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Best Free Photo Editor to Create St. Patrick's Day Pictures
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Best Free Photo Editor to Create St. Patrick's Day Pictures

Mar 13, 2024 · 5 minutes read

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, so get out your green and gold! YouCam Perfect brings you all the luck you need with effects and templates to help you celebrate March 17.

Learn how to create best photos for St. Patrick's Day 2022

Find out how you can honor the patron saint of Ireland and join in the fun of the holiday with YouCam Perfect’s extensive selection of backgrounds, filters, and stickers to get free St. Patrick's Day images!

Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

YouCam Perfect: Best App to Make St. Patrick’s Day Photos 2024

YouCam Perfect is the best photo editing app for glamming and sharing your St. Patrick's Day images. Its AI technology helps you apply perfect edits every time to get the right look for your snaps. You can choose from tons of effects and filters, including:

Whether you’re a casual photo editor or you edit for social media every day, YouCam Perfect has plenty of options for free download St. Patrick’s Day images and fun edits. Discover some ideas for your St. Patrick’s Day pictures below!

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

How to Make Your St. Patrick’s Day 2024 Photos Stand Out

From gold and green to St. Patrick’s Day symbols, you’ll find everything you need to add a festive flair to your snaps with YouCam Perfect!

1. Classic St. Patrick's Day Hat & Clover Effect

Add st patrick's day hat template to Photos

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day celebration like the shamrock. Choose from leprechaun stickers and filters that surround your image with clovers with three different styles of the iconic green hat. Whether you want a more traditional look or a sparkly green fedora-style hat, YouCam Perfect has both. Follow these steps to get the effect:

  • Download the YouCam Perfect app for iOS or Android.
  • Go to Photo Edit.
  • Choose Animation and select Holidays.
  • Tap Effects and Stickers, and scroll to find the filter you want.

2. Pick St. Patrick’s Day Background Wallpaper

Add St. Patrick’s Day Background to Photos

Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

There are no limits when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day backgrounds with YouCam Perfect. With shamrocks, lucky symbols, leprechauns, or a St. Patrick’s Day greeting, you have your pick of endless Shutterstock backgrounds. Many of them are free, too! Here’s how you can get them for yourself:

  • Go to Photo Edit.
  • Choose Remove BG.
  • Select Background and tap the shop icon on the selection bar.
  • Explore“St. Patrick’s Day backgrounds” in the Holiday category to bring up all your options for festive designs!

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3. Draw 4-Leaf Clovers on Pictures of St Patrick's Day

Draw Clover pattern on your pictures

Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

If you want to customize your edits, YouCam Perfect’s Magic Brush is the tool for you. It lets you draw your own edits onto your selfie to create the exact look you want with different patterns that make your snaps come to life. Use the St. Patrick’s Day clover design to brush up on your luck with these steps:

  • Go to Photo Edit.
  • Scroll through the options to find Magic Brush.
  • Scroll to find the Clover design.
  • Drag your finger across the screen to draw the design onto your photo.

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4. Add St. Patrick's Day Green Color to Photos

When you want to show your Irish pride without frills, YouCam Perfect’s Greenery filter pack adds a pop of color to your photo. You can choose from shades of green that complement your look while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in style. Get this filter by following these steps:

  • Under Edit, go to Effects.
  • Scroll to find the Greenery filter pack.
  • Tap to apply!

Download YouCam Perfect: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2024 with Best Photo Editor

Add the luck of the Irish to any photo with YouCam Perfect. With just a few taps, you can post St. Patrick’s Day photos with a leprechaun photo filter and stickers that wow your friends and followers. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android to get started!

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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St. Patrick’s Day Image FAQs

What’s St. Patrick’s Day About?

People have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day for more than a thousand years. Historically, it’s the one day of Christian Lent where people were allowed to eat meat. They would feast throughout the afternoon on a traditional meal of cabbage and Irish bacon; though today, many Americans eat corned beef and cabbage instead.

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was a missionary who brought Christianity to Ireland. Now, we celebrate him on March 17, the day of his death in the 5th century. You’re probably familiar with more modern St. Patrick’s Day symbols, like the shamrock, whose three leaves symbolize the Holy Trinity. Leprechauns come from Irish folklore, and it means “shoemaker” in the Irish language.

When it comes to what to wear for the holiday, always go with green. Although there’s a myth that green makes you invisible to leprechauns and their mischievous antics, that idea first took root in America. But people originally wore green to show their loyalty to Ireland. The green in the Irish flag represents Irish nationalism, whereas the orange represents the British crown and shouldn’t be worn on St. Patrick’s Day.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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