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How to Unblur an Image on iPhone: 6 Free Apps in 2024
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How to Unblur an Image on iPhone: 6 Free Apps in 2024

Apr 24, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Struggling with blurry photos on your iPhone?

Learn how to rescue blurry iPhone photos with our comprehensive guide.

Discover the top 6 best free apps of 2024 for turning fuzzy snapshots into clear masterpieces!

How to Unblur Photos on iPhone With an AI Photo Enhancer App

Before revealing the top 6 options, let's quickly guide you on how to effectively unblur an image on an iPhone using the best one.

Step 1. Download the YouCam Enhance App

Best App to Unblur Pictures on iPhone for free: YouCam Enhance

Begin by downloading the YouCam Enhance free app from the App Store on your iPhone. It's a powerful free AI-driven photo enhancer designed to help you unblur and improve the quality of your photos. "ts AI Photo Enhance includes AI image sharpening, denoising, and color-fixing, allowing it to quickly unblur a picture.

Step 2. Upload Your Photo

Launch the YouCam Enhance app and tap the "Upload Photo" button. This will allow you to select the blurry photo you want to unblur from your iPhone's photo library.

Step 3. Start AI Photo Unblurring

After tapping on “Enhance”, YouCam Enhance's AI algorithms will automatically start working their magic. The app will analyze the image and apply advanced deblurring techniques to enhance its clarity.

Step 4. Save Your Photo

Once the AI unblurring process is complete, you'll see a preview of the improved photo. If you're satisfied with the results, tap the "Export" option to save the enhanced photo to your iPhone's gallery.

6 Best Free Apps to Unblur Images on iPhone in 2024

  1. YouCam EnhanceBest for AI-Enhancement
  2. Adobe LightroomBest for Sharpening and Renoising
  3. ReminiBest for Increasing Image Resolution
  4. SnapseedBest for Enhancing Photo Details
  5. FotorBest for Retouching Portrait Photos
  6. PicWishBest for Fixing Photo Blur

There are numerous AI-powered apps that specialize in unblurring photos and improving their quality. Here, we have summarized the top options, each with its unique advantages for enhancing photos.

Feel free to read more and try out these excellent apps!

1. YouCam Enhance: Best App for AI-Enhancement

Available Platform: iOS/ Android/ Online

YouCam Enhance is your go-to free app for AI-powered photo enhancement. It uses advanced algorithms to automatically enhance your photos, correcting imperfections, improving skin tone, and refining overall image quality with just a tap, thereby turning photos into resolutions of up to 4K.

2. Adobe Lightroom: Best App for Sharpening and Renoising

Adobe Lightroom: Best App for Sharpening and Renoising

Available Platform: iOS/ Android

Adobe Lightroom is renowned for its professional-grade photo editing capabilities. It excels in sharpening images, reducing noise, and providing fine-grained control over the editing process, making it a top choice for photographers and enthusiasts.

3. Remini: Best App for Increasing Image Resolution

Remini: Best App for Increasing Image Resolution

Available Platform: iOS/ Android

When you need to boost image resolution in old or low-resolution photos, Remini stands out. Using deep learning technology, it can upscale images, breathe new life into them, and recover lost details like never before.

4. Snapseed: Best App for Enhancing Photo Details

Snapseed: Best App for Enhancing Photo Details

Available Platform: iOS/ Android

Snapseed is a versatile photo editing app that excels in enhancing photo details. With a wide range of tools and filters, it allows users to fine-tune brightness, contrast, and sharpness, making it perfect for adding depth and clarity to your photos.

5. Fotor: Best App for Retouching Portrait Photos

Fotor: Best App for Retouching Portrait Photos

Available Platform: iOS/ Android

Fotor specializes in portrait retouching, offering an array of tools to enhance facial features, remove blemishes, and achieve a flawless look. It's a favorite among selfie enthusiasts and portrait photographers.

6. PicWish: Best App for Fixing Photo Blur

PicWish: Best App for Fixing Photo Blur

Available Platform: iOS/ Android

PicWish specializes in photo enhancement, with a standout feature known as "Fix Blur." This specialized feature is designed to address and rectify photo blur, whether it's due to shaky hands or a slightly out-of-focus shot.

How to Unblur a Picture on an iPhone With the Photos App in 2024

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to unblur a photo using the Photos app on iPhone in 2024

  • Step 1. Open the Photos app and select the blurred photo you want to enhance. Tap on the "Edit" button located at the top right corner of the screen to enter editing mode.
  • Step 2. Once in editing mode, tap on the "Magic Wand" icon at the bottom of the screen. This will automatically apply the "Auto Enhance" feature, which can help improve the overall clarity and sharpness of the image.
  • Step 3. If the automatic enhancement doesn't fully remove the blur or if you want more control, tap on the "Adjust" icon (it looks like sliders) and then select "Sharpness." Use the slider to adjust the sharpness until the image appears clearer.
  • Step 4. After adjusting the sharpness to your satisfaction, tap on "Done" to save your changes. You can then compare the enhanced version with the original by tapping on "Edit" again and sliding your finger across the photo to reveal the before and after versions.

How to Avoid Photo Blur on iPhone: Try “Portrait” Mode

When aiming for crystal-clear photos on your iPhone, utilizing the "Portrait" mode can make a significant difference. Follow these steps to achieve stunning results:

Step 1. Open the Camera App on iPhone

Begin by launching the Camera app on your iPhone, ensuring you're ready to capture your desired shot.

Step 2. Tap the “PORTRAIT” mode

Swipe through the available camera modes until you find "PORTRAIT."

Selecting this mode will enable your iPhone to apply a depth-of-field effect, making your subject stand out while blurring the background for a professional look.

Step 3. Choose the Best Lighting Effects

Portrait mode offers various lighting effects to enhance your subject's appearance. You can choose from the following options:

  • Studio Light: Ideal for brightening facial features.
  • Contour Light: Provides dramatic directional lighting for a striking effect.
  • Stage Light: Isolates your subject in a spotlight-like manner, creating a captivating focus.
  • Stage Light Mono: Similar to Stage Light, but in classic black and white.
  • High-Key Light Mono: Gives you a grayscale subject on a clean white background for a timeless look.

Step 4. Follow the Tips on the Screen for the Best Distance

Pay attention to any on-screen prompts and guidelines that appear when you use Portrait mode. These tips will help you maintain an optimal distance from your subject, ensuring the best results.

Step 5. Tap the Shutter Button

Once you've framed your shot and positioned your subject correctly, simply tap the shutter button to take your photo. The iPhone will process the image, applying the chosen Portrait mode settings.

Step 6. Edit Further Using Photos App

After capturing your photo, you can further enhance it using the built-in Photos app on your iPhone. Adjust settings like brightness, contrast, and color to perfect your shot and achieve the desired outcome.

By following these steps and experimenting with different lighting effects, you can capture stunning, blur-free photos using the "Portrait" mode on your iPhone. Whether it's a portrait, a close-up, or a group shot, this feature empowers you to create professional-looking images with ease.

Start Unblurring Images With Amazing Photo Enhancer Apps

Best App to Unblur Pictures on iPhone for free: YouCam Enhance

Looking for a quick and easy way to restore their clarity?

Take the first step towards picture-perfect memories – download the app now and start unblurring images with these incredible photo enhancer apps.

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How to Unblur an Image on iPhone FAQ

What Causes Images to Blur on My iPhone?

Blurry images can result from various factors, including camera shake, low light conditions, or a misfocus. Identifying the cause helps determine the best approach to unblur them.

Which Apps Are Recommended for Unblurring Images on iPhone?

There are several apps available on the App Store designed to unblur images. Some popular options include YouCam Enhance, Remini, Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, Fotor, and PicWish. Explore these apps to find the one that suits your needs.

Are There Any Tips to Prevent Blurry Photos on My iPhone?

Absolutely! Here are some tips to capture clearer photos:

  1. Steady your hand or use a tripod for stability.
  2. Ensure good lighting conditions.
  3. Tap on the subject of the photo to focus properly.
  4. Use burst mode for moving subjects.
  5. Clean your camera lens regularly.

Can I Use Built-in iPhone Features to Unblur Images?

Yes, the Photos app on your iPhone offers basic editing tools like "Sharpen" and "Auto Enhance" that can help improve image quality. While not as powerful as third-party apps, they can be effective for minor fixes.

Download YouCam Enhance: Best App to Unblur an Image on iPhone in 2024

Best App to Unblur Pictures on iPhone for free: YouCam Enhance

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