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Sticker Maker: How to Make Custom Stickers on Your Phone

Nov 14, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Sticker Maker: How to Make Custom Stickers on Your Phone

Creating your own custom, personalized stickers and adding them to your photos is a great way to express your personality and have fun with your friends. In this article, we’ll introduce our new My Sticker feature in the YouCam Perfect app that will let you create unique custom stickers in a matter of seconds. Read on to learn more.

    Turn Photos Into Custom Stickers

    Lear How to Make Custom Stickers in Four Easy Steps

    Every great picture on your phone can be turned into a sticker. From your favorite selfie to a photo of your pet can be immortalized on the app. My Sticker will help you make personalized stickers on your phone in a matter of seconds. Remember, all the stickers you make will be saved into the app for future use.

    How to Make Your Own Stickers in 4 Easy Steps

    In four simple steps, you’ll find a picture, go to the Sticker tab, select the section you want to turn into a sticker, cut it out, and enjoy! 

    Step 1: Download The App

    Don’t have the YouCam Perfect app yet? That’s okay! Use this as your reminder that you can get it for free on both the Apple Store and Play Store.

    Download YouCam Perfect, The Best Sticker Maker App

    Step 2: Get Ready To Make Your Sticker

    Once you finish downloading the app, you can start making your stickers without using different apps. In the YouCam Perfect app, you will find everything you are looking for.

    Go to Sticker and Click My Sticker Feature on the Bottom

    How to Find My Sticker

    • Find a photo and upload it to the app to start editing.
    • Tap the Edit button on your last photo.
    • Once there, find the My Sticker button under the Sticker feature.

    Step 3: Cut Out & Create Your Own Stickers

    Cut Out the Image and Save to the Sticker Tool

    You can do so many things to choose from on the same screen, even alter the selfie or funny photo with a cool filter to make it more personalized! To finally turn your favorite photo into a sticker, follow these steps:

    • Choose the photo you want to start editing to turn into a sticker.
    • Click on the Cutout tool to start choosing the area you want to turn into a sticker.
    • You can use the Portrait mode and Smart Brush tools to let the app auto-select you or any main object from the picture.
    • Get creative! After carefully cutting the edges of your picture, you can now choose to put it everywhere you want. 

    Step 4: Add Your Personal Sticker Pack to Photos

    Create Your Own Stickers to Add to Photos

    Like any other picture on the YouCam Perfect app, you will find all the stickers you made on the My Stickers feature. Save each sticker and start building a stickers library for every amazing occasion.

    Save & Share Your Cool Sticker

    Don’t forget to share these stickers with your friends and family! Next time you miss a road trip or a family vacation, choose the picture you want and insert yourself to share with them how cool it will have been to be there too.

    Learn More: How to Use the Cutout Tool

    YouCam Perfect: The Best Photo Editing App for Making Custom Stickers

    YouCam Perfect is the best photo editing app for upgrading your photos, editing your face features, retouching your selfies, and so much more. Some of the things you can do on the YouCam Perfect App include:

    Read More: How to Use the Cutout Tool

    Make Pictures into Stickers With the Best Sticker Maker

    Never miss a moment, thanks to the YouCam Perfect app, the best app to transform any picture into a fun time. Download the app now to get started! Time to create your stickers and share them with friends! Available for free on the Apple Store and Play Store.

    Download the Best Sticker Maker to Make Pictures into Stickers

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