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3 Face Editing Ideas to Look Like Your Favorite Disney Characters

Jun 22, 2021 · 3 minutes read
3 Face Editing Ideas to Look Like Your Favorite Disney Characters

As Bruno Mars always reminds us, “you’re amazing just the way you are!”, and that couldn't be more true. You are the most beautiful YOU, and this world loves you just the way you are. But trading places and playing with facial effects to transform into your celebrity crush or favorite movie character sure is fun.

What about the coolness factor of experimenting with new face shapes, chin shapes, or nose structures without any of the scary surgical elements?

3 Fun Face Editing Ideas for an Iconic Look 

Free selfie app YouCam Makeup invites you to play and experiment with a variety of facial retouching features in real-time for an incredibly cool discovery journey with face AR and AI beauty tech.

Discover the fun of facial retouching by trying some of our favorite fantastical movie characters, from face shape, chin shape, cheek shape, chin-length,  jaw shape, and more!

#1: Cheek Shaping>


As a fierce and powerful fairy living in a magical forest world, Maleficent’s high, chiseled cheekbones and dramatic jawline are nothing short of striking and jaw-dropping. Step into the magical fairytale with an instant transformation using YouCam Makeup’s Face Reshape feature to sharpen your cheekbones and jawline in order to mimic Angelina Jolie’s chiseled fairy facial effects.

In addition to Maleficent’s exaggerated sky-high cheekbones and defined jawline, users can also use YouCam Makeup to experiment with bright green eyes, and striking oxblood red lips to bring the complete Maleficent look to life in seconds. Try it now!

#2: Eye Shaping


From Little Mermaid, Rapunzel to Jasmine, amplified eyes have been a common trait among Disney's princesses. Experiment and recreate the style in the free YouCam Makeup app with instant eye shaping effects that allow you to explore eye size, height, width, distance, and angle, so you can discover and play with different eye shapes in real-time.

Couple your instant Disney princess transformation with virtual makeup and hair colors for the ultimate celebrity transformation in seconds. No matter your style, YouCam Makeup allows you to easily explore, adjust, and experiment with different eye shapes and angles, pigments, and hair colors using advanced real-time AR and AI technology. Try it now! 

#3: Lip Shaping


Queen of Hearts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been a style icon for her dramatic makeup style and especially, the red heart cupid's bow. If you’re looking to shape your lips for a similarly perfect heart shape.

YouCam Makeup's lip shaping feature can help instantly adjust the size, height, width, and peak of your lips, for an exaggerated lip look in seconds. Achieve instantly enviable lips with YouCam Makeup and test a plumper pout with a tap!

Try Fun Aesthetics with Face Retouch Now!

Your natural beauty is undeniable-- and one that should be celebrated always. However, experimenting with exaggerated facial effects is a fun and entertaining way to get into character and recreate the looks of your favorite fantastical figures and celebrities in seconds.

From adjustments to face and chin shapes to enhancements to eyes, lips, and nose, the hyper-realistic AR and AI effects invite a level of fun and experimentation that brings fantasy and movie-style makeup effects to life. Experience for yourself and play now in the YouCam Makeup app, available in both iOS and Android.


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