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Best Stranger Things AI Filter: See Yourslf in The Upside Down
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Best Stranger Things AI Filter: See Yourslf in The Upside Down

Apr 22, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Are you excited for Stranger Things season 5? We certainly are! Although there's no official release date as of now, there's speculation that the final season may come out in 2024.

Recently on TikTok, there were already users trying out the Stranger Things AI filters to see themselves in the Upside Down world. 

From its characters to the Upside Down universe, Stranger Things season 4 drops you into a world that makes your skin crawl.

Get the Stranger Things cast's iconic looks with the best free face filter, and explore photo backgrounds with Stranger Things aesthetic for your edits!

Top 3 Stranger Things AI Filters to Try

Stranger Things has some of the most unique and exciting looks, from Nancy’s classy ’80s fashion to Eleven’s grunge image. Here’s how you can get them for yourself!

1. Stranger Thing's Look x Upside Down Background

Best Stranger Things costume filters for Halloween 2022

Combining the letter lighting bulbs that play an important role in Stranger Things, and the iconic Eleven nosebleed, this YouCam Makeup beauty filter is the most eye-catching option for this Halloween season. 

To try on this free look, download the YouCam Makeup app, then tap Look. Find the Background category, and you will see the High Voltage filter for an instant try-on!

2. Eleven's Look x Upside Down Background

Best Stranger Things costume filters for Halloween 2022

Eleven’s look isn’t complete without a nod to her telekinetic powers. This look gives you mysterious eye makeup, but its real focus is the black blood that turns into a black lip color, just like Eleven’s season two look!

Adding up to an Upside Down background, transform your selfie into Stranger Things' world with a single tap.

3. Nancy Wheeler Makeup Filter

Stranger Things Nancy Wheeler inspired makeup filter | Best Free Stranger Things Filter App

Nancy is much more than a pretty face, and she shows her fighting skills every season. Still, her makeup works for an intense everyday look. This filter’s winged eyeliner adds a touch of style, while the deep red lip shows more than meets the eye.

AI Aging Filter for Stranger Things Memes

The Stranger Things main cast has aged quite a bit in the five years since season one. As they get older in the show, their looks and styles have evolved, too.

See Stranger Things cast young and old with the best free aging filter app

Source: Instagram @strangerthingsespyt

YouCam Makeup’s aging filter lets you see the Stranger Things cast at every age, and it helps you age your selfies to match.

See Stranger Thing's cast young and old with the best aging filter app

How to Try The Best Free Aging Filter

Change your age and appearance instantly with YouCam Makeup’s free aging filter! You can age the Stranger Things cast on your own with these steps:

  1. Download the free YouCam Makeup app.
  2. Choose Time Machine on the home screen.
  3. Upload the Stranger Things cast's photo.
  4. Drag the slider to the age you want to see.
  5. Save the photo.

Top 3 Stranger Things Photo Backgrounds

Beyond the makeup, YouCam Makeup has photo backgrounds that make you feel like part of the show.

From moonlit nights to the classic red and black filter, learn how you can get any Stranger Things background in your snaps!

1. The Upside Down Stranger Things Photo Background

Stranger Things Upside Down Photo Background | Best Free Stranger Things Photo App

Put yourself in Victor Creel’s house Upside-down with this creepy castle filter. It sets you against a red-tinted background with old-fashioned lights on the stone wall behind you. Plus, the ghostly orbs floating around you give you an extra spooky vibe.

2. Vecna's Home Photo Background

Stranger Things Upside Down Photo Background: Vecna's Home | Best Free Stranger Things Photo App

Crawl into your own web with this moonlight fog filter. With thorny roses and a full moon in the background, it sets the tone for your next adventure. The spider web in the corner adds a subtle Stranger Things nod among the fog.

3. The Grand Father Clock Stranger Things Photo Background

Stranger Things Upside Down Photo Background: The Grandfather Clock | Best Free Stranger Things Photo App

Even if the Stranger Things gang runs out of time, you won’t with this grandfather clock background! Hunt down Vecna with this wintry evergreen scene and the old-timey clock face behind you. 

How to Try Stranger Things Photo Background Filter

YouCam Makeup is the best photo background-changing app for Stranger Things-inspired filters.

Aside from trying out YouCam Makeup's Stranger Things Upside Down-inspired background filters, you can also apply your own image, like your favorite Stranger Things wallpaper themes,  behind your selfie.

Create your own unique Stranger Things background photos with these steps:

  1. Download the free YouCam Makeup app.
  2. Choose the photo you want to edit.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Go to Background.
  5. Browse YouCam Makeup’s 50+ photo backgrounds and tap to apply
  6. Save the photo

Download YouCam Makeup: Best Stranger Things AI Filter App

YouCam Makeup has all the features you need to transform your photos.

With its beauty filters, you can apply a full face of makeup in any style in just a few taps.

It is also the best photo background-changing app, which you can use to add your aesthetic with true-to-life background filters that put you in the Stranger Things scene.

Plus, aging filters let you look older or younger to match the look of your favorite characters. Read on to learn how you can use these features and more to join the group as they fight Vecna!

Download the app for iOS or Android to travel to the Upside Down and share your photos with friends and followers!

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"Stranger Things" is a registered trademark of Netflix Studios, LLC. Neither "Stranger Things" nor "Netflix Studios, LLC" is in any way associated with Perfect Corp.

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