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5 Best Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas to Try With a Free App
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5 Best Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas to Try With a Free App

Sep 22, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Halloween Clown Makeup Looks 2023 | Best Halloween Makeup Filter App

Whether you find clowns funny or creepy, they make the perfect Halloween costume. There were thousands of excellent Halloween clown makeup ideas on the Internet, but only one app can let you virtually try on them easily and naturally.

Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas 2023 | Best Halloween Makeup Filter App

The free YouCam Makeup app is the best app to try dozens of glam Halloween beauty looks.  With the app, you can try each look-on for free and see what kind of clown you’ll be.

Keep reading to learn how to apply your clown makeup with this free filter app!

Best Filter App for Halloween Clown Makeup Looks

If you’re still deciding on your Halloween costume, YouCam Makeup can help.

Download Best Halloween Clown Filter App

Its makeup filter collection lets you explore many looks, from clown makeup to witchy vibes to cute Halloween classics like Coraline and Corpse Bride.

Best and free app to try Halloween makeup ideas with makeup filter, YouCam Makeup.

With YouCam Makeup, you can try on each look for free and without buying any new makeup products. All it takes is a few taps and you can take on the look of any character or creature you want!

Easy Clown Halloween Makeup Looks to Try

With advanced AI technology, the app automatically identifies your facial features and applies your makeup to look seamless and natural.

Best Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas 2022 | Halloween Makeup Filter AppIt’s easier than any other app for trying on elaborate makeup and customizing it to be exactly how you want.

Keep reading to learn how to create the perfect clown makeup in your photos!

5 Best Clown Makeup Looks You Can Try for Halloween 2023

This year’s Halloween looks let you get creative with your clown makeup. You can go full glam or apply a more chilling aesthetic to your costume.

Scroll down to find your favorite for Halloween 2023!

Clown Makeup Look 1: Scary Clown Makeup

Scary Halloween Clown Makeup Look | Free Halloween Makeup Filter App

Fans of It and the Joker will love this Joker’s Charm clown makeup.

The Joker’s signature red smile is bound to get your friends’ attention, especially when combined with the haunting black eye makeup.

Clown Makeup Look 2: Poker Clown Makeup

Cute Poker Halloween Clown Makeup Look | Free Halloween Makeup Filter App

Who says clowns have to be scary? The Poker Face filter brings you a more understated, cute clown look.

Its hearts and spades face art makes for a cute aesthetic you can use even outside of Halloween!

Clown Makeup Look 3: Jester Makeup

Halloween Clown Makeup Look | Free Halloween Makeup Filter App

The Circus Glam look gives you a glittery blue and green eye look for clown makeup you can’t miss.

Combined with a deep red glitzy lip, this look combines just the right amount of fun and fright!

Clown Makeup Look 4: Simple Clown Makeup

Simple Halloween Clown Makeup Look | Free Halloween Makeup Filter App

Not every clown look has to be over the big top. Clowning Around’s monochromatic red lips and eye makeup offer classic clown makeup with a red nose to match.

Clown Makeup Look 5: Creepy Clown Makeup

Creepy Halloween Clown Makeup Look | Free Halloween Makeup Filter App

For a gothic touch, the Fairy Joker look creates a mysterious and chilling aesthetic with black and pastel blue, and pink makeup.

With face art like cracks and spiderwebs, it has an edgy vibe to make you stand out from the rest of the clown crowd.

How to Try Halloween Clown Makeup Looks With a Free App

Experiment with your own clown makeup using YouCam Makeup’s Looks. You can customize them as you try them on or snap your pic with the makeup as is!

Try them all completely free with these steps:

Step 1. Download the Best Clown Makeup Filter App

Download Best Halloween Clown Filter App

To try all the best Halloween clown makeup filters, start by downloading the free YouCam Makeup app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Step 2. Open Camera

Next, tap the Makeup Cam tap to open the front camera.

Step 3. Try 10+ Clown Makeup Filters

Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas 2022 | Best Halloween Makeup Filter App

Tap Looks, and choose the Halloween collection. Scroll through the Halloween makeup options to find each Clown look. Tap to apply your favorite.

Step 4. Save and Share Your Clown Makeup Look

Tap the pink Save button and share your Halloween clown makeup look!

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Download the best free photo app for selfie camera filters and face photo editing tools.

More Than Makeup Filters: Halloween Face Editing Tips

Aside from the complete clown makeup filter options, the YouCam Makeup app also lets you customize your look by changing your makeup, hair color, and even your face shape.

Best Halloween photo face editing app to turn you into Halloween characters.

You can adjust your makeup style with individual makeup tools, use the Hair feature to add a fun new color, or use the Retouch feature to adjust your eyes, nose, smile, or your whole face.

Best Halloween photo face editing app to turn you into Halloween characters.

All of these tools are totally free to use when you download the app. If you plan to save your photos, there are some features that require a premium subscription, but you can still try those tools to see how they look on you without saving them!

Download YouCam Makeup: Best App for Halloween Clown Makeup Filters

Download Best Halloween Clown Filter App

YouCam Makeup has the best clown makeup to complete your Halloween costume this year. You can try them all on for free without buying new makeup products or check out different ones to replicate your favorite in real life.

Download YouCam Makeup for iOS or Android to find your new Halloween look!

More Halloween Makeup Ideas

Clown Makeup Looks FAQ

How do you make your makeup look like a clown?

Clown makeup highlights the eyes, nose, and mouth. Start with a pale base and apply bright lip color and face art around your eyes.

What makeup do you use for clowns?

When applying clown makeup, it’s better to use oil-based makeup or face paint to make it last. Setting it with powder will also prevent it from smudging.

How do girls do clown makeup?

Girls can wear any style of clown makeup they prefer, but some like to go heavy on eye makeup or wear more exciting colors. You can get as creative as you want with your clown makeup and even try glittery looks like YouCam Makeup’s Circus Glam!

How do you do scary face paint?

YouCam Makeup has lots of scary clown makeup looks! To get the ultimate creepy face paint, try the Joker’s Charm or Fairy Joker looks.

Get the Best Clown Makeup Looks for Halloween 2023

Download Best Halloween Clown Filter App

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