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Free AI Replace Tool: Change Faces and Objects in Photos
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Free AI Replace Tool: Change Faces and Objects in Photos

May 13, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Free AI Replace Tool: Change Faces and Objects in Photos

Have you ever wanted to add creativity to your photos by replacing parts of the image, such as the background, facial expressions, or accessories, to create fun and eye-catching effects?

Best AI Photo Replacer to Replace Anything in Photos

With an AI replacer like YouCam AI Pro, it is now possible to replace any objects in photos seamlessly. Read on to see how the best AI photo replacement tool can help you change faces, objects, and parts of the image with generative AI!

How to Replace Faces and Objects in Photos with AI

AI replacement opens a door for easy creative photo editing, including face swapping, meme editing, and more. Here's a guide to mastering this creative tool with YouCam AI Pro:

Step 1: Download and Open YouCam AI Pro

For AI Replacing, start by downloading the best AI replacer app to replace anything in your photo. Once the app is launched, select the AI Replace feature, indicated by an icon that symbolizes transformation.

*The AI Replace feature is currently available for iPhone users only

Step 2: Choose Your Image

Change Objects in Photos Using AI

Select a photo from your gallery that you wish to manipulate. The success of your image replacement largely depends on the resolution of the original photo.

Ensure all faces or objects you want to be replaced are well-lit and visible without excessive shadowing or blur.

Step 3: Mark the Targets

Use your finger to outline the face or object you’d like to replace in the photo.

Step 4: Replace the Selected Part of The Image with Text

AI replace on Photo Before and After

▲ YouCam AI Pro's AI Replace Interface

Type in the prompt that you want the replacement to be. It can be any item you want, including clothing style, hairstyle, or even the face of your celebrity crush!

Step 5: Save the Photo

As you press the "Apply" button, the AI replacer will analyze your image and identify areas that can be replaced or inpainted, further achieving inpainting results based on your prompts.

When you're satisfied with the placement and adjustments, tap "Save" on the top right to download your photo.

AI Photo Replace: 3 Best Use Cases

Now that you know how to use the AI replacement in photos, here are some fun ideas to play around with.

Replace Your Ex With a Red Flag

Replace your ex in photo with a red flag

With the YouCam AI Pro’s AI Replacement tool, you can easily create fun visuals by replacing your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend's photo with a red flag!

However, consider only sharing this image with your close friends, in case hurting your ex's feelings.

Change Clothes or Hairstyle

Change Clothes or Hairstyle in Photos Using AI Photo Replacer

Tired of your current hairstyle and outfit? Simply type the clothes or hairstyle you like in the text input field in "AI Replace."

Whether you want to try on a new hairstyle or change your hair color, simply upload your photo and let the AI algorithms work their magic to find the perfect hairstyle that suits your face shape and personal preferences.

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Face Swap with Celebrity

Face Swap with Celebrity

Moreover, you can replace faces with celebrities simply by typing their names!

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Try Online AI Photo Replacement for Free

The arrival of AI Replace in YouCam AI Pro is a game-changer for personal photography and image manipulation.

With a few simple steps, you can effortlessly transform your photos, experiment with different looks, and explore creative avenues that were previously reserved for professional photo editors.

Download the app for free to try out today!

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