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The 5 Best Aesthetic Photo Editors You Need to Try in 2024
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The 5 Best Aesthetic Photo Editors You Need to Try in 2024

Mar 1, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Aesthetic Background For Edits And Change Your Photo Background

In the world of social media and visual storytelling,  there is an ever-growing demand for photo editing apps that help users create 'aesthetic' content — capturing the ethereal, unique, and often dreamy beauty that defines the current look and feel favored on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and various blogs.

With 2024 just starting to set its footprints, we're here to guide you through the five best aesthetic photo editors that offer a plethora of filters, collage designs, and artistic overlays to elevate your visual narrative.

5 Free Aesthetic Photo Editors for Filters, Collages, Background, and AI Features in 2024

Whether you're a seasoned content creator, a business looking to bolster its social media presence, or an individual seeking to curate a beautifully cohesive gallery, picking the right photo editor is crucial.

Here are our top five picks that you must consider installing this year.

1. YouCam Perfect: Best for Aesthetic Photo Background

YouCam Perfect is an all-in-one photo editor with hundreds of dreamy photo filters and collage styles for all your photo editing needs, but what makes it stand out is its background and AI portrait filters.

Swap faces on pictures using the best face changer app

▲ YouCam Perfect Interface

With YouCam Perfect, you can change the photo background with hundreds of aesthetic images, all with precise cutouts and easy steps.

Swap faces on pictures using the best face changer app

▲ YouCam Perfect AI Studio Before and After

You can also transform your daily selfies into aesthetic black-and-white portraits, or Vogue cover shooting styles easily with its "AI Studio" feature.

2. Tezza: Best for Aesthetic Photo Filters

For those seeking a cohesive, retro-chic vibe, Tezza is a treasure trove of filters and editing tools that can evoke a sense of nostalgia and simplicity in any photo. What makes Tezza stand out is its curation of filters, crafted to resonate with a specific mood or theme, from "Cozy Cabin" to "Palm Springs".

Apart from its filters, Tezza’s collage feature is particularly robust, allowing users to arrange their memories in stories that flow seamlessly.

With a subscription model, users can expect a consistent stream of new features and filters, making sure your feed never looks commonplace.

3. Prequel: Best for Aesthetic Photo and Video Edits

Prequel is an all-in-one tool that adds sparkles, animations, and sometimes even surreal effects to your stills.

A particularly grand feature is Prequel's ability to overlay GIFs onto photos, turning regular snapshots into mesmerizing, dynamic art pieces.

One of its most beloved edits is 'Disco', which sprinkles photos with bokeh lights and a soft glow.

4. PicsArt: Best for Aesthetic Animated Stickers

Picsart is the megastore of photo editing, with a vast collection of not only filters but also tools and assets that cater to a multitude of artistic visions, especially creative collage templates.

This app also hosts an active community that shares custom stickers, and backgrounds, and even provides tutorials.

Whether you're making a mixed media piece, a meme, or a purely artistic expression, Picsart has the arsenal to back your vision with a myriad of resources.

5. VSCO: Best for Customized Photo Filters

VSCO’s minimalist interface hosts an array of film-like presets, known to enhance the narrative capabilities of a photo.

But where VSCO truly shines is in its photo community and discovery features. Users can share their work, discover inspirations, and even curate their favorites in a personalized feed.

In a world that's constantly swinging between chaos and order, VSCO remains the serene lake where the discerning photographer finds solace.

Conclusion: The Power of an Aesthetic Image

In the age of relentless visual consumption, an aesthetic photo is more than just a pretty picture; it has the power to captivate and engage your audience, tell a story, and make a lasting impression. The right aesthetic photo editor is your creative ally in this pursuit.

With our list of the top five aesthetic photo editors of 2024, it's time to download, explore, and foray into the world of endless editing possibilities. Remember to keep experimenting, learning, and most importantly, making photography personal to you. Your unique narrative, after all, is the most stunning aesthetic of all.

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