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Free Face Editor: Best Face Reshaper App in 2024
Face Retouch/Reshape

Free Face Editor: Best Face Reshaper App in 2024

May 4, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best face editor youcam makeup

Using a face editor app allows you to enhance your photos by adjusting facial features with a few taps. It's a convenient way to improve the appearance of your selfies or portraits without needing extensive editing skills.

In this blog, we will introduce to you one of the best face reshaper apps of 2024: YouCam Makeup. Keep reading to learn more about its extensive face editing features and how to use them!

YouCam Makeup: Best Face Reshaper for Android & iPhone

Edit you face shape with the best editing app youcam makeup

YouCam Makeup stands out as one of the best face editor and reshaper apps available for both Android and iOS.

You can easily refine your facial features, adjust proportions, and experiment with various looks, thanks to its user-friendly tools and cutting-edge technology.

Adjust eyes, nose and lips using youcam makeup's reshape features.

Whether you're looking to subtly refine your features or completely transform your look, YouCam Makeup is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking to enhance their photos.

How To Reshape Your Face With YouCam Makeup

Before we dive into each face reshape feature's details, here's how to reshape your face in photos using the YouCam Makeup app:

  • Step 1: Download the YouCam Makeup app, available for Android and iOS.
  • Step 2: Tap Face Reshape and then upload a photo. (If you want to edit in live camera mode, tap Camera instead.)
  • Step 3: Reshape your face using the 20+ reshape features.
  • Step 4: Save and share your photo!

Download the best face editor and face reshaper app youcam makeup

Best Face Reshaping Features in YouCam Makeup

1. Edit Your Face Shape With 13+ Reshaping Features

slim your face with the best face editor app youcam makeup

Using advanced AI face recognition technology, YouCam Makeup allows you to adjust your face shape and slim your face in photos simply with a slide bar.

Under the Face Reshape tap, you'll find 13+ reshape features that help you edit your:

2. Edit Your Eyes With The Eye Tuner Feature

Edit your eyes with the best face editor youcam makeup

YouCam Makeup's Eye Tuner feature offers 5+ options to enlarge your eyes, and adjust the width, height, distance and angle.

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Once you're done adjusting your eye size and position, you can continue editing them with YouCam Makeup's retouch features for removing eyebags, and dark circles and brighten your eyes or change your eye color.

3. Edit Your Nose With The Nose Enhance Feature

Edit your nose shape with the best face reshaper youcam makeup

YouCam Makeup's Nose Enhance feature offers 7+ tools to enhance your nose, and adjust its size, shape and position.

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4. Edit Your Mouth With the Lip Reshape Feature

Edit your lips with the best face reshaper youcam makeup

With YouCam Makeup's Lip Reshape feature, you can adjust your lip size, width, height, and lip peak.

Additionally, you can use the app's Lip Plumper feature to plump your lips for a more voluminous look.

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Download YouCam Makeup: Most Extensive Face Reshaper App in 2024

In conclusion, YouCam Makeup is the best face editor and face reshaper app for Android and iPhone with the most extensive selection of reshaping features, that let you enhance any part of your face. Try new looks easily and instantly with just a few taps.

Download the best face editor and face reshaper app youcam makeup

Now that you've learned about the best reshaping features in YouCam Makeup, you’re ready to try them on for yourself! Simply download the free and easy-to-use app either iOS or Android app to get started.

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