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Photo Filters: All You Need to Know for The Best Free App

Sep 1, 2021 · 5 minutes read
Photo Filters: All You Need to Know for The Best Free App

Photo filters come in all types depending on the theme you want to achieve in your pictures. Whether you’re posting on social media or printing to frame, photo filters can change the entire mood of your images. Learning how to utilize cool photo filters can instantly take your boring and blasé snap into an Instagram-worthy post.

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What Are Photo Filters

In photography, picture filters are pieces of glass you can add to the end of your lens to add special colors or distortion to your images. However, things don’t work quite the same way with a digital camera. If you’re taking a snapshot with your phone or another device, you can use a digital photo filter effect that can reproduce the same look without added gear. It’s a lot less hassle and looks just as great. Nifty, right?

Old Photo Filter VS Digital Photo Filter

YouCam Perfect: The Best Free Photo Filter App

There are a ton of free photo filter apps out there, so which ones can you trust? After all, you’d hate to spend hours tinkering with an app only to find it doesn’t have the capabilities you want.

Sure, you can rely on iPhone photo filters or Instagram photo filters, but these are usually barebones. They only allow you to tweak your images to a certain extent, meaning that your pics may start to look the same as everyone else’s.

Download YouCam Perfect Now, the Best Free Photo Filter App

That’s why we recommend YouCam Perfect. It’s the best photo filter app that can help you design creative filters for your social media posts. Play with several robust features so you can take full control over the creative design of your shots.

What Is The Most Popular Photo Filters?

Here are the different types of popular filters available:

1. Stylized Filters 

Apply Stylized Filters on Photos

These include stylized elements with graphics embedded directly in the filter. This is a type of filter unique to YouCam Perfect, so you won't find it elsewhere!

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2. Animated Filters

Apply Animated Effects on Photos

Wish your picture had a little movement? Now it can with an animated filter that adds depth and personality to every image. This is something else only offered with YouCam Perfect.

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3. VSCO Inspired Filters

Apply VSCO Inspired Filters on Photos

Sometimes, you just need to tweak the tone and color of your photograph to get it just right. VSCO-inspired filters let you do this so you can create the perfect mood.

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4. Warming and Cooling Filters

Apply Warming and Cooling Filters on Photos

Color temperature is another element that can greatly affect the feel of a photo. A warm filter adds more red and orange tones, while a cool filter adds a blue or green tint. >> Download the App & Try Best Filters for FREE!

5. Enhancement Filters

Apply Enhancement Filters on Photos

With an enhancement filter, you choose to strengthen a specific RGB channel. The result is a photo that's bordering on monochromatic for a tonal effect.

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6. Graduated Color Filters

Add Graduated Color Filter on Photo

    Want to make certain elements of your landscape photos pop? Graduated Color filters can make the sky bluer or trees greener with ease.

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    How To Add Filters on Photos?

    Adding fun filters for photos is easy — all you need is a smartphone and a few pictures to play with.

    How To Put a Filter on a Photo?

    You’ll be surprised how changing a few colors, brightness, and exposure settings can completely change the mood of the image.

    After finding that picture-perfect filter, select how heavy you’d like the filter to be. You can go from 0 to 100, so finding the just-right mix is easy. When you do this part right, you can effectively use filters to make your photos stand out from the rest. Also remember, filters can be applied to images you’re adding to your feed and stories.

    Download the Best Free Photo Filter App Now

    How to Remove Filter from a Photo?

    But what happens if you accidentally alter an image? Does that image permanently have a filter on it? Luckily, no. It’s easy to learn how to remove filters from photos in YouCam Perfect. All you have to do is undo the filter application or lessen the effect to get the image back to normal. Trust us, you’re not likely to use this feature often because of how beautiful your images will be!

    Which Photo Filter Is Best for Photos?

    So, what are some of the top free photo filters out there? We offer plenty to choose from in YouCam Perfect.

    1. Vintage Photo Filters

    Vintage Photo Filter is One of the Popular Photo Filters Favored by Users

    Vintage photo filters are one of the best photo filters because of how old-timey they make everything. By cranking up the sepia and adding a faded look to the image, this filter can instantly take you back to the 19th century. It’s great if you’re going for Victorian chic.

    Read More: Vintage Photo Filters: How to Get the Retro Look

    2. Rainbow Filters

    Before and After the Rainbow Filter Applied on the Image

    Ready to have a little fun? Rainbow filter Effects make every image way more interesting. Some filters create an overlay of mixed colors over the image, while others can add a literal rainbow in the sky. How you tweak this is up to you.

    Read More: How To Use Rainbow Filter Effects Like a Pro

    3. Kaleidoscope Effects

    Try Kaleidoscope Effects on Your Photos

    This effect is pure magic. Instead of simply adjusting colors, brightness, or exposure level of your photo, the kaleidoscope effect will turn your photo into an entirely different image. Have fun playing with patterns and textures and let your imagination roam free!

    >> Kaleido Effect is currently available for iOS only.

    Read More: How to Create Images with Kaleidoscope Effect on iPhone

    Hundreds of Photo Filters: Find Best Filter for Portrait Photography

    Apply City Vibes Photo Filter Pack on Your Photos

    The fun doesn’t stop there. YouCam Perfect also has additional filter pack options you can use for different styles of portrait photos. 

    For example, the Landscape collection is perfect for adding the finishing touches to nature photos. If you love showcasing your meal, you’ll need to test out the Foodie collection. And for when you're cruising the streets of your favorite urban hotspot, use the City Vibes filter pack to show off your cityscape.

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    Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Free Photo Filter App

    Ready to start making all of your photos a timeline highlight? Get access to hundreds of free and premium filters by downloading YouCam Perfect now.

    Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Filter App

    Want to get more photo editing tips and tricks? Subscribe to the YouCam Perfect YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram for creative editing ideas and awesome selfie tips!

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