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Free Photo Text Editor: Erase and Edit Text in Image With AI
Photo Editing

Free Photo Text Editor: Erase and Edit Text in Image With AI

Mar 5, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Are you someone who's often staring down at an image, wishing you could just remove or overhaul its text without the hassle of professional software?

If your head is nodding in a resounding "Yes," this article is your free ticket to the editing wonderland.

We're about to take a deep dive into how you can erase and edit text in images with a simple, user-friendly tool that won't leave your wallet any lighter.

Free Photo Text Editor to Edit Text and Letters in Images Online

With a free photo text editor to add text to photos like YouCam Perfect, you can quickly and smoothly add or remove text to your photo, giving it that perfect added touch.

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*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, The Best AI Photo Editor App for iPhone & Android in 2023

The top 3 Features you can utilize with the free tool include:

Add Text to Pictures With 300+ Free Fonts

Learn how to Add Text to photos with best text to photo app▲ Different fonts in YouCam Perfect

Firstly, you can add text and letters to your images with YouCam Perfect's Text feature.

There were over 300 free fonts for you to choose from, and you can adjust the text placement easily!

More Than 50 Styled Fonts for Adding Text to Photos on iPhone and Android

Remove Text From Pictures With AI

Remove text from photo with AI before and afterSecondly, you can remove text from images naturally with AI. Simply use the AI Removal feature, select the text area, and let AI do its magic.

Read More: How to Remove Text From Images for Free

Edit Existing Text In Image

Lastly, by combining the AI Removal and Text features, you can also easily edit existing text in your images or PDFs.

Start by removing the text you'd like to change and select the same font style to change the text.

How to Edit Picture Text Online for Free In 3 Easy Steps

No matter what you decide to add to your photo, YouCam Perfect should be your first choice in a photo text editor.

Keep reading to learn how to add text to your images with YouCam Perfect.

Step 1. Open the Best Photo Text Editor

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Step 2. Add Text to Your Photo

Add Text to Your Photo in the best photo text editor▲ Navigate to Text Tool

Start by selecting which photo you’d like to add the text. Keep in mind that if your photo is too busy, you’ll have a harder time finding a place where the words fit in. Once you’ve selected your image, scroll to the left until you see the “Text” icon, and go ahead and tap it.

Step 3. Customize Your Text on Photo

Add Text To Photo and Select Text Font and Color With best add text to photo app▲ Change Text Colors, Fonts, and Much More

Next, you’ll have the chance to choose the color of your text. The YouCam Perfect app has dozens of colors to choose from, ensuring that you’ll find the best one for your photo. After you’ve selected the color of your text, you can move on to picking a font.

Your font selection will be a major contributor to the overall mood of the photo, so make sure to test out multiple options to find the best one for your specific image.

Step 4. Save the Photo

After finishing editing, tap the Save button on the top right to save your photo.

Extra Tip: Add Text Bubble to Photos With YouCam Perfect

Customize Your Speech Bubble Using Best Free App for iPhone and Android

YouCam Perfect has many different “Bubble” options, whether you’re looking for a note, a cartoon thought, a romantic callout, or anything else.

Read More: How to Add Speech Bubble to Photo


Adding some funny, inspirational, or heartfelt text to a picture is just the starting point for what you can create in the YouCam Perfect app.

With filters, animations, stickers, and many more options, you can create a masterpiece that includes every degree of creativity you can come up with.

Don’t just use average photos in your social media anymore — get the best photo text editor to photos today to get started! 

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Photo Text Editor FAQs

How Can I Add Text to a Photo on My Phone?

The app that can easily help users add text to photos is YouCam Perfect. To add your favorite quotes, add speech bubble for comic-like effects, or add embedded photo captions:

  • Tap Photo Edit and upload a photo
  • Scroll till you find the Text feature
  • Choose from 300+ font styles under Font
  • Select preferred styles under Bubble
  • Press Color to change text colors
  • Press Align to adjust the text position and alignments
  • As you're satisfied, press the green check to save your text edits

Which App Is Best for Text on Photos?

There are many apps to add text to photos. YouCam Perfect is the best app for text editing. It has incredible features to edit and add effects to your images. You can also use the AI Object Removal tool to remove the text in a picture so you can use your own words.

How Do You Edit the Text in a Picture on an iPhone?

While you can use the iPhone’s Markup option to add text, shapes, and more, the options are limited. The best way to edit the text in a picture on an iPhone is to download a photo editing app like YouCam Perfect where you can choose different fonts, styles, and colors.

How Can I Remove Text From a Picture?

To remove text from an image, you can use the YouCam Perfect app. All you have to do is go to Edit and click on the Removal magic wand icon. Trace around the text you’d like to remove and click Save.

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