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Best Vision Board App to Make A 2022 New Year Vision Board

Mar 14, 2022 · 3 minutes read
best vision board app to make your digital vision board for new year 2022

Are you ready for the new year? As 2022 is drawing closer, it’s time to start manifesting your dreams and goals and to make resolutions for the upcoming year. One of the best (and most fun) ways to do that is with a digital vision board! Many of us have heard of (or perhaps attempted) traditional vision boards, but the digital ones are faster and easier to create, while also allowing you to pull in media from many different places. In this article, we’ll teach you how you can make a digital vision board with the YouCam Perfect app.

Free Download the Best Vision Board App, YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android in 2022

Best Vision Board App for the New Year 2022

By now, you likely know that you want to create a digital vision board for 2022, but you’re wondering how to make it happen. Enter the YouCam Perfect app! This versatile app is capable of so many things from skin smoothing and teeth whitening to object removal and, of course, vision board creations! Read on to learn how YouCam Perfect will make your 2022 vision board come to life with just a few taps.

Time to Create Your Digital Vision Board 2022

How to Make a Digital Vision Board

If you’re anything like us, the last time you made a vision board, it involved cutting phrases, clothing looks, and color schemes out of magazines. Sounds fun, but it takes quite a bit of time to create! The new standard for vision boards is digital, involving the same inspiration, but compiled digitally instead. Follow our steps to easily make a digital vision board:

  1. Download A Vision Board Maker
  2. Decide on Your Vision Board Style
  3. Pick Your Visuals
  4. Apply a Filter
  5. Decorate Your Vision Board
  6. Save and Share!

1. Free Download a Vision Board App

The first step in creating your 2022 digital vision board is to download the YouCam Perfect app! It’s available for both iOS and Android, so this first step is one you can accomplish in seconds. 

Download YouCam Perfect, The Best Digital Vision Board Making App

2. Decide on Your Vision Board Style

Now that you have the YouCam Perfect app ready to go on your device, let’s decide on your vision board style.

  • Open the app and go to Photo Edit.
  • navigate to Template. From there, you’ll be presented with multiple templates to choose from.
  • If you’d prefer your vision board to have more photos, you can use the Photo Edit and then the Add Photo feature to give your creation up to 10 images.

Decide on Your Vision Board Style From Multiple In-App Templates

There are seven categories offer many simple layouts, but don’t miss the New category for brand-new, fun options.

👉 Click here to learn how to use a collage template.

3. Pick Your Vision Board Visuals

We have the style and layout of your digital vision board ready and next it’s time to pick the visuals! Decide what you want to visualize for 2022 and pick images that represent that. Some examples might be quotes, goals, or even outfits. This is your chance for some end-of-year inward reflection to really decide what is important to you in the year to come. 

4. Apply a Filter to Vision Board

The best digital vision boards are soothing to both the mind and the eye. They have a unified color scheme that ties all the pieces together, which you can do too! Give your images the same aesthetic with one of YouCam Perfect’s many filter options

Go to Filters in Effects and you’ll see a variety of filters appear for you to choose from that will make your 2022 vision board more visually appealing.

👉 Click here to learn how to add a filter to your photos.

5. Decorate the Vision Board

Add Stickers To Decorate Your Digital Vision Board 2022

The second to last step in creating your digital vision board is to add any extras you’d like. Add animated effects, personalize your stickers, motivational text, or anything else that will help you manifest your goals! 

👉 Click here to learn how to custom your own stickers.

6. Save & Share Your Vision Board!

Create Your Own Digital Vision Board With Best Vision Board App 2022

The last step of creating your vision board is an important one — you’ll want to save your creation! Don’t forget to share your inspiration with your friends on social media for that extra motivation, but also consider making it your phone background so you can look at it every day.

    Free Download YouCam Perfect: the Best Vision Board App to Make a Digital Vision Board

    Now you know all the steps to create a digital vision board for 2022 and how easy it is to do with the YouCam Perfect app! Download the App on iOS or Android and Get started on your own right now!

    Free Download YouCam Perfect, The Best Digital Vision Board App

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