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How to Edit Background of Photos for Free [3 Ways]

How to Edit Background of Photos for Free [3 Ways]

Mar 8, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Edit Background of Photo for Free [3 Ways]

Whether highlighting a subject, changing the atmosphere, or establishing the context, with a single click, you can alter your photos by modifying the background.

Use the best photo editor to change background using AI for free

Eliminate any unwanted backdrops or swiftly change the scene, all while preserving the main subjects with ease using AI!

How to Edit Photo Background on Mobile for Free

Here at YouCam Perfect, it's easy to edit photo backgrounds with the help of AI technology. Read on the 3 most commonly seen use cases to edit backgrounds of photos:

Add Background to Photo

Add Background to Photo

If you're unsatisfied with your current photo's background and layout, don't worry about re-taking the picture. Instead, use the Background tool to add our pre-designed image background to highlight the main subject.

Alternatively, you can add an entirely new image to replace the existing background. You can even modify the backdrop photo by altering its brightness, and contrast, among other aspects!

Remove Picture Background

Edit Picture Background

While the background of a photo may not be the main attraction, it provides valuable context. Utilize our image background altering tool to create the ideal setting for your main subject.

Whether it's a simple white background, solid colors, or patterned themes, you can swiftly change your photos and craft compelling visuals.

Replace Background of Photo

Replace Background of Photo

Don't let an untidy backdrop take attention away from your main subject. Utilize the 'Remove BG' feature to erase the background and highlight the subject.

To replace the background, simply upload your preferred image or select a free stock photo from Stock (currently for iOS only). Incorporate it into your original photo and just like that, you've transformed your image.

Edit Background of Photo FAQs

How Can I Edit the Background of My Photo?

To replace picture backgrounds, follow our easy steps:

  • Tap Photo Edit and upload an image
  • Locate Remove BG in the menu bar
  • The AI will immediately detect and remove the original background
  • Tap the "image" icon to upload your own image, or
  • Press the "store" button for pre-design background options
  • Press the green check to save your edits

How Do I Edit the Background of a Photo on iPhone?

Here, we provide 2 ways to achieve the effect for free. To edit background of a photo on Apple Photos:

  • Open the "Photos" app and tap on one image
  • Long-press the photo subject to remove background (for iOS 16 and later)

For people who use iPhone 15 models:

  • Select portrait photos taken in "photo" mode and press edit
  • If portrait effects are available, tap the "Depth Adjustment button"
  • Use the slider to increase or decrease background blur effect

Or you can use a popular AI background editor like YouCam Perfect to easily erase, add, or replace the background of an image in 1 tap!

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