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5 Best Korean Makeup Filters To Look Like A K-pop Star
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5 Best Korean Makeup Filters To Look Like A K-pop Star

Nov 17, 2021 · 4 minutes read
5 Best Korean Makeup Filters To Look Like A K-pop Star

When it comes to K-Beauty, skincare product usually comes first. But as Korean pop music takes the world by storm, their makeup style has been gaining increasing attention. Major makeup brands even have Korean pop stars as their ambassadors — M.A.C x Black Pink Lisa and Dior Beauty x JiShoo, just to name a few.

Aside from K-pop, the famous Netflix TV show Squid Game also set Korean pop culture under the world's spotlight. The beauty style of the actress playing player 067, Jung Ho-Yeon, has gone viral with her overnight sensation.

You might be curious how you can get this uber-popular Korean makeup look yourself but have been afraid to try. Thankfully, the YouCam Makeup app is here to help.

Best App To Try Korean Makeup Looks

Your guide to getting the Korean beauty looks you’re after at home is no other than the YouCam Makeup app. In just a few taps and with no cost to download, you can try hundreds of gorgeous makeup looks and vibrant hair colors in a matter of seconds.

YouCam Makeup app is the best makeup selfie app in the market, with thousands of trendy makeup filters to browse and try for free, include dozens of Korean makeup inspired looks.

Have you always wanted to try Korean makeup trends to look like your favorite K-Pop star but weren’t sure where to start? Then, you’re in the right place! Read on to discover the latest trends and to learn how you can virtually try them on with YouCam Makeup.

5 Best Korean Makeup Filters To Try

From colored eye contacts, ombre lips to eye makeup styles, discover the five hottest Korean makeup filters, and how you can try them on instantly with the YouCam Makeup app with just a few taps.

Look #1: Thin Eyeliner

Makeup Look: Tag Me

One of the most popular looks to come out of Korea is rock a thin eyeliner and glitter. This look is very popular because eye makeup is a crucial element for Korean-style makeup. Thin eyeliner with a big area covered by eyeshadow is extremely common, combined with a little silver glitter to enhance the glowy aesthetics in your makeup look.

Look #2: Colored Eye Contacts

Makeup Look: La Di Da

Like in many other Asian countries, brown/gray colored eye contacts that can enlarge your eyes are essential for Korean makeup lovers. If you weren’t naturally graced with darker eyes, you can easily change your eye colors in YouCam Makeup app to see what you’d look like if you were! Darken your eyes with the preset La Di Da look, or try Makeup and then Eye Color to try any number of eye colors you can imagine.

Look #3: Long Eyelashes

Makeup Look: Crimson Glow

Another Korean eye makeup trend that is very popular is long eyelashes. Instead of thick fake eyelashes, Korean makeup lovers prefer natural, long ones, often achieved with mascara and partial false lashes.

This can be especially tough to replicate in real life, so having the Crimson Glow look at your disposal in the YouCam Makeup app makes all the difference. Whether you want to try this particular eyelash look or a different one, you can do so with just a few quick taps.

Look #4: Ombre Lips 

Makeup Look: Pink Pearl

Outside of eye makeup, ombre lips are also a trend that originated from Korean makeup. Ombre lips can be hard to replicate in real life, but with the YouCam Makeup app, they require only a few taps. The Pink Pearl look offers a subtle soft shimmer and a stunning feminine pink look.

Look #5: Glitter Decorations

Makeup Look: Mago

If you look at K-pop stars' makeup looks, you will often find small gems and tiny glitter decorating around their eye area. This elegant add-on compliments the thin eyeliner trend, giving the makeup look a charming touch without making it overly glam. The glitters were often applied with tweezers and added a matte base beforehand to prevent falls out.

Download YouCam Makeup:  Best App to Try Korean Makeup Filters

Korean makeup looks are something that many of us dream of recreating, but often have a hard time with in real life. Thankfully, the YouCam Makeup app is here to help! You can try these looks, and many more, with just a few taps.

Now that you know how easy it is, download the YouCam Makeup for either iOS or Android now to get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my makeup look Korean?

There are five major elements to make your makeup look Korean:

How do I look like a Kpop?

Kpop beauty looks are centered with warm tone colors, glitter elements, and often with colored eye contacts. You can often see Kpop stars in orange or nude tone eye shadow, liners and lashes that enlarge their eyes, and tiny glitter decorations around their eye makeup look.

How do I make my picture look Korean?

To make your picture look Korean, filters and makeup are the musts. Korean selfies like to add white-based filters to create a minimalist vibe, and often applied makeup filters, with a focus on warm tone blush, eyeshadow, and lip color.

Try Korean Makeup Filters With the Best Free Makeup App Now

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