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5 Inspirational Lip Art Ideas For Your Next Stunning Selfie

Sep 17, 2021 · 4 minutes read
5 Inspirational Lip Art Ideas For Your Next Stunning Selfie

Lip art is everything. For the last few years, makeup artists on social media have stunned beauty aficionados with their sheer level of creativity. Once upon a time, that level of artisanship was usually relegated to manicures and pedicures. But today, it’s all about taking an adventurous approach to your look — and with lip art designs, you can achieve wildly colorful, unexpected, and playful styles that are as fun as they are artistic.

Top Lip Art Makeup Influencers Right Now

Image credit: Instagram @vladamua

There’s Vlada Haggerty, whose absolutely exquisite lip art designs feature everything from sequins to cartoon characters to stenciled gold swirls. The effect is positively show stopping. Jazmina Daniel is fearless in her take, and watching her bring her tortoiseshell and zodiac-themed lip canvases to life is just as spellbinding as you might expect.

Ryan Kelly is a pop culture warrior of the best kind, designing lip looks that honor, well, everything. There’s a Britney lip, a Starbucks lip, and a Netflix lip — and that’s just a sampling. And Andrea Reed is a self-proclaimed lip artist whose work is so exquisite, you may be compelled to pick up your lip brush right then and there.

Best Way to Virtual Try Lip Art Ideas: YouCam Makeup App

Feeling inspired? No surprise — there’s nothing like glancing through striking images on social media to motivate you to try something new. Given that these gifted artists draw and hand-create pop art lips on their own, there’s nothing more incredible than watching them come to life. The good news is that you don’t have to be a skilled makeup artist with decades of experience to recreate the look when you’ve got the YouCam Makeup app in your reach.

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With over 500 million global users and trusted by dozens of major beauty brands, YouCam Makeup app offers the most complete virtual makeup experience for you to test out the latest beauty trends and show of your creativity.

Aside from the most complete lip color try on option on the market (one color, two-color and ombre, all paired with up to 20 color variations), YouCam Makeup app also equipped with nearly 30 stunning lip art designs that you can try freely in the app. After browsing over dozens of different looks, you can easily snap a selfie with it, and get a stunning lip art selfie with you easily! 


Top 5 Lip Art Ideas You Can Try In YouCam Makeup App

Color us obsessed with these glorious looks that promise to completely transform your makeup. Who knew your pout could look so amazing?

Instagram Influencer Lip Art Designs


Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty partnered with YouCam Makeup to develop a series of stunning lip art designs for the app. Each design is uniquely embellished with intricate attention to detail, making it perfect for anyone to try on and wear in their pictures. Melding the worlds of art, fashion, and technology, this is serious lip art with serious flair — and it’s never been easier to get a look you’ll want to show off all over social media. >> Download YouCam Makeup App & Try!

Floral Lip Art Designs


All lip art is beautiful, if we’re honest — it’s impossible not to marvel over that level of creativity. But if you’re especially drawn to the sweet and the delicate, you’ll appreciate the way YouCam Makeup lip art designs help you bring that beauty to life in the best possible way. Darling blossoms accent your pout, creating a bloom-kissed look that sets your lip look apart from anything else you’ve ever created. Why attempt to meticulously draw them on when you can tap a button? >> Download YouCam Makeup App & Try!

Cool Graphic Lip Art Designs


There’s cool, and then there’s this — unbelievably fresh, radiant, and magnetic lip artwork that stands alone for its unique blend of colors and use of graphic design. The result incorporates the best of everything: beloved runway styles, fresh IG trends, and street influence all at once. It’s an ode to what makes lip art so innovative and interesting. >> Download YouCam Makeup App & Try!

Mermaid Lip Art


Rich aquatic shades will transform you into a sea maven in a snap. This is a great beginner option, perfect for helping you refine your skills while you embellish your pout with a kiss of blue. But if you aren’t quite stocked up on blue makeup, tap into YouCam Makeup and take your inspiration from this crazy-cool, hyper-vibrant look that’s destined to turn heads. The gray-tinged blue captures that undersea vibe beautifully. >> Download YouCam Makeup App & Try!

Pop Art Lips


Oh, so dramatic — and so lush. There’s nothing like pop art lips to really elevate your look. It’s hard not to take inspiration from this eye-catching look that feels fiery and devilish and daring all at once. Have fun achieving a seriously fierce and fearless lip look that incorporates the quintessential black and crimson hues to create something undeniably noticeable from every angle. >> Download YouCam Makeup App & Try!

    Get YouCam Makeup, The App Every Beauty Lover Should Own

    If you’re ready to bring these detailed looks to life through the stunning lip art looks, download the YouCam Makeup app on the App Store or Google Play today to get inspired!

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