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How to Create Best Free Easter Photo Cards in 2024
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How to Create Best Free Easter Photo Cards in 2024

Mar 27, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Create Best Free Easter Photo Cards in 2024

Easter is just around the corner and we bet you’re excited with the upcoming holiday for fun events. You can start this Easter Holiday right by sending photo cards to your loved ones and asking them to join the holiday cheer.

Free Easter ecards in the best Easter card maker

Read on to find the perfect Easter card with photos to send wishes to friends and family or keep up with the holiday spirit this Happy Easter 2024!

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Free Easter Photo Card Ideas and Styles

1. Happy Easter eCard

Happy Easter eCard

A Happy Easter ecard is a classic choice. You can personalize the cards with your favorite Easter photos and add a cheerful message.

Our decorative easter cards come in various styles including egg stamps, bunny patterns, and cheerful colors, all you need is — to upload your own images!

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2. Easter Greeting Picture Card

Easter Greeting Picture Card

Showcase your favorite Easter moments with our collage-like Easter greeting card templates!

You can include photos from your Easter egg hunt, Easter brunch, or any other Easter-related activities, with card designs featuring “Happy Easter” text and cute bunny ears to spread the holiday spirit with people around.

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3. Virtual Easter Card with Bunny Ears

Virtual Easter Card with Bunny Ears

For a fun and playful twist, why not try a virtual Easter card with bunny ears?

With these easter bunny card designs, you can easily add adorable bunnies to your pictures. You can also add a pair of animated bunny ears to your photo from the "Animation" feature to create cute animated Easter greetings that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

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4. Easter eCard for Egg Hunt

Easter eCard for Egg Hunt

If you're hosting an Easter egg hunt, an Easter eCard can also serve as your invitation.

Along with the cute egg doodles and egg-shaped photo frame, using YouCam Perfect supports 300+ text fonts for users (please locate the "Text" feature) to easily add customized messages to create Easter greeting pictures.

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How to Make Your Own Free Easter eCards

Creating your own Easter photo card is easy and fun in YouCam Perfect. Here's how:

Step 1. Get the Best Easter Card Maker

Firstly, you need to get the best Easter e-card maker. It’s free to download and available for both iOS and Android devices.

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Step 2. Select Your Preferred eCard Template

Animated Easter ecards

▲ Make cute animated Easter greetings with our animated stickers and effects!

Then, tap the Store icon on the app’s home page. Find the Template feature and locate the Holiday category.

We provide 30+ picture card templates and collage designs that come with "Happy Easter" greetings and adorable bunny ear decorations with colorful egg patterns. As you find the design you like, press it and start customizing.

Step 3. Save and Share Your Easter Greeting Pictures

▲ For animated Easter effects: Animation > Stickers/Effects > Holidays

Aside from easy-to-customize templates in the app, you can also explore more fun and festive features including cute Easter stickers, wiggly bunny ear animations, and falling Easter egg effects to create custom animated e-cards.

As your Happy Easter photo card is finished, save and share it on your socials!

Free Easter Cards FAQs

What Day Do You Send Easter Cards?

As Easter 2024 falls on Sunday, March 31, we'd suggest sent out a week before Easter Sunday. However, it's never too late to send your virtual Easter cards to people around you to spread the Easter cheer!

How Can I Make an Easter eCard for Free?

To make Happy Easter photo cards or Easter greeting pictures for free, simply use YouCam Perfect's re-made photo templates and collages!

  • Step 1. Open the easter card maker on your iPhone or Android device
  • Step 2. Press the store icon on the homepage and locate Template
  • Step 3. Find Holidays category and scroll to locate Easter
  • Step 4. Press the template you prefer, and start customizing

How Do I Turn a Photo Into an Easter Card?

Turning a photo into an easter eCard is so easy with the best Easter card maker YouCam Perfect. The virtual card maker currently provides 30+ Easter card templates, 10+ animated Easter effects, and 2 AI filters specifically designed to add cute bunny ears to your portrait photos. Start your happy easter 2024 photo editing now!

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