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3 Best AI Headshot Generator Apps: Realistic & Professional
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3 Best AI Headshot Generator Apps: Realistic & Professional

Apr 12, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best AI Professional Headshot Generators Apps for The Most Realistic Photos

In today's competitive job market, having a professional and impressive headshot is crucial. With an AI headshot generator, you can easily create realistic professional photos, without the fuss of scheduling a photoshoot.

AI generated professional headshot

▲ AI professional headshot results from YouCam Perfect

Read on to see how you can easily generate realistic and professional AI headshot images with one of the best solutions in the market!

Top 3 AI Headshot Generators for Professional and Realistic Results [Tested and Reviewed]

AI headshot generators offer a diverse range of styles to cater to various needs and preferences; here, we’ve listed 3 popular options for realistic professional portraits:

  • 1. YouCam Perfect: Best for High-Quality AI Headshots in Office Styles
  • 2. Photoleap: Best for Diverse Occupations Headshots
  • 3. Fotor: Best for Online AI Headshot Generation

1. YouCam Perfect: Best for High-Quality AI Headshots

AI Headshot Before and After by YouCam Perfect

With one of the best AI headshot generators, YouCam Perfect, you can easily generate high-resolution AI headshots that are natural-looking.

YouCam Perfect AI headshot interface

Simply by uploading one photo, You can easily generate AI headshots from the classic "head and shoulders" poses to "arms crossed" postures, or even suits in colors ranging from light blue to classic white shirt styles.

Press Here to learn how to create AI professional headshots in YouCam Perfect!

YouCam Perfect's AI Headshot Test Review:

  • Number of photo uploads: 1
  • Highly realistic, face angles in outcome pictures will be the same as input images
  • Various styles (even including formal dress options) to meet different job-hunting needs

AI professional portraits created using an AI headshot generator

▲ Various options in YouCam Perfect's "AI Headshot"


In summary, YouCam Perfect stands out from its natural face result, easy-to-use process that only requires one photo, also its variety of professional outfit styles.

2. Photoleap: Best for Different Occupation's Headshots

AI Headshot App: Photoleap

Unlike most popular AI headshot creators, Photoleap uses AI filter applications to help users generate perfect and natural AI headshots.

The AI headshot app offers 30+ styles (each filter supports regeneration), featuring a variety of backgrounds from "Sporty" to "Urban," and clothing styles such as "Scholar", "Blazer", and more!

Photoleap's Test Review:

  • Number of photo uploads: 1
  • Apply AI filters to the user's original image to change outfits & backgrounds
  • Wide variety of styles for different occasions and business usage

As the app uses AI filters to create studio headshots, we recommend using input pictures taken at eye-level camera angles and ensuring the lighting is natural without causing shadows on faces.


If you need headshots for your corporate profile or website, Photoleap can help you create casual corporate headshots that reflect your brand's personality. These headshots are professional yet approachable, making them ideal for showcasing your team members or executives.

3. Fotor: Best AI Headshot Generator for LinkedIn Headshots

AI Headshot App: Fotor

Fotor's AI Headshot tool is best for people to generate LinkedIn headshots. Users can select up to 10 styles at once, including business attire, corporate headshots, and profile photos for LinkedIn. For students, the AI headshot app also supports the “Vintage Degree” style that can generate AI headshots of you wearing a cap and gown.

Fotor's Test Review:

  • Number of photo uploads: 8~15
  • Generate AI avatars according to multiple input pictures from users
  • Available to generate AI headshots once for free after a subscription

Users should first upload a photo with clear facial features, and then upload 8~15 selfies to help their AI come up with more accurate outcomes.

AI headshots as LinkedIn headshots

▲ LinkedIn headshot made with AI headshot


With Fotor's natural and high-quality AI headshot results, you can generate eye-catching LinkedIn headshots that grab attention and leave a lasting impression on your profile visitors.

How to Generate Professional AI Headshots In 3 Easy Steps

How to Get AI Professional Headshots: 3 Easy Steps

Getting your AI-generated professional headshots is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Press Feminine/Masculine, then select 1~5 headshot styles
  • Step 2: Upload pictures of yourself
  • Step 3: As you receive the notification, save your AI headshots

Tips to Get Your Perfect Professional AI Headshots

Tips to Get Your Perfect AI Headshots

We understand that first impressions are important, especially when using headshots for business. Here we've listed some "Do's and Don'ts" for you when generating AI professional headshots:


  • Should include shoulder for more natural results
  • Photos taken under natural lighting
  • Make sure to smile!


  • Avoid hair covering your face
  • Avoid shadows from your faces

AI Headshots FAQs

AI headshots as corporate headshots

Can You Use AI for a Headshot?

Yes, AI technology is widely used for creating professional headshots. It utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate realistic and high-quality headshots.

For some popular AI headshot generators like YouCam Perfect and Fotor, the "AI Headshot" feature will require users to upload several images to generate realistic professional headshots, while an AI headshot app like Lightleap uses AI filters to help users get their results within seconds.

Is there an app for professional headshots on iPhone?

Top 3 AI professional headshot apps for iPhone:

  • YouCam Perfect (iOS Rating 4.8)
  • Photoleap (iOS Rating 4.7)
  • Fotor (iOS Rating 4.7)

What Is the Best Headshot AI?

YouCam Perfect has the best AI for users to easily get professional headshots using their images taken from cell phones.

The AI headshot generator currently supports 10+ styles for both male and female users; whether you need headshot portraits for updating LinkedIn profiles or refreshing corporate headshots, the AI within can accurately create your professional portraits that impress headhunters and your potential clients!

What is the best app for professional headshots?

3 Best professional photo apps for AI headshots in 2024:

  • YouCam Perfect (iOS 4.8, Android 4.3)
  • Photoleap (iOS 4.7, Android 4.4)
  • Fotor (iOS 4.7, Android 4.1)
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