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Photo Editing

How to Edit Your Body in Photos With the Best Body Editor App

Sep 28, 2021 · 4 minutes read

(Updated on September 28th, 2021)

It’s true what they say, “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” If you’ve ever been curious to see what you’d look like with broader shoulders or wider hips, you can now visualize the results in a matter of seconds with YouCam Perfect’s new Body Tuner tool. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can have fun exploring your body possibilities with one quick, free download and just a few taps.

YouCam Perfect: Best Body Editor App for Android & iOS

YouCam Perfect is well known as the premier photo editing app thanks to its multitude of features, all available to use at no cost. The app offers a wide selection of photo editing and beautifying tools, ranging from lip shaping to body shaping. Specifically, the Body Tuning tool can show you how you might look with a different body figure or when wearing clothes that might accentuate certain features.

Body Tune Editor

Top 5 Body Editing Tools in YouCam Perfect

The Body Tuner feature can be used with just a few taps, beginning with uploading the photo you’d like to adjust. Then, navigate to Beautify at the bottom of your screen, and scroll until you see Body Tuner. From there, you’ll be able to use the many tools available in the YouCam Perfect app and this particular feature. Let’s review the tools that will help you know how you might look with a different body figure .

  1. Enhance Body Curves
  2. Slim Your Body Shape
  3. Best Waist Shaper
  4. Protect Selected Areas
  5. Explore More Body Reshape Tools
Best Free Body Editor App

#1. Enhance Body Curves

Body Tune - Enhancer

The Enhancer aspect of the Body Tuner seeks to show you how your figure could slightly adjust and enables you to see that adjustment with the simple scroll of a slider. To make the adjustments, simply tap Enhancer and move the slider right or left to enhance your body.

To use this feature to the best of its abilities, adjust the circle on the screen so that it encapsulates your body on both sides. You can enlarge or shrink it, as well as swivel it from right to left for the most accurate adjustments. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Try!

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY BODY TUNER NOW.

#2. Slim Your Body Shape

Body Tune - Slim Your Body

The Slim feature in the Body Tuner tool is another that can show you how you might look with a slightly different shape. To see its adjustments, position the grid over the length and width of your body. Then, use the slider at the bottom of your screen to see how your figure looks with slight changes. This feature is great for inspiration, showing you how a higher heel or a wider dress shape could make your body appear different to the eye. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Try!

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY BODY TUNER NOW.

#3. Best Waist Shaper

Body Tuner Best Waist Shaper

If you’re in a hurry and just want a quick and effortless adjustment, try Body Tuner’s Auto Waist feature. The tool automatically detects your waist and adjusts it proportionally to achieve a natural effect. Of course, you can always make additional adjustments manually to get the look you want. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Try!

#4.Protect Selected Area

Best Free Body Shape Editor App

The name of this feature speaks for itself. Protect will protect the selected areas in your photo from being included in the Body Tuner’s adjustments. All you need to do is paint over the areas you wish to “protect” and Body Tuner will not modify those areas in any way. This tool will ensure you get the most accurate, precise, and natural-looking results each and every time. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Try!

#5. Explore More Body Reshape Tools

Outside of the Enhancer tool and the Slim tool, the YouCam Perfect app has several other features you can use to imagine a different shape of your body. The Body Shaper tool, for instance, allows you to adjust any aspect of your photo with just the drag of your finger. For more editing capabilities, you can tap Advanced to use the features of the Body Tuner or Slim tools.

Best Free Body Shape Editor App

For further editing and exploration, consider the Taller and Lip Shaper tools. Using the Taller feature, you can, of course, see how you’d look at a different height!

To use this tool, position the lines at your feet, midsection, and neck. From there, you can use the slider to raise or lower your height. The Lip Shaper feature will allow you to increase the overall size of your lips, or just the width or height. Before using this feature you’ll want to tap the face image in the upper lefthand corner of the screen to ensure the small dots are positioned on your lips, depending on whether your mouth is open or closed. Remember, these tools are best used for inspiration. If you desire to make changes to any part of your body, take a few minutes to adjust your form, then reference the photo over a period of time before you make any permanent or expensive adjustments. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Try!

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Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free Body Shape Editor App for iOS and Android

Now that you know how quick and easy it is to see your body in a different form with the YouCam Perfect app, you’re ready to give it a try! Remember, these changes are a good place to start for inspiration. All bodies are beautiful, but a few small photo edits can show you how you might look with a different emphasis. Thanks to the ease of the YouCam Perfect app, you can see these changes with just a few taps. Just download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android today to get started.

Best Free Body Shape Editor App for iOS and Android

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