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8 Best Free Photo Frame Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

May 16, 2023 · 4 minutes read

Physically framing the photos in your home gives them a decorative, stylish touch, and you can get the same effect with a photo frame app. Virtual photo frames let you upgrade your snaps so you can experience the beauty of the perfect frame on any picture without taking up space. For that, you need a photo frame app. Keep reading to discover the eight best free photo frame apps for iPhone and Android so you can instantly take your photos from boring to beautiful!

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8 Best Free Photo Frame Apps for iPhone & Android

Instead of testing random photo frame apps, check out these eight apps for iPhone and Android first. Each one works well for different reasons, so start with the one that suits your needs best!

Best Photo Frame App 1. YouCam Perfect

Add frame to photo using the best free picture frame app▲ Easily add frame to your photo

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Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

Best for: YouCam Perfect is best for framing photos for all occasions to share on social media & it's free to download.

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.8 and 4.4

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

YouCam Perfect is the best free photo frame app that lets you frame your photos with a single tap. The app has 500+ frame designs and styles, so you can always find ones that suit your photo. If you want to replicate the look of a real, physical frame, YouCam Perfect offers frame designs of all kinds. 

▼ Hundreds of Photo Frame Designs

Choose from tons of photo frames in best free photo frame app

You can browse by collection, with categories like Summer, In Love, Horoscope, Floral, and more. Get everything from a simple border to fireworks, colorful geometric shapes, and text to enhance your photos before you share them with your friends and followers. You can even find frames that work for any special occasion, from summer frames to life milestones!

Photo Frames for Summer Season

Add Spring Frame to Photo with Best Picture Frame App▲ Add summer-themed frames to photos

YouCam Perfect offers many summer photo frames with summer elements like ice cream, ocean waves, summer vacation messages. These frames and messages are designed to help you create beautiful and personalized photos this summer season.

Main Photo Frame Features:

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

👉 Learn How to Add Frames to Photos with YouCam Perfect

Best Photo Frame App 2. InFrame

Best photo frame app, InFrame App Interface▲ InFrame app interface

Best for: InFrame works well for creating professional-level digital photo frames.

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.9 and 4.8

When you need a photo with a digital frame that looks professional and unique, InFrame has the tools you need. With so many frames to choose from, it ensures that the one you choose always gives your photo a high-quality upgrade. The app has frame effects like blur, shadow, and text to enhance your snaps. InFrame offers artistic frame designs that get your photos noticed no matter where you post them!

Main Photo Frame Features:

  • Professional-level digital frames
  • Free and premium frames
  • Themed frames
  • Framing styles with blur, shadow, text, and more

Best Photo Frame App 3. Meitu

Best free photo frame app, Meitu App Interface▲ Metiu app interface

Best for: Meitu is best for creating stunning images with beautiful designed frames.

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.8 and 4.6

Meitu is an all-in-one photo editor and design creator that lets your creativity run wild. With over 200 filters, your photos will never look dull. Try one of the many pre-designed frames and stickers to add more interest to your images. Plus, it comes with AI features that auto-detect your facial features to add animated effects.

Main Photo Frame Features:

  • Customizable frames
  • Add text, stickers, and pre-designed frames
  • Create mosaic effects and cool collages in seconds

Best Photo Frame App 4. Framify

Best picture frame app, Framify App Interface▲ Framify app interface

Best for: When you want customizable, Framify has unique frame styles to improve your photos.

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.8 and 4.4

The Photo Collage Frame—Framify app has a fast photo frame editor that lets you make instant upgrades to your photos. It goes beyond what most apps offer for frame options with traditional photo frames, including wood textures, florals, custom frames to create a truly unique photo edit. The app also lets you change your frame color and add text to your frames to match your aesthetic and create a frame that enhances your photo.

Main Photo Frame Features:

  • Fast photo frame editor
  • Customizable frames
  • Change frame color
  • Add text to frame

Best Photo Frame App 5. PicFrame

Best free photo frame app, PicFrame app interfacePicFrame app interface (Source: App Store)

Best for: PicFrame is best for creating amazing frames with up to five photos

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.8 and 4.3

PicFrame is a photo frame app that helps you create stunning photo collages with minimal effort. With over 200 different layouts to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect template for any photo project. You can select photo effects and frames from the app’s extensive library, as well as add text, stickers, and more to create one-of-a-kind photo collages.

Main Photo Frame Features:

  • 100+ photo frames
  • Tons of photo effects
  • Sticker library

Best Photo Frame App 6. Picsart

Best free photo frame app, Picsart App Interface▲ Picsart app interface

Best for: Picsart is best for personlizing frames and adding to photos.

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.7 and 4.1

The Picsart app lets you create professional-level photos in seconds. You can try trendy designs and effects or get your creative hat on to design your own creations. Picsart comes with collage-making features like freestyle and photo frames that you can edit to match your style. The app lets you change frame styles and colors and add stickers and text to elevate your photos.

Main Photo Frame Features

  • Customizable frames
  • Create on-trend photo collages
  • Add text, stickers, and colors to your frames

Best Photo Frame App 7. Framic

Best picture frame app, Framic App Interface▲ Framic app interface

Best for: Framic is best for casual photo editors to create a story using photo frames.

Available: iOS only

Rating: 4.7

With Framic, you can add frames that look like polaroids, movie reels, classic solid frames, and more. Framic adds an artistic touch to your photos, and you can even add text to create a narrative element to your photo. Framic’s frames make you feel like you’re reliving the moment you captured all over again. The best part is that once you find a frame you love, you can quickly swipe and save it for later!

Main photo frame features:

  • Artistic frames
  • Swipe and save frames
  • Instagram-ready frames

Best Photo Frame App 8. PhotoDirector

Best photo frame app, PhotoDirector App Interface▲ PhotoDirector app interface

Best for: PhotoDirector is best for creating a themed aesthetic using its frame collections.

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.6 and 4.4

PhotoDirector has themed frame packs, including geometry, watercolors, and other stylized elements to match your photo aesthetic. PhotoDirector’s frames give your photos a postcard feel with both minimal and more exciting frame templates. You can even combine editing layers to enhance your style and get creative with the app’s existing features!

Main Photo Frame Features:

  • Themed frame packs
  • Express layering with frames and effects
  • Hundreds of frame templates

Download to bring your snaps to life.

How to Add Frame to Photo on iPhone & Android

Keep Reading to learn how to add a frame to your photo, just follow our step-by-step guide!

  • Step 1. Download YouCam Perfect
  • Step 2. Pick a Photo Frame Template You Like
  • Step 3. Save & Share Your Photo with Frame!

👉 Read: How to Add Frames to Photos

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Free Photo Frame App for iPhone & Android

Add frame to photos in a snap with YouCam Perfect’s extensive frame collections. When you combine frames with the app’s other features, you can create a stunning selfie in seconds. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android to explore frames for all occasions!

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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Photo Frame App FAQs

What’s the best app for photo frames?

The best photo frame app depends on how you want to use it. Explore hundreds of frames with these photo frame apps:

We recommend YouCam Perfect as the best overall photo frame app for its wide selection of frames that fit seamlessly onto any photo. The app’s frames are perfect for posting to social media, and you can find a frame for any aesthetic in its collections.

Is there an app for picture frame?

How do I get photo frames on my iPhone?

Download YouCam Perfect for iOS to access tons of free and premium frame templates. With the app, you can select any photo and add a fun and stylish frame to it.

How do I put frames around my photos?

Once you download YouCam Perfect, open the app and choose the photo you want to frame. Choose Frames and browse the app’s frame collections until you find your favorite. Then, tap the frame and save your edited photo!

Start Editing with Best Free Photo Frame App

Shared Materials by Strapi
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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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