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Photo Editing

How to Use the Cutout Tool in 3 Steps

Sep 3, 2021 · 3 minutes read

The cutout tool is a useful editing feature that lets you cut a person or an object from one photo and easily move it to another photo. It’s a popular feature in Photoshop; however, the editing software can be costly and complex for many users. The good news? There’s a free alternative that takes no complicated tutorial to learn.

Cutout ToolCutout Tool

The YouCam Perfect app offers a Cutout tool that is easier to use and will save you a lot of time. It allows you to precisely choose what you want to cut out of the photo, and with just a few simple swipes, create the photo of your dreams.

YouCam Perfect: Your Go-To Photo Editing App

YouCam Perfect is the premier mobile photo editing app. It’s far easier and quicker than Photoshop photo editing tools but with many of the same results.

Download & Try Cutout Tool

When you use YouCam Perfect’s Cutout tool, you can express your creativity with a single tap. Using Photoshop, on the other hand, takes several steps that require precise movements with your mouse.

Read on to find out how to cut out an image with YouCam Perfect’s Cutout tool.

How to Cut Out an Image Using the Cutout Tool

Learning how to cut out an image with YouCam Perfect is super easy. The process goes like this:

Step 1: Choose the Image You Want to Cut Out

Open your photo in the app. Click on Tools, then choose Cutout. Select one of the provided templates that matches your aesthetic.

Step 2: Cut Out the Image

Cutout ToolCutout Tool

First, crop and select the parts of the image you want to cut out. You can also use Smart Selection to easily cut out your portrait. For example, if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to carefully cut out your face. Luckily, YouCam Perfect has an auto-cut feature for portraits. Once you’re in the Cutout menu, just click the user icon on the bottom, to the left of the checkmark. It will use artificial intelligence to automatically select your face. Then, you can use the Eraser tool to clear any parts you might have highlighted by accident. Finally, click the checkmark on the bottom right. Congratulations, your photo is now cut inside the template! Reposition, resize, or flip the sticker to finish your new look. 

Step 3. Change Background

Cutout ToolCutout Tool

You can also change the background with the Cutout tool. This lets you quickly swap out the background for a preset option or you can select your favorite background from your phone. Just click the “Change Background” button, then you can add yourself to an exotic location, or even insert yourself into a photo with your friends. 

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Infinite Possibilities with Cutout Stickers

Cutout ToolCutout Tool

You can also use your own photo, not just YouCam Perfect’s templates, to create unique stickers. The only limitations here are your own imagination, as you can make any photo into a fun creation with the Cutout tool.

For example, you can swap your face with friends or swap faces with celebrities or place an animal next to you. Other fun things to try to include:

  • Creating a seal of approval with your face
  • Creating a family portrait to give to a loved one
  • Making it look like you’re floating in space
  • Making a fun sticker of yourself to celebrate the holidays

Easily Cut Out the Image with YouCam Perfect

Create your next artistic masterpiece using YouCam Perfect’s Cutout tool. Download the app now to get started!Download & Try Cutout Tool

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