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7 Best Free FaceApp Alternatives and Apps Like FaceApp [2024]
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7 Best Free FaceApp Alternatives and Apps Like FaceApp [2024]

May 24, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best and free Face App alternative apps

FaceApp is one of the most popular AI-driven face photo editors, but it doesn’t come cheap.

You might wonder if there are any more affordable options or if you can use some of FaceApp’s iconic AI simulation features with other apps. If these questions are on your mind, you’re in luck.

Best FaceApp Alternative to try an aging filter

Keep reading to discover the best free FaceApp alternative apps in 2024 and how they stack up against FaceApp, whether on functions or face editing efficiency.

Table of Contents
  1. YouCam Makeup
  2. FaceSwap Live
  3. Cupace
  4. Aging Booth 
  5. Meitu
  6. FaceLab
  7. Reface

Top 7 FaceApp Alternatives in 2024

App (Rating)Top functions
Youcam Makeup

(iOS 4.8, Android 4.4)

  • aging tool,
  • hair color & hairstyle makeover,
  • beard function,
  • face retouch
FaceSwap Live
(iOS 4.5, Android 3.0)
  • face swap in photos & videos,
  • photo animation
(Android 4.8)
  • face swap,
  • text & sticker tools
Aging Booth
(iOS 4.5, Android 2.6)
  • aging tool
(iOS 4.8, Android 4.4)
  • makeup,
  • teeth whitening,
  • hair colors & styles
  • face retouch
(iOS 4.6, Android 4.3)
  • beard filters,
  • aging tool,
  • cartoon filters
(iOS 4.8, Android 4.0)
  • face swap,
  • AI avatar,
  • photo animation

1. YouCam Makeup: Best FaceApp Alternative App Overall

YouCam Makeup App Icon

This app is free to download on iOS and Android, and it’s ideal for perfecting selfie photos. You can easily try advanced AI simulation features like aging, smile, and beard filters.

Best Free FaceApp Alternative Photo Editors YouCam Makeup

Plus, advanced selfie editing tools like changing photo backgrounds, editing clothes in photos, and of course, the best makeup filter selection, hair colors and styles.

Download the best Faceapp alternative youcam makeup

2. FaceSwap Live: Best App For Face Swap & Photo Animation

FaceSwap Live App Icon

FaceSwap Live lets you swap faces in photos and videos. It uses facial recognition technology to replace your face with others from a library or your own photos. The app features real-time face tracking for dynamic face swaps in videos. It's perfect for creating fun and entertaining content for social media or just having a good laugh with friends.

3. Cupace - Cut Paste Face Photo: Best App For Face Swap & Meme Creation

Cupace App Icon

Cupace is an Android photo editing app that simplifies the process of cutting and pasting elements from one photo onto another. It provides easy-to-use tools for basic image manipulation, making it great for creating memes, simple artwork, or customizing your photos.

4. Aging Booth: Best App For Aging Tool

Aging Booth App Icon

The Aging Booth app is an entertaining mobile application that offers users a glimpse into their future appearance. Using facial recognition technology, this app allows you to visualize how you might look as you age. Users can simply upload a photo of themselves or take a new one, and then apply the aging filter to see a realistic transformation.

5. Meitu: Best App For Face Retouch & Makeup

Meitu App Icon

Meitu is a popular photo editing app that allows you to enhance your pictures. The app offers a user-friendly interface, a variety of features including effects, filters, collage-making options, and the ability to retouch your photo.

6. FaceLab: Best App For Aging Tool & Beard Filters

FaceLab Icon

FaceLab offers a range of facial analysis and editing features. You can explore various aspects of your face, such as age, gender and emotion in a fun and engaging way.

7. Reface: Best App For Live Face Swap

Reface App Icon

The Reface app lets you swap faces live and on video. Whether you want to create GIFs, memes, or play around with a regular video, Reface lets you do that with its easy and intelligent platform.

Top 8 Free FaceApp Features in the Face App Alternative App

  1. Aging (Young & Old)
  2. Beard
  3. Gender Swap
  4. Smile
  5. Edit Face Shape
  6. Change Hairstyle & Color
  7. Add Makeup
  8. Virtual Try-on Glasses

FaceApp is famous for fun AI selfie transformations, like aging, smile, beard, and overall face retouching. As the best FaceApp alternative selfie editor, the YouCam Makeup App also supports all of these cool tools.

Read on to see the top 8 features in YouCam Makeup that are even more advanced than FaceApp.

Download the best free FaceApp alternative app YouCam Makeup

1. Face Aging in Photos (Young & Old)

Best FaceApp alternative to try young and old aging filter with precise age selection, YouCam Makeup.

Face aging is one of the most well-known features of FaceApp, which can help you see how you'd look like a baby, child, teen, or an older version of yourself.

Old Filter

Best free FaceApp alternative to know what will you look like when you're older.

With the YouCam Makeup AI Aging feature, you can select the exact age to see what you'd look like with AI simulation, rather than the limited options in the Face App.

Teenage Filter

Use the best FaceApp alternative to try a Teenage Filter

Thanks to YouCam Makeup, you can also get a glimpse of your younger self with the teenage filter!

Moreover, you can have fun exporting your aging results flexibly as video, before/after, and grid.

The YouCam Makeup aging can even detect how old you look.

Read More: How to Try Aging Filter in the YouCam Makeup App

2. AI Beard Filter

Use the best FaceApp alternative to try 15+ beard filters for free

AI Beard is one of the most fun and iconic features of FaceApp. If that's a feature you used the most in FaceApp, you cannot miss downloading the YouCam Makeup app, as it has many more options!

The beard filter in the YouCam Makeup app, which is also powered by AI, gives you the most natural beard simulation, with over 15 beard styles.

That's more than double compared with FaceApp's 7 beard options.

No Beard Filter

Best FaceApp alternative to try a no beard filter to remove a beard on photos.

What's even better, the YouCam Makeup app also offers a unique no beard filter, which can create a natural shaved effect, enabling you to see yourself without the beard.

Read More: How to Try 15+ Beard Styles With the YouCam Makeup App

3. Gender Swap

Gender swap is one of the most amusing features in FaceApp, now you can do it with YouCam Makeup too.

AI Avatar

Try the best FaceApp alternative for gender swap

Using the AI Avatar feature, you can create a digital representation of yourself and seamlessly switch your gender within the app.

AI Clothes Changing

Gender Swap with AI Fashion

The AI Fashion feature in YouCam Makeup allows you to transform your outfit styles, this also includes changing to different gender styles! Simply select Feminine or Masculine style then you can experience 30+ fashion styles in both genders!

4. Edit Smile in Photos

Try the best free FaceApp alternative to add a Smile filter to your photos

Smile is another famous feature in FaceApp, which you can use to create a natural smile on photos with their default setting.

The YouCam Makeup Smile feature can achieve the same result, but even better. The reason? Flexibility.

Edit nose, lips, eyes, and slim face in photos with the best FaceApp alternative app, YouCam Makeup.

With the YouCam Makeup app, users can adjust the intensity of their smile simply with a slide bar. Compared with FaceApp's limited options, users can get the ideal final result more easily.

Read More: How to Edit Smile for Pictures with The Best Photo App

5. Edit Face Shape in Photos

Try the best free FaceApp alternative app to reshape your face in photos

If you tap the FaceApp's Showcase button in the feature room, you will find there are mostly Impression features, which let you experiment with different face shapes and enhance certain facial features, like plumper lips, bigger eyes, and more.

Edit face shape and smooth skin in photo with the best FaceApp alternative, YouCam Makeup.

The YouCam Makeup app has even more powerful and complete face retouching and enhancing tools. With more than 25 face editing options, there’s something to perfect every part of your face.

The Mouth section has Lip Reshaping, Smile, and Lip Plumping features to get full lips like the FaceApp's Impression feature.

Best lip plumper app to edit your lips on photos, YouCam Makeup.

You can also try out the Face section to slim your face, enhance your nose, and reshape your face.

The Eye section allows you to enlarge the size and adjust the shape of your eyes. The level of retouching you achieve is totally up to you, so you can make subtle, realistic edits.

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6. Change Hair Color & Hairstyle

Try the best FaceApp alternative for AI hairstyle try-on

YouCam Makeup is the best AI hairstyle app for getting a realistic look at your next haircut. The app shows you 40+ hairstyles, from long wavy, and straight styles to short bobs and pixie cuts.

Read More: Best Free AI Hairstyle Changer On Photo in 2024

Try the best FaceApp alternative for virtual hair color try on

Like FaceApp, the YouCam Makeup app has tons of realistic hair color filters with trendy styles and cuts for women and men. However, the options are 2-3 times more than what FaceApp offered.

You can choose from more than 150 hair color options, from natural shades like brown and blonde to fantasy hues like purple and blue.

7. Add Makeup

Try the best FaceApp alternative to add makeup to your photos

With the YouCam Makeup app, you don’t have to spend hours trying to get picture-perfect makeup for your selfie photos. It has everything you need to get a flawless face, eye, and lip makeup in seconds.

You can choose from a huge selection of on-trend, predesigned makeup filter looks, making it easy to try out the hottest makeup. These looks are inspired both by what’s trending and pop culture from movies and shows.

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8. Virtual Try-on Glasses

Try the best FaceApp alternative app for virtual glasses try-on

The YouCam Makeup app is the best, free virtual try-on glasses app, available for both iPhone and Android. Powered by the most advanced AI technology, you can virtually try on up to 50 glasses styles in precise position and true-to-life 3D form, easily through the live camera of your phone.

Read More: Best Virtual Glasses Try-On: Find Your Perfect Glasses For Free

Download the Best Free & Safe App Like Faceapp

Download the best free FaceApp alternative app YouCam Makeup

FaceApp is one of the most popular selfie editor apps, but that doesn’t mean it trumps other apps. There are plenty of free and safe alternatives that are just as good, if not better.

YouCam Makeup is the best option if you want to get perfect selfies. With this app, you can remove signs of aging, retouch features, apply trendy makeup, and try out new hairstyles in no time. Download the free YouCam Makeup app for iOS or Android now to get started!

More Face Photo Editing Ideas

FaceApp Alternative FAQs

How much does FaceApp cost?

FaceApp is paid by subscription plans. In January 2024, for US users, a monthly subscription costs $10.00, an annual subscription costs $60.00.

What does FaceApp do?

FaceApp is a popular AI photo face editor to morph your face on photos, enabling face aging and gender swap. face feature changing and smile editing.

Is there a free FaceApp?

The best free FaceApp Alternatives in 2024 are:

YouCam Makeup

  1. FaceSwap Live
  2. Cupace
  3. Aging Booth
  4. Meitu
  5. FaceLab
  6. Reface
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