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5 Disney Princess Makeup Ideas for Your Next Costume Party

Jul 25, 2021 · 4 minutes read
5 Disney Princess Makeup Ideas for Your Next Costume Party

There are many looks we often try to emulate when it comes to our makeup, and Disney princesses are one of the most popular when it comes to costume makeup. In this article, we offer five classic Disney makeup look ideas, and we’ll describe how you can try the look on yourself in just a few taps with the free YouCam Makeup app

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Top 5 Disney Princess Makeup Looks for Your Next Costume Party

Scroll down now to discover the top five Disney princess makeup looks you can try on freely in the YouCam Makeup and see if it's the look that suits you!

Frozen — Elsa Makeup


Whether you have kids at home or not, there’s no doubt you heard about the Frozen phenomenon of 2013. With upbeat and motivational songs like “Let It Go” paired with a fierce leading character like Elsa, it’s no surprise that kids and adults alike are longing for the signature ice princess look.

To achieve it, you’ll need to replicate her stunning platinum-colored hair, her purple eyeshadow, distinct eyelashes, and bold silver crown. Even better, you’ll want to fashion your hair into that elegant and lust-worthy braid. >> Download the FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try Now!

The Little Mermaid — Ariel Makeup


The Little Mermaid is a fan favorite no matter what generation you’re from. With Ariel’s unique red hair, her under-the-sea-inspired blue and purple eyeshadow, and coordinating red lip, her look made her a truly special Disney princess. To replicate this look, you can try her hair color, makeup look, and accessories with the YouCam Makeup. To transform into Ariel, just open up the app and tap “Looks.” From there, scroll until you see the “Ever After Beauty Collection.” Tap on “Ariel” and you’ll instantly see yourself adorned like this aquatic princess. >> Download the FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try Now!

Cinderella Makeup


It’s no question why Cinderella is such a beloved character. Her positivity, charm, and grace all make her a perfect princess, and her classic signature look only enhances her popularity. To get the Cinderella look on your own, you’ll want to try a pink lip, a soft glam makeup look, and a headband.

Instead of running out and purchasing all new items for this look, you might be better served using the YouCam Makeup app, where you can try accessories and makeup looks to transform into Cinderella. Just upload the photo you want to edit and tap “Looks,” then “Cinderella” in the “Ever After Beauty Collection.” Your image will be instantly transformed to the likeness of this fan-favorite princess. >> Download the FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try Now!


Aladdin — Princess Jasmine Makeup


While other princesses have a more subtle look, Princess Jasmine has one of the bolder styles of the Disney princesses. Her signature look consists of upward wing eyeliner, emerald eyeshadow, and nude lips.

We all know how hard it can be to get the perfect winged eyeliner, so instead of trying (and probably failing a few times) to achieve it, just use a makeup look in the YouCam Makeup app to transform into Princess Jasmine. Simply upload your photo, tap “Looks” and then “Jasmine” within the “Ever After Beauty Collection.” Your photo will have you believing you’re flying on a magic carpet in just a few seconds! >> Download the FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try Now!



Pocahontas has one of the most impactful stories of all the Disney princesses, and her look goes right along with it. She is easily recognizable thanks to her signature look of a nude lip and striking eyeshadow in a variety of earth tones.

Before you paint all the colors of the wind on your eyelids, try her makeup look in the YouCam Makeup app to transform into Pocahontas. Just upload the photo you want to edit, tap “Looks” and then “Pocahontas” within the “Ever After Beauty Collection. >> Download the FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try Now!

Explore 1,000+ More Makeup Looks in YouCam Makeup

We all envy the signature looks of our favorite Disney princesses, but it can be tough to replicate unless we invest in hundreds of dollars worth of products and then complete the look in real life.

Thankfully, with the YouCam Makeup app, you can look like your favorite leading princess with just a few taps. Are you ready to make magic on your own photos? Download YouCam Makeup for either iOS or Android now to get started today!


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