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How to Turn Text to AI Memes With AI Meme Generators
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How to Turn Text to AI Memes With AI Meme Generators

May 3, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best AI Meme Generators To Create Funny Personalized Memes

Memes are underrated heroes when it comes to bringing people together. Humor connects us with others, and memes turn many situations into relatable, funny images you can’t help but pass along to your friends.

YouCam AI stands among the best apps for turning text into AI memes, but it’s not the only option you have. Keep reading to learn how to customize classic meme templates you’ll want to share across social media — or send directly to your bestie!

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Notable AI Meme Generators to Turn Text into AI Memes

Easily convert text to a meme

This app isn’t the only way to turn text into AI memes, though it is the most customizable. There are multiple meme platforms where you can find templates and improve them before sending them to your friends and followers. Here are a couple of other AI meme makers you might want to try.


SuperMeme takes your text prompts and turns them into complete memes. It generates them from scratch, so while you can’t edit them like you can with YouCam app, it’s a great place to get a meme template complete with text.

SuperMeme creates personalized memesUsers need to put in a prompt based on an emotion, event, or situation, and the AI meme generator will give you as many results as you ask for.

SuperMeme makes memes in over 100 languages and lets you size them for social media, add watermarks, and even make meme bots!

Users can select from the carefully curated collection of meme templates, which is consistently monitored and refreshed with the newest designs.


Simplified generates fresh memes for your feed, whether you’re sharing with just friends or building your business. Here’s how it works:

  1. Navigate to the Design Dashboard and choose "Generate with AI." Opt for the "AI Meme Generator" option.
  2. Input details about your meme theme, then click "Generate"
  3. The AI Meme Generator will create a funny meme for you within seconds.

And if you want to customize your meme even further, you can do it in YouCam AI!

How To Create Funny Memes With YouCam AI

Step 1. Choose Your Favorite Meme and Save It on Your Phone

Before you start editing, you’ll need a meme template. You can get one from meme generators and apps, like SuperMeme, by typing in a description of the meme you want.

Then, save the meme so you can start customizing it with YouCam AI!

Step 2. Open YouCam AI and Upload the Meme

Go to YouCam AI and tap Photo Edit. Choose the meme you just downloaded from your gallery and start editing!

Here’s the fun part! Go to AI Replace at the bottom of the screen. This new feature lets you draw over an area of your meme and, using text prompts, generate something new to put in its place.

Step 3. Navigate to AI Replace

Try AI Replace for personalized memes

Adjust the brush size, and paint over the part of your meme template you want to replace. YouCam AI will highlight that area in red, and you can refine it with the eraser and brush if you need to.

Then, in the text bar at the bottom of the screen, type in what you want to put in place of the original image. Your prompts can be as simple as “holding cash” or “cowboy hat.” Tap Replace, and YouCam AI will add your new details for a one-of-a-kind meme!

Step 4. Customize Your Meme

Customize Your Meme

If you want to add even more hilarious details to your meme, YouCam AI has AI stickers and tools that let you add elements from your own photos. Change the background, draw with the magic brush, or write your own text!

Step 5. Save & Share Your New Custom Meme!

Now that you’ve got your custom meme design, it’s time to show it off. Download your newly edited meme, and post it to Instagram, Facebook, or X to spread the laughs.

You can share it directly from YouCam AI, too, by choosing the platform you want to send it to from the save screen. If your meme is just for you and your best friend, text it to them before you return to making your next masterpiece!

YouCam AI: the Best AI Meme Generator for Custom Memes

When you need a quick and convenient photo edit, YouCam AI has all the features of a professional editor. Its AI features (for example, AI Replace) let you generate memes while removing parts of your template and adding something new to match your aesthetic or share as an inside joke.

If you’ve got great ideas, the app helps you get them off the ground and put them out into the world! The app has tons of other amazing features, too, like its cutout tool that lets you clip parts of your photos to turn them into personalized memes.

Plus, with its background feature, you can upgrade your meme background in seconds without needing to use Photoshop.

Have Fun Generating AI Memes With YouCam AI!

When you want to create meme content that stands out, YouCam AI makes it happen with its AI Replace tool.

Upload your favorite memes to the platform, edit them using text prompts, and get ready for everyone to start sharing your content. Try the AI meme maker for free from the App Store to start creating your next meme!

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