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Best Free Mean Girls Movie Inspired Makeup Filters To Try
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Best Free Mean Girls Movie Inspired Makeup Filters To Try

Dec 18, 2021 · 4 minutes read
Best Free Mean Girls Movie Inspired Makeup Filters To Try

The 2004 Mean Girls movie is a teen classic with iconic looks, quotes, and scenes resurfacing on social media for well over a decade. Cast members Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Tina Fey tackle serious themes like insecurity and social expectations of teens through humor and iconic scenes like “on Wednesdays we wear pink” and the "Jingle Bell Rock" Christmas show.

If you’ve ever wanted to look like one of the mean girls without having to become one, YouCam Makeup has the tools you need to style your hair and makeup in a way that brings out the glam. Keep reading to learn how you can use YouCam Makeup to make your own Mean Girls movie tribute!

Best ‘Mean Girls’ Movie Inspired Makeup Filters to Try

YouCam Makeup is the best makeup filter app for transforming you with new looks from your favorite films. It’s been trusted by beauty brands and movie companies with collaborations from classics like The Addams Family and Clueless.

The best makeup selfie app, YouCam Makeup, partnered with Paramount Plus to create two Mean Girls inspired makeup filters, relive the classic Jingle Beloo Rock and On Wednesday We Wear Pink looks.

YouCam Makeup has partnered with Paramount Plus, the only official streaming platform where you can now watch the 2004 Mean Girls movie. We’ve created two makeup looks based on iconic scenes from the film so you can show your love for it in style.

Look #1: Jingle Bell Rock

The Jingle Bell Rock look gives you a festive vibe, so you can use it to show your love for Mean Girls and get in the Christmas spirit. It’s modeled after the Jingle Bell Rock scene in the film when the Plastics and Lindsay Lohan perform a Christmas dance in front of the audience at the school’s Christmas show.

While the dance didn’t go as planned, you’ll have no problem getting your look right. This filter puts a 3D Christmas hat on you and adds a bright red lip like Regina George’s on stage. It also gives you the official Christmas show background with glowing spotlights behind you. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use YouCam Makeup’s hair color options to dye your hair blonde like Regina or Karen.

>> Download FREE YouCam Makeup App & Try!

Filter #2: Pink Plastics

You can wear pink on Wednesday or any other day with YouCam Makeup’s Pink Plastics look. With pink ombre hair and a vibrant pink lip inspired by the Plastics’ Burn Book that they used to start rumors and spread gossip, you’ll have what you need to be part of the group.

The “On Wednesdays we wear pink” icon shows up to one side, so everyone knows the reference right away.

>> Download FREE YouCam Makeup App & Try!

How to Try Best ‘Mean Girl’ Movie Inspired Makeup Filters

Getting these makeup filters is easy with YouCam Makeup. Just follow these steps to become one of the Plastics:

  1. Download YouCam Makeup for iOS or Android.
  2. Tap the Makeup Cam.
  3. Choose the Background category and scroll to find the Candy Gram look to apply the Jingle Bell Rock filter.
  4. For Pink Plastic, go to the Live Frame category and scroll to the Pink Plastic filter.
  5. Snap your picture.
  6. Edit your hair color or retouch your face, if you want.
  7. Save to your camera roll or share on social media right away!

Download YouCam Makeup:  Best App to Try Mean Girls Makeup Filters

A classic movie inspires classic looks. Use these stunning filters to create your own to share with friends, family, and followers.

Download YouCam Makeup for iOS or Android to explore even more flashy looks fit for the big screen!

Download YouCam Makeup, best selfie editing app for makeup and retouch for free on iPhone and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mean Girls a Disney movie?

Mean Girls is not a Disney movie. It’s a Paramount Pictures film, which is not owned by Disney.

Who wrote the movie Mean Girls?

Tina Fey wrote the Mean Girls screenplay. She based the story on a self-help book written by author and educator Rosalind Wiseman, as well as taking some elements from her own life.

Where can I watch the Mean Girls full movie?

Paramount Pictures is the only place you can watch the official Mean Girls full movie.

How can I do Mean Girls Burn Book makeup?

YouCam Makeup’s Pink Plastics look is inspired by the Burn Book in the film. With pink hair and makeup, you can sport a look with the exact shade of pink of the Burn Book cover.

Try Best Mean Girls Makeup Filters With The YouCam Makeup App Now!

Download YouCam Makeup, best selfie editing app for makeup and retouch for free on iPhone and Android.

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