to the “store” section of makeup cam and scroll down to the “Allure” category.

Browse through this section to choose from 7 makeup looks by Allure Magazine and try on these trending store styles to see which one suits you best!

Look 1: Red Rush


Red pumps us up. It’s the color associated with power and classic glamour. This red of the moment skews bluer than candy-apple but punchier than wine, settling near a perfect true red.

Ideal for a night out with friends or anywhere that you want to make a bold statement. Try on this on-trend red look and get ready to take on the world with confidence!  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Look 2: Exotic Orange


When fiery red and sunshiney yellow collide, they amount to a truly bold look. This blend is reminiscent of the hues found on a crisp fall leaf. The orange is a balanced yellow-red that evokes daisy and cosmo petals. Not to mention it’s perfect to wear on the go for a day to night transitions!

Try on these warm shades and get inspired for the season ahead. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Look 3: Illuminating


Pantone chose Illuminating, a sunny yellow hue, alongside Ultimate Gray to represent the color palette of 2021. The Illuminating yellow balances this palette with its lively, optimistic tone and will inspire you to feel vibrant all day long.

Brighten up this season and try on this radiant gold look in YouCam Makeup to add some fun to your day.  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Look 4: Leprechaun


This fall season, green makeup looks will be trending towards darker, more natural shades—closer to those you’d find on a forest floor than on sun-dappled treetops. These lush hues are peaceful and serene, yet striking at the same time.

If you’ve ever wanted to try out green eyeshadow or lipstick, this season is your time to go for it! Try on this Leprechaun look and have some fun with a deep green, foliage-inspired lip.   >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Look 5: Mykonos Blue


This dazzling look evokes the blue of the ocean, with different hues reminiscent of its mesmerizing depth. The marine blue shade is inspired by the Aegean Sea, as well as the cobalt-domed buildings seen on the cliffsides of Greece. 

This head-turning blue style is sure to make waves anywhere you choose to wear it. Enjoy the cool, fresh look, and be sure to snap a selfie to post to Instagram.  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Look 6: Spring Lake


This indigo makeup look is inspired by the color you might see at dusk reflecting off the surface of a cloud or in a pair of faded jeans. Although you may think of indigo as a deep blue-black, this trending look gives the shade a bright, neutral feel.

Whether you’re gearing up for a girl's night in or a date night out on the town, you can’t go wrong with this shade of indigo.  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Look 7: Gloxinia


Turns out the warmer months are not the only time for floral inspiration! This makeup look is inspired by Gloxinia. The petals of gloxinia, a relative of the African violet, unfold in an exquisite gradient, but the Pantone shade refers to a very specific warmed-up purple.

For this look, a glossy gloxinia purple and a bright orange blend seamlessly on the eye. Try it on in YouCam Makeup and get inspired by this dreamy look.  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

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Download YouCam Makeup App Now

Download the free YouCam Makeup app now in the App Store and Google Play to have some fun with makeup inspiration! YouCam Makeup offers hundreds of makeup and hair looks to help you find your perfect shade within seconds.


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