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How To Remove Pores On Selfies with the Best Face Editing App

Oct 15, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How To Remove Pores On Selfies with the Best Face Editing App

Pores are a natural part of your skin, but that doesn’t mean you always want to see them. Even with a great skincare routine, your pores can still show. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes you want to pull attention to other features.

You can try a new skincare product, use pore strips for nose pores, cover them with makeup, and all kinds of different methods. But if you’re looking for something quicker that doesn’t involve so much trial and error, the free YouCam Makeup app has everything you need to smooth your skin and clear it without getting expensive beauty products. Here, you’ll learn how to use YouCam Makeup’s tools and features to edit your selfies and get rid of unwanted visible pores.

How to Remove Pores On Your Selfies, Easy and Fast

A pore remover tool like the one that comes with YouCam Makeup takes away those little black dots that make your pores stand out. YouCam Makeup is the best pore remover app when you need a quick fix. The app gives you the same results as Photoshop but without all the extra steps. Follow this simple guide to make your pores disappear.

Step 1: Download YouCam Makeup App & Choose the Selfie to Edit

First, make sure you download the YouCam Makeup app for iOS or Android. Then, choose the selfie you want to edit from your phone’s photos. Open it in the app to start editing.

Step 2: Under the Retouch Tab, Scroll to Pores

At the bottom of the app screen, select the Retouch option. It will come up with several different editing options that you can use to edit your selfies.

Scroll through the tools until you get to the Pores option. Then, select the areas you’d like to retouch. It can help if you zoom into your picture, so you can get the smaller areas of your skin, rather than trying to guess at more detailed spots, like around your nose or chin.

Step 3: Retouch the Pores on Your Selfie as Much or as Little as You Like


YouCam Makeup will remove any pores you select as you edit. The pore retouch tool lets you create the texture you want, and it’s versatile enough that you can change the look of your pores as much as you see fit. 

When you select the Pores tool, the app will bring up a sliding bar at the bottom of the screen. If you only want to make minor touch ups, keep the bar over toward the left for minimal editing. But if you’re looking to create a completely pore-free image, slide it over to the right.


Other Face Editing Tools For Flawless Selfie

Aside from the pore remover tool, YouCam Makeup has plenty of other tools you can use to refine your selfie before you post it. If you have lots of things you want to touch up, you can go back to the Retouch tab and scroll along the bottom to see your options.

For example, the Uneven Skin Tone tool can remove any unwanted acne and blemishes. It works like the pore remover in that you select how much editing you want to do with the sliding bar. Then, once you select the blemishes and areas you want to change, the tool takes care of it.


You can also try the Dark Circles removal tool, which use advanced AI technology to auto-detect your under-eye area, and fix it with the most natural skin tone.


Other exclusive face retouch tools in YouCam Makeup app includes:

You don’t have to completely remove these features from your images, though. After all, you want to keep a healthy glow, and everyone’s skin is different. YouCam Makeup lets you highlight your best features and edit so that you show off the ones you like the most without detracting from your natural look.

Download YouCam Makeup: Best Pore Removal App

You can experiment with all of these editing tools and more. Download YouCam Makeup for iOS or Android to get started!

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