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Free Invitation Maker: Create With 500+ Templates in High Quality
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Free Invitation Maker: Create With 500+ Templates in High Quality

Feb 22, 2024 · 4 minutes read

Sending out stylish invitations is the perfect way to kick off your big events before they start.

Whether is for online invitations or physical invitation cards, you can easily create on your own with a free invitation like YouCam Perfect that contains hundreds of templates, perfect for birthday partiesbaby showers, to wedding invites.

▲ 500+ Free invitation templates in YouCam Perfect

Keep reading to learn how you can create the most eye-catching invitations with this best free invitation-maker app!

YouCam Perfect: The Best Free Invitation Maker for Invitation Design

YouCam Perfect is one of the best apps to make digital invitations, whether hosting a New Year party or getting married.

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Each template is unique, and you can add decorations, stickers, and more to create something truly unique to your event.

The app makes its tools easy to use, and it only takes a couple of taps to find what you’re looking for and make it your own.

6 Most Popular Free Invitation Templates To Make With YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect’s themed templates give you a starting point for creating your invitations, but it doesn’t stop there. You can personalize your invitations for any event, including:

Birthday Invitation

Birthday Party Invitation Maker

Your birthday only comes once a year, so make it a special day with YouCam Perfect’s birthday invitation templates!

Halloween Party Invitation

Halloween Party Invitation Template Maker

Holding an at-home Halloween party? With YouCam Perfect's free Halloween invitation templates, you can customize your spooky invites easily on your phone.

Party or Formal Event Invitation

Happy New Year Invitation Maker

Creating your party invitation with YouCam Perfect is easy. Each of the templates features different celebration decorations and colorful scenes for a party gathering.

Graduation Invitation

Graduation Invitation Maker

Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, or another program, YouCam Perfect gives you the perfect way to celebrate with a variety of invitation designs.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Maker

YouCam Perfect takes the stress out of an exciting occasion with five beautiful wedding invitation templates. You can choose a text-only save-the-date design with floral patterns around the border or a more official invitation style.

Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower Invitation Maker

There are few things as exciting as bringing another member into your family! Get ready for your baby shower with easy invitations from YouCam Perfect.

How to Create Personalized Invitations With a Free Invitation Maker

1. Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Invitation Maker 

You’ll find YouCam Perfect free to download in the Apple Store or Google Play. Many of its features are free to use, and you can find plenty of free and premium templates to explore!

2. Select the Category You Need

You can choose from the options at the bottom of the app screen, or tap the shop icon to see even more. Scroll through the collections at the top and tap the one that fits your occasion.

3. Personalize Your Invitation/Card

After you apply your template, add your photos, party information, and other decorations to make it your own. YouCam Perfect has lots of effects, including stickers, animation, aesthetic filters, text, and more. Use them all to make an invitation that your friends and family will remember!

4. Save & Share Your Invitations

Tap the Save button to download your edits. Then, send your new invitations out in a text, email, or on social media!

Save Your Invitation Templates for Re-Use

Save Invitations for Next Time Using▲ Save your design to My Templates

If you host a lot of events, you need a way to save your templates. YouCam Perfect lets you do that with the My Template feature.

Once you’ve personalized your template the way you like, you can save it to My Template and find it later. This feature saves you time by letting you quickly revisit your past templates and invitations without having to go through the process of recreating them.

Download YouCam Perfect for 500+ Free Invitation Templates

YouCam Perfect is one of the fastest, easiest, and most creative ways to make invitations for your next party. Download the app to explore free party invitation templates and start customizing yours!

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Invitation Maker App FAQs

What is written on invitations?

For your digital invitation, the most important things to include are where and when it’s happening. You should also say what kind of event it is, who’s hosting it, and how to RSVP.

What should you include on an invitation?

Along with your party information, you want to make an eye-catching invitation. Add animation, art, and other effects with YouCam Perfect to make it a message your guests want to open!

How early should you send out an invitation?

You should send your invitations at least two weeks in advance, but three weeks is ideal so that no one forgets or has already made other plans. For larger events, like weddings, you should send your invitations four to six months before the big day.

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