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Best Free Makeup Filter App to Try and Create Makeup Filters
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Best Free Makeup Filter App to Try and Create Makeup Filters

Jan 17, 2024 · 3 minutes read

A virtual makeup filter app can save you when you don’t have time or energy to apply makeup off-screen. You don’t need to buy new palettes just to get your look to match your outfit or aesthetic when you have an app that does it for you.

YouCam Makeup is the best beauty app to create customized, sharable makeup filters easily and for free

Read on to learn how you can try hundreds of beauty filters with a free makeup filter app, and create your own sharable makeup filters from scratch!

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Best Makeup Filter App for iPhone and Android in 2024

YouCam Makeup is the best and free-to-use virtual makeup app to try hundreds of beauty filters and create the looks you love.

Download the best makeup filter app YouCam Makeup

With the most comprehensive virtual makeup tool on the market, the app offers the most complete beauty filter collections, and hundreds of trendy makeup filters that collaborated with influencers, drag queens, beauty brands, and famous makeup artists.

Try the best makeup filters in YouCam Makeup

The app also enables the unique beauty filter creation function, in which users can build their own sharable beauty features with custom eyelashes, foundation, eyeliner, lip color, and all other virtual makeup tools you can think of.

Best makeup filter app to add eyelashes, contour, foundation, lip stick color and more.

With the YouCam Makeup app, you can not only try all the daily beauty looks on trend but also hundreds of iconic costume beauty filters for some fun!

Best makeup filter app to try hundreds of makeup filters from daily looks to costume Halloween looks.ily and for free

Users can also enhance their looks with makeup tools like contour, different eyebrow shapes, and eye colors to customize a unique look.

Best contour filter app to add contour makeup to photos virtually and try 10+ contour placement and colors.

Plus, fun and customizable face filters to snap a cute selfie easily!

Best beauty face filter app for fun face filters like Snapchat.

Keep reading to learn the top features of this free app, and how to create your own beauty filters and share them with the world.

How to Create and Apply Makeup Filters With a Free Beauty App

You don’t need any technical photo editing skills to create your own virtual makeup filter with YouCam Makeup. Once you’re done, you can let others try the look on themselves.

Follow these simple steps to make your own makeup filter.

Step 1: Download the Best Makeup Filter App

Download the best makeup filter app YouCam Makeup

To try and create makeup filters, start by downloading the free YouCam Makeup app, available for iPhone and Android.

Step 2: Upload a Photo

Open the app, tap Photo Makeup, and upload a photo.

Step 3: Apply a Makeup Filter

How to Create Makeup Filter with YouCam Makeup App

Select Look, explore hundreds of beauty filters, pick a default makeup look to use as your base, and change your makeup details in the filter.

Step 4: Customize Your Makeup Filter

Customize Your Makeup Filter

Now let the fun begin! Start customizing your makeup filters with all the makeup tools in the app.

Choose from many different brow shapes, eye shadow colors, eyeliners, false lashes, and lip colors for your filter. There’s no limit to the ways you can mix and match makeup in the app!

Step 5: Add Hair Colors and Face Shaper

Add Hair Color to Customized Makeup Filter

After designing your makeup look, you can also add a unique hair color filter, with more than 150 hair color options built into the YouCam Makeup app.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the face shape in the makeup filter you've created, like changing face shape, plumping the lips, enlarging the eyes, and more, to come with this custom beauty look.

Step 6: Save Your Makeup Filter

Save the Sharable Makeup Filter

After finishing editing, save the look, then tap the Share button to publish this makeup filter of yours.

Publish the Makeup Filter for Others to Try

After publishing it, all other app users will be able to try the makeup filter you've created in the YouCam Community, and snap a photo with your customized beauty look!

YouCam Makeup is the best beauty app to create customized, sharable makeup filters easily and for free

More Than Makeup Filters: How to Edit Your Face with YouCam Makeup

Aside from being the best beauty filter app, YouCam Makeup goes beyond makeup and offers plenty of other ways to beautify your selfies and add trendy features to your snaps.

Edit face shape and smooth skin in photo with the best face photo editor app, YouCam Makeup.

YouCam Makeup has the best face shape editing feature in any beauty app. You can easily adjust your nose shape and jawline by tapping on the shape you want and choosing where and how dramatically you want to change it.

Plus, its one-tap easy retouch feature gets rid of blemishes, uneven skin tone, and other imperfections so no matter how the camera catches you, it always gets your good side.

Download YouCam Makeup: The Best Free Makeup Filter App for Beauty Lovers

Download the best makeup filter app YouCam Makeup

You’ll never get bored with YouCam Makeup when you have so many makeup filters and accessories.

Match your makeup with your aesthetic, background, wardrobe, and more to create a selfie you can’t wait to show off.

Download YouCam Makeup for iOS or Android to put your own spin on any filter and make it unique to you!

More Makeup Filters to Try

Makeup Filter App FAQ

Is there an app that lets you try on makeup?

With the YouCam Makeup app you can get a virtual makeover. Try beautiful makeup filters or experiment with amazing try-on features for virtual eyeliner, lashes, eyeshadow, lipstick colors and contouring to find out what looks good. You can apply makeup to your photo or directly try them on in live-camera mode!

What is the app that lets you choose your makeup?

Choose your makeup with the best virtual makeup try-on app YouCam Makeup! Discover real makeup brands in the app and try them on your selfie or photo to see what they look like on you before you buy them.

What is the best makeup filter app?

The best makeup filter apps in 2024 are:

  1. YouCam Makeup: Virtual Makeup Try-On
  2. Picsart: Makeup Filters
  3. Meitu: Beauty Filters
  4. BeautyPlus: Cute Face Filters
  5. MakeupPlus: Makeup Features

How accurate is virtual makeup?

Advanced makeup try-on apps like YouCam Makeup can offer an accurate virtual makeup experience. The app accurately analyzes your facial features, provides plenty of customization options, and simulates realistic textures so you can see what different makeup looks like on you. 

What is the most popular face filter app?

YouCam Makeup is the best face filter app for customizable makeup face filters. With the YouCam Makeup app, users can try hundreds of aesthetic beauty filters with animation, accessories, makeup, hair color, and face painting, and customize the look all easily in the app.

How can I add makeup to my pictures?

YouCam Makeup is the best beauty filter app for iPhone and Android to add makeup to pictures. With the YouCam Makeup app, users can try on hundreds of makeup filters in photos or via camera, and also add specific makeup items, including lip color, contour, eyelashes, and more, all come with different colors and textures.

How do I get beauty filters on my iPhone?

YouCam Makeup is the best beauty filter app for iPhone in 2024. With this free-to-download app, users can try hundreds of customizable beauty filters directly on their iPhones.

Is there a beauty face app for iPhone?

YouCam Makeup is the best beauty face app for iPhone and Android in 2024. With the YouCam Makeup app, you can glamorize your look with hundreds of beauty filters, whether on a photo or via camera.

Video: How to Create Your Own Makeup Filters for Free


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