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Asoka Makeup Trend: Who Started It & Who Did It Best?
Makeup & Looks

Asoka Makeup Trend: Who Started It & Who Did It Best?

May 16, 2024 · 3 minutes read
asoka makeup trend in tiktok

The "Asoka" makeup trend on TikTok is gaining popularity as more and more makeup influencers recreate Indian bridal looks inspired by the movie "Asoka".

Learn how to try Indian makeup and outfits using the AI selfie editing app YouCam Makeup.

What is the Asoka Makeup Trend?

The Asoka makeup trend involves styling with traditional Indian bridal hair, makeup, and outfits, along to the song "San Sanana" from the 2001 Bollywood movie "Asoka", starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Some creators choose to recreate traditional looks featured in the film, while others go for more modern bridal looks.

The trend is not only popularizing the movie "Asoka" but also introducing Hindi music and Bollywood to a global audience.

Asoka Makeup Trend Original: Who Started The Asoka Trend?

Asoka Makeup Trend original video

Source: TikTok @suwarnadwipa.mua

The Tiktok creator who started the Asoka makeup trend was Sita Suwarnadwipa when she uploaded herself lip-syncing along to the Asoka movies' song while putting on a mesmerizing Indian bridal makeup look, on March 24th, 2024. Her Asoka makeup trend original video has already garnered more than 7 million likes, with people commenting that nobody did it better than her.

Asoka Makeup Trend: Who Did It Best?

As the "Asoka" makeup trend is gaining popularity, more and more makeup influencers are joining the trend. But who did it best?

Asoka makeup trending video on tiktok

Source: TikTok @jharnabhagwani

TikTok creator Jharna Bhagwani has gained more than 24 million likes with her version of the asoka makeup, with users calling her the "original asoka" and "clear winner of this trend", praising her for including actual looks from the movie, as well as the smooth transitions and perfect lip-syncing in her video.

Source: TikTok @_inlil

Tiktok creator Chang Nguyen has gained an impressive 13 million likes with her interpretation of the asoka makeup trend, showcasing her amazing makeup skills and creativity. In the comments to her video, users call her content "premium" quality and praise the "good transitions", while others point out that she is showcasing Bollywood makeup, but not the actual Asoka makeup. 

Source: TikTok @camilapudim

With more than 21 million likes, Brazilian content creator Camila Pudim is another popular contender on this list. Users praise her video for "the smoothest transitions ever".

Source: TikTok @lenie_aycardo

TikTok creator Lenie Aycardo gained more than 15 million likes with her Asoka makeup video, showcasing a makeup look similar to the original movie, as well as an extravagant modern bridal makeup look, with users praising the effort to create good content and calling her "winner of all winners".

Source: TikTok @thammachad

And finally, creator Thammachad took a more unique approach to the trend, creating an extravagant and fun look, combining the Asoka makeup trend with his own unique makeup style. People commented that they got scared watching his video, while others asked why he doesn't get more likes.

This is just a small selection of popular Asoka makeup trend videos on TikTok that caught our attention. What about you, do you have a favorite? Check out the trend on TikTok to see more!

Try The Asoka Makeup Trend Using AI

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