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3 Best Free AI Background Generators to Add AI Backgrounds in 2024
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3 Best Free AI Background Generators to Add AI Backgrounds in 2024

May 16, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Looking for the most advanced AI background generators to change your image backgrounds in 2024?

In this review, we delve into the top 3 AI background generators that distinguish themselves by employing Generative AI to change photo backgrounds for 2024, tested and scrutinized to elevate your visual storytelling experience.

3 Best AI Background Generators to Add AI Background to Images in 2024

Explore the leading AI background generators of 2024, perfect for seamlessly enhancing your images with captivating AI-generated backgrounds

Image EnlargerPlatformBest for
Free Option
1. YouCam Enhance
iOS/ OnlineAI Image Expansion
2. Vivid AI
iOS(4.5)/ Android(3.0)AI-Generated Background
5. PhotoroomiOS(4.8)/ Android(4.7)Text to Image Background

YouCam Enhance: Best for AI Image Background Expansion

Best for AI Image Background Expansion: YouCam Enhance

YouCam Enhance is an AI-powered photo editing app that focuses on enhancing the photo editing experience. It offers specialized features such as the AI Background Remover and AI Background Changer.

With a new Generative AI feature: AI Background Expander, it helps you add AI background to picture more naturally

AI Image Background Extender: Generate Realistic Background With AI

YouCam Enhance introduces the "AI Image Background Extender," a robust tool that harnesses artificial intelligence to create realistic backgrounds for your images. It detects the context of your image and seamlessly adds an AI-extended background, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your photos.

AI Background Changer: Change BG Effortlessly With AI

YouCam Enhance's AI Background Changer offers a seamless and effortless way to transform your images.
With precision in removing backgrounds from both portraits and objects, this feature enables users to effortlessly replace the backdrop, enhancing their photos with ease and precision.

(Note: YouCam Enhance's "AI Background Changer" currently lacks "Auto Background Generation," providing only AI background removal and the option to "Add background to an image.")

How to Generate AI-Extended Background Using “AI Image Expansion”

To generate an AI-extended background, follow these 3 easy steps below:

  • Step 1. Open YouCam Enhance app and choose "AI Image Expansion".
  • Step 2. Upload your image, adjust its size and position

  • Step 3. Tap “Expand” to start AI image expansion
  • Step 4. Save the transformed image with the enhanced AI-extended background.

Vivid AI: Best for Generating Automatic AI Backgrounds

Best for Generating Automatic AI Backgrounds: Vivid AI:

Vivid AI stands out as the premier app for effortlessly generating automatic AI backgrounds. With its cutting-edge technology, it seamlessly analyzes and replaces backgrounds, enhancing images with stunning visual appeal and precision.

Specialized AI Background Categories: People, Realistic, Decorative

Vivid AI boasts specialized AI background categories, including People, Realistic, and Decorative, offering users a diverse range of options to complement their images. Whether seeking natural settings, lifelike environments, or artistic backdrops, Vivid AI ensures a tailored and visually striking enhancement for every preference.

How to Add AI Backgrounds to Image in Vivid AI

Step 1. Open Vivid AI and choose "AI Background Changer."
Step 2. Upload your image and pick a background from categories like People, Realistic, or Decorative.
Step 3. Let Vivid AI add AI background to your image with the selected background, and save the transformed result for a visually captivating picture.

Photoroom: Best for Generating AI Backgrounds With Text Prompts

Best for Generating AI Backgrounds With Text Prompts: Photoroom

Photoroom stands out as the top app for generating AI backgrounds seamlessly through text prompts, revolutionizing the process of changing image backgrounds.

With its innovative approach, users can effortlessly describe the desired backdrop, allowing Photoroom to intelligently apply the specified background to their images with remarkable precision and ease.

Turn Your Text Ideas to AI-Generated Backgrounds

Photoroom empowers users to transform their text ideas into AI-generated backgrounds seamlessly. This innovative feature allows for the creation of visually compelling and personalized backgrounds, adding a unique touch to your images with ease.

How to Convert Text to Image Background in Photoroom

  • Step 1. Open Photoroom and go to "Instant Backgrounds" and tap "Create a background".
  • Step 2. Enter your text prompts, and let Photoroom generate a personalized background image.
  • Step 3. Save the result to effortlessly incorporate your unique text-based AI background into your images.

Start Changing Image Backgrounds With Powerful AI Background Generators

Are you ready to transform your images with stunning backgrounds effortlessly?

Harness the power of cutting-edge AI background generators to elevate your visuals.

Start now and experience the seamless transformation – click to unleash the potential of powerful background generation!

FAQ on AI Background Generator

What is an AI background Generator?

An AI Background Generator is a technology-driven tool that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically create and replace backgrounds in images. It enhances visual content by providing diverse and contextually appropriate backgrounds.

What is an AI Background Extender?

An AI Background Extender is a feature that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to seamlessly expand and enhance the background of an image.

YouCam Enhance's AI Background Extender, for instance, intelligently analyzes and extends backgrounds, providing users with a quick and effortless way to create visually appealing and immersive images.

How does an AI background generator work?

The AI Background Generator employs advanced algorithms to identify and isolate the subject or objects in an image, removing the existing background and seamlessly integrating a new one. This process ensures a realistic and aesthetically pleasing transformation.

Can I customize the backgrounds generated by AI?

Yes, some AI Background Generators like Photoroom allow users to choose from predefined categories or even upload their own backgrounds, offering a level of customization to suit specific preferences or themes.

Is there a limit to the types of images an AI Background Generator can handle?

While most AI Background Generators work well with a wide range of images, some may have limitations with extremely complex scenes or images with low resolution. It's advisable to check the specifications of the specific tool for optimal results.

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