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How to Create a Magazine Cover Like Adele’s Vogue Covers

Oct 29, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Create a Magazine Cover Like Adele’s Vogue Covers

Adele is finally back with a new album, and music lovers all over the world are rejoicing. To celebrate Adele’s triumphant return, Vogue made her the cover star for the November issue of both American Vogue and British Vogue, something that has never happened before (image source: Instagram @Adele). In this article, we’ll share some tips and tricks for recreating these now iconic magazine covers.

YouCam Perfect: The Best Vogue Magazine Cover Maker

The YouCam Perfect App is the best photo editing app to turn any photo into a Vogue magazine cover, thanks to all the tools and features like changing the background of your image. Not to mention, you have so many face editing tools available in the app, it’s so easy to get the look you want. All you need is vivid imagination to create an endless collection of photos, including recreating famous magazine covers. Read on to learn how to do this and more on the best editing app.

Download the YouCam Perfect for Vogue Magazing Cover Templates

Step 1. Choose a High-Quality Image

Change Original Selfie Background to a Solid Color Background

To be as flawless and beautiful as Adele, you will need to take a few pictures by yourself or by someone you know with a good eye for photography. Clothes matter too, so get your best dress or suit to look polished.

After a few shots, choose your favorite one to start creating magic. If needed, use a tripod to get a sharp image with high quality. A solid background is preferable, but you can also use our background tool to get a similar scene to what’s in Adele’s shots.

Step 2. Beautify Your Photo

Use Face Shaper and Eye Bag to Beautify Your Photo

As you might know, every magazine cover goes through editing. So, let’s add some edits to your photo to make it stand out from the crowd and look as good as Adele’s.To beautify your photo, everything you’ll need is right in the YouCam Perfect App. To start:

    Whatever you need to turn this into a flawless photo, you can find it here. The choice is yours to play with this feature to turn any picture into a fancy edit done by a photographer. The best part? All of our face editing tools will still make you look naturally beautiful.

    Step 3. Apply Magazine Cover Template

    Choose the Magazine Cover Collage Template You Like

    Once your fake vogue magazine cover-worthy picture is complete, you can set the template and make it look like it just came off the press. Don’t worry; you don’t need to learn any graphic design tricks to get this done. We have a library of dozens of collage templates to choose from.

    To get the cover for your chosen picture, follow these steps:

    • After editing the picture, go back to the first page
    • Go to Collage.
    • Click the Fashion style option.
    • Choose your favorite option to create the cover you want to showcase.

      Step 4. Edit Cover Text

      Having the cover and edited picture is almost the final result, but one thing remains: the magazine name. Here is how you upgrade your cover photo to a magazine cover:

      • After finishing the collage, go back to the main page.
      • Click Edit. Scroll to the right, and there is a Text button.
      • Type the details of the magazine cover.
      • Quick and easy, you just created your first magazine cover! 

      Have a recent photo worthy of a Vogue cover? You can also watch our tutorial and turn it into a professional photo with the tools and features from the best editing app out there — YouCam Perfect!

      Read More:

      Celebrate Adele’s New Music With Best Magazine Cover Editor, YouCam Perfect

      Carefully crafted and edited, you just did an amazing cover of a magazine, thanks to the help of the YouCam Perfect app. Adele, just like yourself, is looking her absolute best for everyone to admire. So share it with everyone on all your social media platforms and have them want to hire a team like yours to be just like a professional supermodel.

      You’re already listening to her new single on repeat. So, why not jump on the trend and create your own version of Adele’s Vogue magazine cover? Download YouCam Perfect on the Apple Store or Play Store and start editing your best selfies to get started.

      Article cover Image credit: Instagram @Adele

      Download the Best Vogue Magazine Cover Maker, YouCam Perfect

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