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Best App to Turn Your Pictures into Album Covers for Free

Mar 20, 2022 · 3 minutes read
turn photo into album cover with best photo editing app for iPhone and Android

Are you a DJ, an up-and-coming band, a podcast creator, or simply looking for a new way to communicate with friends? Then you know how important a well-designed album cover is. An album cover reveals your identity as an artist and helps grab the attention of new listeners. There are ways to create great album covers without any graphic design experience. In this article, we'll explore how to make an album cover using the best free app, YouCam Perfect.

Turn Picture into Album Cover with Frames

    How to Make An Album Cover [iPhone, Android]

    YouCam Perfect is the best free photo editing app that makes it super easy to create your album cover. To make an album cover, just follow these steps:

    1. Download the Album Cover Maker
    2. Apply Album Cover Frames
    3. Add Cover Name to Album Photos
    4. Overlay Effects on Album Cover

    Step 1. Download the Album Cover Maker

    The first step in making your own album cover couldn’t be easier — just download the YouCam Perfect app! It’s available for both iOS and Android, so your device doesn’t limit your access.

    Download YourCam Perfect to turn photo into album cover for iPhone and Android

    Step 2. Apply Album Cover Frames

    First Step to Make an Album Cover is to Apply Album Cover Frames to Your Photos

    One thing you should consider — your album cover should be square. That’s easy to achieve when you’re using YouCam Perfect to edit. Just follow these steps:

    • From the Photo Edit menu, choose the photo you want to use for your own album cover.
    • Select Crop & Rotate in Tools and then crop to 1:1.
    • From there, click on Frame and scroll through to find the format you like.

    Step 3. Add Cover Name to Album Photos

    Second Step to Make an Album Cover is to Add Cover Name to Album Photos

    Every album cover should have some sort of typography that lists the name of the album, your band or podcast name, the track name, and more. Luckily, YouCam Perfect offers numerous font options to showcase your personality, as well as multiple options for color and alignment.

    Want to take things to the next level? You can even add a text bubble to give your words even more of a pop. 

    Read More: How to Add Text to a Photo in 3 Easy Steps

    Step 4. Overlay Effects on Album Cover

    For a truly artistic touch, explore YouCam Perfect’s extensive collection of overlays. They allow you to instantly turn your picture into a cool and trendy album cover. You’ll notice that a lot of album covers play with light, shadow, and color, which is easy to do with the help of YouCam Perfect. 

    Last Step is to Apply Overlay Effects on Album Cover to Make an Album Cover Picture

    4 Album Cover Ideas with Different Overlay Types:

    • Lens flare. It’s perfect for adding a bright flash to your image to make it look like you’re caught in the sun rays or emitting an otherworldly glow. You can find this effect on the “Harem” album cover by Sarah Brightman.
    • Light leak. Light leak adds vibrant, multi-tonal light across the whole image. This is good for more abstract covers for an ethereal tone. A good example of this is Nina Nesbitt’s “The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change.
    • Scratch. Scratch is just what it sounds like — it adds cracks, shatters, and other jagged lines on top of your image. It provides a tough, hardcore effect that could work well for more intense projects. In his “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” album cover, 50 Cent uses this effect well.
    • Grunge. Grunge lets you apply different textures to your image. Depending on the image, you can make it appear scaly or splatted for a cool effect. MØ’s “Forever Neverland” is a good example of this.

    If you’re in a pinch, this is a great way to create a cool album cover in just a few seconds. Keep in mind, you can also use our templates as inspiration to create your own image. YouCam Perfect provides plenty of templates to work with and they are not limited to album covers only. So feel free to explore what YouCam Perfect has to offer and express your creativity.

    Why Make Your Own Album Cover

    Your music is your passion. And your album cover is your calling card as an artist and creator. It’s the visual representation of your creation, and it’s a good way to make your audience excited for what you have to offer. Or, perhaps, you’re feeling a surge of creativity and wish to recreate your favorite artist’s album cover. Whatever your goal is, YouCam Perfect will help you create all kinds of album covers.

    Download YouCam Perfect to Turn Picture into Album Cover

    The link between audio and visuals existed for a long time and has a long history. In many cases, the album art is just as iconic as the music itself. Consider The Beatles' “Abbey Road” album cover. The famous image of the band members crossing the street is cemented in history. The bright and bold banana on the cover of “The Velvet Underground & Nico” album is idealized. And how could we not mention Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album cover, still worn on T-shirts today? These album covers are so iconic and have inspired many generations of artists, so no wonder that they are frequently imitated.

    Easy Album Cover Ideas to Recreate with the Clone Tool

    Read More: How to Use the Clone Tool

    At the mention of any of those covers, you probably already had a mental image. You may have even started humming the associated songs. That’s because a quality album cover makes a lasting impression on a listener and helps with self-promotion.

    5 Things to Consider When Creating an Album Cover

    When you are making an album cover, you should also think about the following:

    • Who you are as an artist. For example, if you’re in a heavy metal band, your album cover should reflect that. It’s a way for you to tell the audience what to expect.
    • Who your audience is. You don’t want to sacrifice your personal creations to appease an audience. But you do want to try and meet or exceed what they’re expecting.
    • What kind of emotions you’re trying to evoke with your music or podcast. Is the goal of your project to be fun and upbeat? Or maybe you’re trying to paint a deep and insightful vision. Your cover art can support that.
    • What your theme will be. Every album cover has a theme, whether it’s abstract, landscape, architecture, or your own face.
    • Look for inspiration. The best way to get inspired is to look at other album cover ideas!

    Download YouCam Perfect: The Best App to Make Album Covers

    Easy create your very own album cover with YouCam Perfect! Download the best free photo editing app now on the App Store or Google Play to get started.

    Download YourCam Perfect, the Best Free App to Make Album Covers

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