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5 Best Makeup Game Apps for Free Makeovers in 2024
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5 Best Makeup Game Apps for Free Makeovers in 2024

May 14, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best Makeup Game Apps for Free Makeovers

Makeup games have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They provide an exciting new way to practice makeup techniques and experiment with unique looks, turning makeup into a fun and creative pastime.

Here, we introduce five of the best makeup game apps for free makeovers. It's the best makeup game recommendation guide for adults and children alike. Read on to get started!

5 Best Free Makeup Games on iPhone and Android

  1. YouCam Makeup
  2. Makeover Studio: Makeup Game
  3. Makeup Artist: Makeup Games
  4. Makeup Stylist - DIY Salon game
  5. Makeover Studio 3D

Makeup games are a great way to relax, have fun, and even get creative.

Whether you're looking for a new way to experiment with makeup or just want to try out some cool new looks, there's an app for that!

1. YouCam Makeup: Best for Realistic Makeovers

Best realistic makeup games for iPhone and Android in 2023.

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.8 / 4.5

YouCam Makeup is one of the most popular makeup game apps in 2024, available for Android and iPhone.

It offers the widest selection of makeup, hair, and accessory tools for amazing makeovers.

The top highlights of the YouCam Makeup app include:

Realistic Makeup Filters

Try the best makeup game app for children and adults

Powered by advanced AI technology, the app features the most realistic makeup tools, including lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner and many more.

All the makeup features have dozens of color and texture options, and you can apply them to any image you like, whether it's your favorite celebrity or a doll picture you love.

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Natural Hairstyle Change

In the YouCam Makeup app, you can apply more than 40 hairstyles to your model.

Unlike the wig-looking hair options in other makeup games, YouCam Makeup's AI hairstyle feature can fit hairstyles to your photo seamlessly and give you the most natural look.

After changing hairstyles, you can also select a hair color filter from more than 150 options, and pair it with hair dye styles like two-tone, ombre, and more.

AI Clothes Changing

In the YouCam Makeup app, not only can you change makeup and hairstyle, but also the overall outfit!

The AI Fashion feature in the YouCam Makeup app offers more than 30 different fashion styles for you to choose from, including Y2K, Retro, High Fashion, Barbie, and more.

AI Avatar Generator

Moreover, instead of playing makeup games with the default characters, the YouCam Makeup app can help you create your own digital double twin with its AI Avatar feature!

With generative AI technology, you can create more than 100 avatars of you, can select the one you like to further edit makeup, hairstyles, fashion, and more.

Download the best makeup game app youcam makeup.

2. Makeover Studio: Makeup Game

Makeover Studio: Makeup Game

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.5 / 4.0

Makeover Studio: Makeup Game is perfect for those who want to play around with different looks without going into a physical store or buying any products. The app offers hundreds of makeover choices from classic looks to modern trends.

It also has features like color matching and photo editing so you can create unique looks that fit your style perfectly. And if you're feeling stuck or need some inspiration, there are lots of tutorials available as well!

3. Makeup Artist: Makeup Games

Makeup Artist: Makeup Games

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.6 / 4.3

If you want to take your makeup skills up a notch, then Makeup Artist: Makeup Games is the perfect app for you! With this app, you can become a real-life virtual makeup artist as it provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply different types of makeup correctly.

You can even customize your look by mixing different colors and products together. Plus, it has tons of inspiring photos and videos that will help inspire your next masterpiece!

4. Makeup Stylist -DIY Salon game

Makeup Stylist -DIY Salon game

  • Available: iOS
  • Rating: 4.8

For those who want a more realistic makeover experience, then check out the Makeup Stylist -DIY Salon game. With this app installed on your device (available for iOS), you can transform the model into a movie star with just a few swipes!

Choose from hundreds of different makeup options before adding glamorous clothing, hairstyle and accessories to complete your look.

5. Makeover Studio 3D

Makeover Studio 3D

  • Available: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.5 / 3.8

Makeover Studio 3D is another great option for those who like playing around with their look without having to physically go anywhere or purchase anything first.

The app lets users customize their look by changing things like hair color, eye color, lip color, etc., all through an interactive 3D model interface.

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