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12 Must-Try Halloween Makeup Filters For Cute Halloween PFPs in 2023
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12 Must-Try Halloween Makeup Filters For Cute Halloween PFPs in 2023

Oct 24, 2023 · 3 minutes read
3 Cute Halloween Filters For Cute Halloween PFPs in YouCam Makeup

Halloween makeup doesn’t have to be scary. No matter how you want to dress up this season, The free makeup filter app, YouCam Makeup, has all kinds of seasonal makeup styles to complete your aesthetic.

Best Cute Halloween Filter For Cute Halloween PFPsKeep reading to learn more about the top 12 cute Halloween filters and how you can apply your favorite Halloween looks in just a few taps!

3 Best Apps to Try Cute Halloween Filters in 2023

  1. YouCam Makeup
  2. Makeup Plus
  3. Snapchat

YouCam Makeup: Best Filters for Cute Halloween PFPs in 2023

Apply cute Halloween makeup filters to your selfies in YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup has over 80 Halloween makeup filters to explore. Each look gives you a natural, seamless edit, no matter what aesthetic you want to create.

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter App: YouCam Makeup

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Download the best free photo app for selfie camera filters and face photo editing tools.

The app gives you realistic 3D accessories to coordinate with your makeup and complete your look. You can see YouCam Makeup’s magic in its collaborations with famous influencers, like Katie Cole (@fancyflutie), Sydney Nicole Addams (@sydneynicoleaddams), and Erika Marie (@erikamariemua) on Instagram.

Makeup Plus

Best Halloween Makeup Filter App: Makeup Plus

Makeup Plus brings you 14 different makeup looks under the Glamoween collection. These cute styles give you a unique aesthetic that lets you dress up for Halloween without an expensive costume.


Best Halloween Makeup Filter App: Snapchat

With Snapchat’s 50 Halloween lenses, you can put on any festive style you want. You can try on any costume you want, from hot dogs to horns. Explore tons of filters in creative styles made by other users to get a new take on Halloween!

12 Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filters to Try

  1. Batty Glam
  2. Sugary Spook
  3. Oh Alice
  4. Little Batty
  5. Demon Dolly
  6. Ghoul Girl
  7. Scary Skull Makeup
  8. Scaredy Cat
  9. Coraline
  10. Lady Dante
  11. Night Magic
  12. Flutter Fly

1. Batty Glam & 2. Sugary Spook

Apply cute Halloween filters to your selfies using YouCam Makeup

Download YouCam Makeup to try cute Halloween makeup filters

'tis the season to get spooky and adorable! Don't miss out on the enchanting charm of the "Batty Glam" and "Sugary Spook" Halloween filters – they're sure to add a touch of festive magic to your photos and bring out the Halloween spirit in style.

3. Oh Alice

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: Oh AliceThis look gives you the same bright blue bow as Alice in Wonderland with an eye color to match. With thick eyeliner and long lashes, it takes the focus to your eyes and the colorful face art in the form of hearts, spades, and diamonds. To add the look to your snaps, choose the Oh Alice filter in the Halloween collection!

4. Little Batty

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: Little BattyThis premium look applies bright orange eyeshadow, lip color, and jack-o’ lantern earrings for a coordinated look. To bring the Halloween theme together, it also gives you cute bat freckles! To get it, tap the Little Batty filter under Halloween looks!

5. Demon Dolly

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: Demon DollyThis look shows off classic spooky vibes with wisps and makeup to look like a ghost from a folk tale. With dark eye makeup and bright rosy cheeks, you can get the look of a ghost in just a few taps from the Halloween collection!

6. Ghoul Girl

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: Ghoul GirlThe Premium Ghoul Girl look gives you a sparkly purple witch’s hat and purple ombre hair to match. With its “Spooky Girl” face art, you get the perfect combination of cute and creepy. You can even choose whether you want a sinister castle in the background! Find the look in the Halloween section.

7. Scary Skull Makeup

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: Scary Skull MakeupModeled after the Calavera, this look gives you purple face art around your eyes. Its jewels and artwork give you the same style as your favorite colorful sugar skulls. The pink and purple marigold crown completes the dramatic look. You can get it by choosing the Candy Skull option!

8. Scaredy Cat

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: Scaredy CatThis look’s black cat ears and purple hair and brows give you the look of a witch’s familiar in seconds. Plus, with the dagger and crescent moon face art and piercing, you get the edgy image that comes with Halloween. Choose the Scaredy Cat to look to get it for yourself!

9. Coraline

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: CoralineThis classic look gives you Coraline’s button eyes and blue hair. With stylized lashes, freckles, and a soft pink lip, this style offers an understated but recognizable reference to your favorite Halloween stories. Get the look in the Halloween collection when you choose Buttoned Up!

10. Lady Dante

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: Lady DanteLady Dante look’s sequined red horns, bright red eyeshadow, and face paint to look like bloody tears give you a devilish image. The touch of blue and purple in the ombre lip color adds a darker touch. Get the look when you choose Lady Dante in the Halloween section.

11. Night Magic

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: Night MagicCapture the magic of Halloween with this look! With Magic Night written beneath your eyes and fun ghostly face paint, you can show off a spooky theme without the fear factor. Choose Night Magic to get the look in the Halloween collection!

12. Flutter Fly

Best Cute Halloween Makeup Filter: Flutter FlyWith a dark butterfly look like this one, you get stylish butterfly wing eyeliner art complete with purple eye color. Flying butterfly lip art balance the look without taking away from the cute factor. Choose the Flutter Fly to look in the Halloween collection to try it!

How to Try Cute Halloween Makeup with the Best Filter Apps

It only takes one tap to apply a cute look from YouCam Makeup, and each one gives you a different Halloween flair to match your mood. Here’s how to get any of these filters for your selfies:

Step 1: Download the Free YouCam Makeup App

Download best Halloween filter app

Download YouCam Makeup free from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Open the Camera

How to Try Cute Halloween Makeup with YouCam MakeupOpen the Makeup Cam to take a live photo or upload an existing photo from your phone’s gallery.

Step 3: Try 80+ Halloween Makeup Filters

How to Try Cute Halloween Makeup with YouCam MakeupGo to Looks and choose the Halloween collection to try more than 80 makeup filters.

Step 4: Snap a Halloween Selfie

How to Try Cute Halloween Makeup with YouCam MakeupTap the pink Save button to save your edits!

Download YouCam Makeup: Best Halloween Makeup Filter App

Download best Halloween filter app

YouCam Makeup lets you apply dozens of looks and explore your favorite Halloween styles in seconds. Download the app for iOS or Android to find the perfect cute Halloween makeup look for your next party!

More Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup FAQ

How do you get Halloween filters?

Download YouCam Makeup to get access to tons of Halloween makeup looks. The app has spooky and cute looks for any aesthetic!

What app has the Halloween filter?

YouCam Makeup has lots of Halloween filters, from bats to witches to gothic makeup looks. The app is free to download and you can customize your look any way you want!

How do I add Halloween effects to my photos?

Follow these steps to apply Halloween looks with YouCam Makeup:

  1. Open the Makeup Cam.
  2. Go to Looks.
  3. Choose the Halloween collection and tap to apply your favorite.
  4. Save and share!

How do you take creepy selfies?

YouCam Makeup’s live Makeup Cam lets you take Halloween selfies wherever you are. You can also upload a photo from your gallery and apply a Halloween makeup filter that way.

Find Your Best Makeup Look for Halloween 2023

Download best Halloween filter app

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