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Best Free Red Lipstick Try-On App to Find Your Shade In 2023
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Best Free Red Lipstick Try-On App to Find Your Shade In 2023

Oct 19, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Find the best red lipstick for your skin tone easily with the best free virtual makeup try on app, YouCam Makeup.

Red lipstick is widely considered a true and timeless beauty statement that can instantly elevate your look while also making you feel more confident and sophisticated. But with so many red lipstick shades on the market, how do you go about finding the right one for you?

In this article, we’ll introduce how you can find the best red lipstick color for your skin tone easily and fast, all with a free virtual makeup try-on app.

Best Virtual Makeup Try-On App to Find Your Red Lipstick Color

YouCam Makeup is the best virtual makeup try-on app on the market to help you find your best red lipstick shade for free.

Download the best app for lipstick try-on

Users can try up to 90 lipstick colors from their mobile phone's front camera anywhere, anytime. The virtual lip makeup try-on also comes in seven textures: sheer, matte, gloss, satin, shimmer, metallic, and holographic.

YouCam Makeup app is the best app to try red lipstick colors, as it have the most complete color collections among all makeup apps.

Trusted by millions of users around the globe, it's also the app that has the most official partnerships with major makeup brands.

As the result, users will be able to try dozens of real brand lipstick colors that come in different formats, including liquid, gloss, and lip pencils, easily and for free.

How to Find The Best Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

  1. Download the Free YouCam Makeup app
  2. Upload Your Photo
  3. Virtually Try-On 90+ Lipstick Colors and Texture
  4. Save the Photo

Read on to find the best red lipstick color for you through free virtual makeup try-on with these simple steps.

Step 1. Download the Free YouCam Makeup app

Download the best app for lipstick try-on

First, start by downloading the free YouCam Makeup app, available for both iPhone and Andriod.

Step 2. Upload Your Photo

Nest, tap Photo Makeup and upload a clear photo of yourself.

Step 3. Virtually Try-On 90+ Lipstick Colors and Texture

From there, tap Makeup at the bottom of your screen. Tap Lip then begins looking through the colors, textures, brands, and products available to virtually try on.

Use the slider on the right side of the screen to adjust the lip colors more or less to your desired level. You can even see a before and after by tapping and holding the white before-and-after icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

Step 4. Save the Photo

Snap a photo with your best lipstick color and use it as a reference for your next lipstick purchase. You can try multiple looks with just a few taps, then even buy lipstick products directly through the app by tapping the color icon.

Best Red Lipsticks for Different Skin Tones

As there are so many lip colors to try on, to narrow down your best red lipstick color choices, read on to discover the top red lipstick recommendation for the top three major skin tones: fair/light, medium/olive, and dark.

Best Red Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin Tone

For fair and light skin tone, red lipstick with a cool undertone is the best choice, like this red color wore by Taylor Swift.

Raspberry red, cool-hued red

For fair skin folks, cool-hued red lipsticks with blue and purple as a base, not orange, would work best. If you have a cool undertone then burgundy reds or raspberry reds are your best bet. For warm undertones, try a muted orange-red, or red lip color with just a hint of orange.

Best Red Lipstick Shades for Olive Skin

Red lipstick with an orange tone will look stunning on olive skin tone, like this lip color choice of Kim Kardashian.

Orange-red, coral

Those with olive skin should go in the direction of fiery, orange-based reds, like coral, for instance. If your olive skin has cool undertones, go with wine-red lipsticks. For warm undertones, try bright orange-reds, as well as warm and true reds.

Best Red Lipstick Shades for Darker Skin Tone

Sexy berry red can be a signature lip color for darker skin tone, like this makeup example of Rihanna.

Berry red, Wine red

Every skin tone is different, and every red will look different depending on the person. People with dark skin tones should experiment with deeper, darker shades of red to accentuate their beautiful darker complexion. Furthermore, for cool undertones, you should choose wine red or berry red. Those with warm skin undertones should go with more orange-based reds.

Download YouCam Makeup: Best App to Find Your Red Lipstick

Download the best app for lipstick try-on

Discover your perfect red lipstick color with the best makeup app now!

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