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Top 3 Asoka Makeup TikTok Filters To Try for the Trend
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Top 3 Asoka Makeup TikTok Filters To Try for the Trend

May 10, 2024 · 3 minutes read
3 Asoka Makeup TikTok Filters You Should Try

Have you caught up with the Asoka Makeup trend on TikTok? 

The trend is actually inspired by a 2001 Bollywood movie called "Asoka". People on TikTok are copying the style of the actress Kareena Kapoor Khan in this movie.

Asoka Makeup Trend on TikTok

☝️ The Asoka Makeup trend quickly racks up 10 million views on TikTok. Impressive!

For instance, her Bollywood makeup, traditional Indian clothes, the aesthetic tattoos on the forehead, and Indian bridal hair. (Basically, the whole package.)

Although this makeup trend has gone super viral, it's hard for most of us to get the whole makeup and clothings to create a video like this. Not to mention doing the Bollywood dance moves. 

Which is why we will introduce 3 Asoka Makeup filters you can easily try on TikTok. Read on!

3 Asoka Makeup Filters You Can Try on TikTok

In this part, we'll suggest some Asoka makeup filters that we've personally tested and really liked! Here goes our top picks.

TikTok Asoka Makeup Filters

💡  You can search for "Asoka makeup filters" to find the ones you like

#1 Trend Asoka (the one with hand movements)

The reason we recommend this filter is that it comes with the Bollywood dance hand movement. You can easily recreate the Asoka makeup challenge shorts by uploading a still photo of yours to this CapCut template. 

Asoka Makeup Challenge

Source: #asokamakeup

You need to download CapCut to start using this template.

❗Another thing we'd like to share is that this template is not so good at recognizing where your face is. So make sure to position your face at the center of the photo. 

Asoka Makeup Filter

#2 Asoka Makeup (the one with forehead tattoo)

This Asoka makeup filter is rather simple, but we love its effect nonetheless. It gives you a forehead tattoo, just like the actress Kareena Kapoor Khan wears, along with bold eyeliners and lipstick color. 

TikTok Asoka Makeup Filter

You can find this filter by searching for Asoka Makeup Filter, and you can find it in the top 3 results.

Asoka Makeup Filter

If you want to customize this look even further, you can try changing the makeup using YouCam Video. It allows you to try more combinations on lipstick color, eye lashes, eye liner, or even contour.

☝️ You can change your lip color easily in this app

Asoka Makeup Filter

☝️Try different eyelashes density to see how it'll look!

#3 Asoka Makeup (the one with Indian jewelry)

This filter gives you all the Indian jewelry along with the makeup, including beautiful eyelashes, thick eyebrows, and red lips.

These effects might not be in the right position 100% of the time, but you can still get the feel of Asoka makeup nonetheless.  

Asoka Makeup Challenge

Source: #asokamakeup

More Asoka Makeup Filters to Try!

If you can't get enough these fun Asoka makeup filters, and just want to try more of it. Then we have several more options for you.

In YouCam Video, you can find filters that are similar to Indian tattoos, including:

  • Fierce Femme
  • Mystical Miss
  • La Mystique

You can find these beautiful Asoka makeup filters under 'Looks' > 'Festival'.

Some Interesting Facts about Asoka Makeup Trend

What is the Asoka Makeup Trend?

This trend originated when influencers began sharing videos showcasing an Indian makeup transformation paired with iconic Bollywood dance moves and songs from the 2001 film 'Asoka,' starring Kareena Kapoor.

While the makeup trend isn't directly related to the movie 'Asoka,' it serves as a tribute to the makeup styles and traditional Indian clothing featured in the film, or perhaps to the actress herself.

These Asoka makeup videos quickly racked up ten million of views on social media, especially TikTok. 

What is the song in the Asoka Makeup Trend?

In all the Asoka makeup videos, the Bollywood-style song originates directly from the movie itself, specifically from a song called 'San Sanana.' This song is sung by the actress Kareena Kapoor in a scene where she's playing in the lake. 

If you are wondering about what she's actually singing, the English lyrics goes like this:

The Sky is a poet of romance. i am the one he writes about.
there hasnt been one born like me for eons.
they cannot touch (taka tak tak *these are just playful sounds)
none can touch me (taka tak..)
they cannot touch,
none can touch me.
if they touch they will ignite.
if they touch they will ignite.

(ja ja re jaaaa) go go go
(ja re pavan) go o' wind
Go o' wind

(san sanana nana san sanana nan)
QUICKLY (this whole like is just repetitive of the word "quick")

(ja ja ja ja re ja re, ja re pavan)

go go go o' wind! go o' wind!

(shes basically asking the wind to go find her a worthy suitor)

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