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Halloween Photo Edit: How to Look Like Halloween Characters
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Halloween Photo Edit: How to Look Like Halloween Characters

Oct 27, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Best Halloween Photo Editor App to Edit Your Face in Photos

Young and old, we all love Halloween movie characters! Between the costumes and the spooky themes, there’s no question why we come back to these movies year after year.

Turn into a Halloween movie character with the best Halloween photo editor

▲ Nun, Vampire, Pirate, Nurse, and more - turn into any Halloween character! ▲

Download the best ai Halloween photo editor app

Here, you’ll discover how you can look like Halloween movie characters without putting on any makeup or buying a costume. Instead, you’ll be relying on the amazing face editing and AI photo features of a free selfie editing app.

Best AI Photo Editor App for Your Halloween Edits in 2023

Get ready to elevate your Halloween photo game with YouCam Makeup, the ultimate Halloween photo editing app.

Download the best halloween photo editor app

With a wide selection of spine-tingling Halloween backgrounds, AI-powered Halloween selfie filters, and more, YouCam Makeup is your go-to tool for creating the most bewitching Halloween photos.

  1. Face Reshape Tools
  2. AI Halloween Selfie Filters
  3. Halloween Makeup Filters
  4. Halloween Costume Filters
  5. Halloween Backgrounds

1. Face Reshape Tools for Scary Halloween Photo Edits

The app offers hundreds of amazing features for your editing pleasure. One of the most important ones for replicating Halloween movie characters are the face-shaping tools.

Channel the spirit of your beloved movie characters like Chucky or the Corpse Bride using YouCam Makeup's Face Reshape tools.

You can easily adjust your overall face shape, including your jaw, cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose.

👉 4 Halloween Movie Characters Face Reshaping Ideas To Try

2. AI Halloween Selfie Filters For Eerie Halloween Photo Edits

Add spooky AI Halloween filters to your selfies

Elevate your Halloween selfie game with YouCam Makeup's enchanting Halloween selfie filters, turning every photo into a magical, costume-filled adventure!

3. Halloween Makeup Filters For Halloween Selfie Edits

Add cute and scary Halloween makeup filters to your selfies

Make your Halloween selfies truly enchanting by adding a touch of mystique with YouCam Makeup's captivating Halloween makeup filters

Embrace the spooky world of horror as you effortlessly become a possessed nurse, Frankenstein, or the devil with just a quick filter applied to your selfie!

4. Halloween Costume Filters For Halloween Costume Transformations

Add virtual Halloween costumes to your selfies

Whether you want to transform yourself into Wednesday Adams, a blood-thirsty vampire, or a witty pirate, YouCam Makeup's AI fashion tool makes any costume dreams come to life in just a few clicks!

👉 Gothig Halloween Costume Filters To Try in 2023

5. Halloween Backgrounds For Fun Halloween Photo Edits

Add halloween backgrounds to your selfies with the best Halloween photo editor

Unleash the spooktacular and transform your selfies into Halloween masterpieces with YouCam Makeup's hauntingly delightful Halloween backgrounds!

Download the best ai Halloween photo editor app

4 Halloween Movie Characters Selfie Ideas To Try

With the handy face editing app on hand, read on to discover four fun ways you can edit your Halloween Selfie to the next level, and look like your favorite Halloween movie characters without the help of so much FX makeup!

1. Tim Burton Corpse Bride X Eye Shaping


One of the most popular and recognizable Halloween characters is Emily from Tim Burton’s film, The Corpse Bride. Emily’s makeup look stands out thanks to her larger-than-life eyes, which you can also get with the YouCam Makeup app.

To do so, start by uploading an existing photo of yourself, or take one in the app. Then, tap Retouch and scroll until you see Eye Reshape. To replicate Emily’s look, simply adjust your natural eye shape both overall, and in width and height to really get that famed look for yourself.

➤ How to Make Eyes Look Bigger in Photos | Best Eye Editor App

2. Jigsaw Killer X Cheek Shape


Another popular Halloween character makeup look is that of the Jigsaw Killer from the immensely popular Saw movies.

To get this look, upload or take a photo that you’d like to adjust. Then, tap Retouch and Face Reshape. In that category, scroll until you see Cheek. Dragging the glider to the bottom of the screen will allow you to increase the emphasis on your cheeks, which is essential for re-creating this well-known spooky character.

➤ Best Cheek Filler App to Plump Cheeks in Photos in 2023

3. Maleficent X Jaw Shaping


Maleficent’s look is known for many things — her fierce eyebrows, cheekbones, horns, and, of course, jawline.

To get that striking jawline, start by uploading or taking a photo of your choice. Next, tap Retouch in the YouCam Makeup app. From there, navigate to Face Reshape and Jaw. Using the slider at the bottom of your screen, make your jaw thin to recreate Maleficent’s similar facial shape.

➤ Best Jawline Editor App: How to Edit Jawline in Photos for Free

4. Red Queen of Hearts X Lip Shaping


One of the most fabulous villains of all is the Red Queen of Hearts, who is, of course, known for her distinct makeup look.

To get that recognizable look of hers, begin by uploading the photo you’d like to adjust. Next, tap Retouch and then Lip Reshape. From there, you’ll see options for Overall, Width, Height, and Lip Peak. Explore the first three as you wish, but be sure to use Lip Peak to get that signature heart-shaped lip that the Red Queen of Hearts is so well known for.

Best Lip Shape Editor: How to Change Lip Shape on Photos

Download YouCam Makeup: Best Halloween Photo Editor

Download the best halloween photo editor app

Now that we’ve covered four spooky ways for you to edit your face like your favorite Halloween movie character, you’re ready to give these editing features and many others a try!

The YouCam Makeup app has more tools than you can imagine, ranging from face shaping, nose shaping, and eye shaping, all of which are perfect for editing a good selfie or seeing how your face would look with different adjustments.

Also, as the best makeup app on the market, YouCam Makeup offers up to 80 spooktacular Halloween makeup filters that will definitely make you WOW.

Get the app and start the best selfie editing journey now!

More Halloween Photo Edit Ideas

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