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How to AI Restore Old Photos: 5 Easy Ways for iOS & Android
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How to AI Restore Old Photos: 5 Easy Ways for iOS & Android

Apr 18, 2024 · 3 minutes read

In the past, we had to seek out a professional photo restoration service or acquire skills in old photo restoration to initiate the process.

However, with AI advancements, we now have an advanced way to restore old photos efficiently- "AI Photo Restoration".

In this article, I will share the 5 most efficient and easy methods for restoring old photos using popular free AI photo restoration tools for iPhone and Android. Additionally, I will compare these methods with other photo restoration approaches, helping you find the best way to restore your old photos.

Easily Restore Old Photos on iPhone and Android With Free AI Photo Restoration

First, let me share the best option among all others - AI Photo Restoration.

Demo of AI Photo Restoration: Enhance and Colorize

AI Photo Restoration allows you to restore old photos with just one tap. All you need to do is upload the old photo to the tool, and it will identify the elements (including portraits, objects, and backgrounds) and further enhance and colorize them, fixing old photos in high definition.

How to Restore Old Photos for Free on iPhone & Android With an AI Photo Restoration App

Next, let me share how I restore my old photos with this app. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Download YouCam Enhance: Best Free AI Photo Restoration App

Download the Best AI Photo Restoration App: YouCam Enhance

Begin by downloading the YouCam Enhance Photo Restoration App from your App Store, or Google Play Store. Install the app on your device to get started with restoring your old photos.

Step 2: Upload Your Old Picture

Upload Your Old Photo

Launch the YouCam Enhance app and select the option to upload your old photo. You can choose a photo from your device's gallery or take a picture of the old photo using your device's camera.

Step 3: Utilize the "AI Enhance" to Restore Blurry Portions

Tap "Enhance" to Make Old Photos Clear (Up to 4K)

Once your old photo is uploaded, use the "AI Enhance" feature to improve the clarity and sharpness of the image. This function helps restore any blurry or faded portions of the photo, enhancing its overall quality.

Step 4: Remove Scratches With Object Remover

To eliminate scratches and imperfections on your old photo, utilize the "AI Object Remover" function. This powerful tool will automatically identify and remove scratches, dust, and other blemishes, making your photo look pristine.

Step 5: Restore Color With "AI Colorize"

Add vibrancy and life back to your old photo by using the "AI Colorize" tool. This feature will intelligently apply colors to the black-and-white or faded areas of the image, bringing it to life with a realistic color palette.

Step 6: Save Your Beautifully Restored Photo.

Once you're satisfied with the restoration, save your beautifully restored photo. You can choose the format and quality settings for the final image.

Congratulations, you've successfully restored your old photo using AI-powered enhancements.

How to Easily Restore Old Photos: 5 Best Ways for iOS & Android Using AI Tools in 2024

  • Method 1. Enhance Old Photos Through AI Photo Restoration
  • Method 2. Colorize Old Photos Using an AI Colorizer
  • Method 3. Remove Scratches From Old Photos
  • Method 4. Digitize Old Photos Using Photo Scanner App
  • Method 5. Color-Fix Old Photod Using AI Color Correction

1. Enhance Old Pictures Through AI Old Photo Enhancer

Restore Old Photo Quality With AI Enhance

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence with AI-based photo restoration tools. Platforms like YouCam Enhance and YouCam Online Editor can automatically repair damaged areas, reduce noise, and enhance details, resulting in clearer and more vibrant images.

2. Colorize Old Photos Using an AI Old Photo Color Restorer

Transform black and white photos into vivid, full-color images with AI colorization technology. Simply upload your old photos to an AI colorizer app, and watch as it accurately adds color to every detail, revitalizing your memories in vibrant hues.

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3. Remove Scratches From Old Photos With AI Remover

Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and blemishes on your old photos with the help of AI-powered removal tools. These apps intelligently detect and remove imperfections while preserving the integrity of the original image, ensuring a flawless restoration process.

4. Color-Fix Old Photod Using AI Color Correction

AI Color Correction: Recolor Faded Photos

Correcting color issues in old photos is made simple with AI-powered color correction tools. Whether your photos have faded over time or suffered from color imbalances, these apps can automatically adjust and enhance the colors, restoring them to their original brilliance.

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5. Digitize Old Photos Using Photo Scanner App

Preserve your precious memories for generations to come by digitizing your old photos with a photo scanner app. These apps allow you to quickly and easily scan physical copies of your photos using your smartphone camera, converting them into high-quality digital images that can be stored and shared effortlessly. With this app, you can restore physical old photos to your phone.

3 Best Free AI Photo Restoration Apps to Fix Old Photos in 2024 [iPhone, Android]

In 2024, 3 standout free AI photo restoration apps are revolutionizing the way old photos are restored and enhanced:

1. YouCam Enhance- Best 4K AI Old Photo Restoration App

Best Free AI Photo Restoration App

YouCam Enhance stands out as the top choice for 4K AI old photo restoration. Its powerful features, including AI Enhance, AI Colorize, and AI Object Remover, allow users to precisely restore and enhance old photos, effectively removing scratches and imperfections while preserving the authenticity of the original image.

2. FixMyPics- Best Photo Restoration App to Fix Old Photos

FixMyPics earns its spot as the best photo restoration app for fixing old photos. With its user-friendly interface and advanced restoration algorithms, FixMyPics effortlessly repairs damaged photos, restores faded colors, and enhances overall image quality, ensuring that cherished

3. Face Restore- Best Old Photo Restorer App for Removing Scratches

Face Restore emerges as the go-to option for removing scratches and blemishes from old photos. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Face Restore specializes in restoring facial features, smoothing out imperfections, and rejuvenating worn-out photographs, delivering stunning results with just a few taps.

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Make Old Photos Clear and Colorful With the Latest AI Photo Restoration Apps in 2024

Ready to breathe new life into your cherished memories?

Don't wait any longer – start restoring your old photos effortlessly today with the latest free AI tools available in 2024.

With powerful features and intuitive interfaces, these tools make preserving your precious moments easier and more accessible than ever before.

Easily Restore Old Photos Online for Free in One-Click

To easily restore old photos, opt for an AI photo restoration tool such as YouCam Online Editor and follow these 5 simple steps to repair old photos into modern, vibrant images.

Your old photos are now revitalized with a simple and efficient online restoration process!

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How to Restore Old Photos FAQ

Why should I restore old photos?

Restoring old photos can preserve precious memories, protect family history, and bring faded or damaged pictures back to life. It's a way to honor the past and ensure future generations can enjoy these moments.

Can I restore old photos myself, or should I seek professional help?

You can restore old photos yourself with the right tools and techniques, especially for minor damage. For severely damaged or valuable photos, consulting a professional photo restorer may be advisable. YouCam Enhance is a user-friendly photo editing app that can assist you in restoring old photos, making the process more accessible for beginners.

How can I preserve restored old photos for the long term?

Store restored photos in acid-free, archival-quality photo albums or sleeves to prevent further damage. Keep them away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture to maintain their quality. YouCam Enhance can help enhance photo quality for preservation.

Is there software or an app specifically designed for old photo restoration?

While there are software tools designed for photo restoration, popular photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and YouCam Enhance can be effectively used for this purpose. Some specialized tools and plugins may offer additional features.

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