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How to Create Funny Dune Memes [As Written]
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How to Create Funny Dune Memes [As Written]

May 3, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Create Funny Dune Memes [As Written]

As Dune Part 2 was released in early March, discussions about the original novel plots and movie scenes are trending among social media platforms like Reddit, X (former Twitter), and Instagram.

Create Lisan al Gaib Meme

▲ Replace part of the image to create hilarious memes using AI

Among all, the “Lisan al Gaib” meme is commonly shared among movie fans after watching Dune Part 2.

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What is ‘Lisan al Gaib’

Lisan al Gaib Meme

Credit: @AaronBaileyArt on X

Lisan al Gaib, the term comes from the Arabic language, meaning “the messiah from the other planet” in the Freman prophecy.

After the Dune Part 2 movie was out, people turned the prophecy into a meme thanks to the true prophecy believer, Stilgur. The fun of the meme is no matter what Paul did, Stilgir would praise him with the phrase ‘Lisan al Gaib.’

How to Customize Your ‘Lisan al Gaib” Meme

Step 1. Get the ‘Lisan al Gaib’ Meme Template

Before making your original meme, you can first download the original blank meme template here. Then, you can try using a Dune meme generator like YouCam AI.

Step 2. Replace Part of Your Dune Meme Image

Here, we use two ways to create funny Lisan al Gaib memes.

Replace part of the Dune meme image with objects to create funny memes

You can use AI Replace to create the meme with the main character Paul Atreides holding something in hand. For example, a credit card, a perfectly solved magic cube (inspired by netizens), or a load of cash.

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Make your funny Lisan al Gaib memes

▲ Rise, cat believers! Create your hilarious Dune meme with us!

Aside from replacing part of the original meme picture, you can also create a new meme image straight from your personal images. Simply use the Collage feature in the Dune meme generator YouCam Perfect, choose Grid, and then combine the two photos.

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Step 3. Save Your Dune Meme Picture

Share your Lisan al Gaib Meme on Socials

After customizing your Dune meme, either adding funny images or text, save it and share it on your social media to join the trend! Don't forget to add the tag #aswritten under your post!

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Other Dune Meme Ideas Inspired by the Netizens

Sandworm Meme

Dune Sandworm Meme Made Using a Dune Meme Generator

Other than creating 'Lisan al Gaib' memes using AI Replace, you can also customize sandworm memes by replacing the head of the sandworm with cute (or creepy) faces to make your meme generation stand out.

Funny Dune Memes

▲ How to achieve the look: Photo Edit > Upload your meme > locate Text

You might not be the chosen one (as written) to ride a sandworm. Instead, you can create sandworm memes including inside jokes, and share them with people around who also finished the movie and are still hyped for the storyline.

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Have Fun Creating Your Own Dune Memes! May Thy Knife Chip and Shatter.

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