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Here’s How To Get The Perfect 90s-Inspired Style with Clueless Filters
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Here’s How To Get The Perfect 90s-Inspired Style with Clueless Filters

Sep 4, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Here’s How To Get The Perfect 90s-Inspired Style with Clueless Filters

Paramount Pictures' classic comedy movie Clueless launched some of the most iconic beauty, fashion, and catchphrases of the 90s. In celebration of the film, YouCam Apps has partnered with Paramount Pictures to bring you Clueless-inspired hair, makeup and accessory looks. Try on the looks now in YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect to get the ultimate 90s style.

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How To Try-On 90s-Inspired Styles with YouCam’s Clueless Filters

YouCam Makeup is the best makeup app for beauty trend inspiration. This season, you can bring a little 90s nostalgia to your look with Clueless-inspired filters. To try on beauty looks inspired by the iconic 90s comedy movie, go to the “store” section of the YouCam Makeup app makeup camera and scroll down to the “Clueless” category.

Visit this section to try on two Clueless-themed filters and get inspired by Cher Horowitz’s flawless 90s style!

Look 1: School Day 90 Style


In this 90s cult classic comedy movie, Cher Horowitz is the most fashionable teenager in Beverly Hills. Select the “School Day” filter in the YouCam Makeup app to try on Cher’s signature blonde hair and soft yet glamorous makeup. This filter also features a few of Cher’s quintessential accessories from the film, including a flip phone and fuzzy pink pen.

No Clueless-inspired look is complete without the movie’s most iconic look- Cher’s yellow plaid outfit. This fun filter will incorporate the yellow plaid design as an image or video background. Snap your selfie today and share it with your friends. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Look 2: Shopping Spree


In the classic teen movie Clueless, the mall is one of Cher’s favorite places to hang out. Select the “Shopping Spree” filter in the YouCam Makeup app to try-on a 90s-inspired deep berry lip color and lip liner along with a shiny, golden blonde hair color. A mall-themed background complete with shopping bags gives the look the ultimate Clueless-inspired finish. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!


How to Access Clueless Inspiration in YouCam Perfect

Want even more Clueless inspiration? Access 90s inspiration in YouCam Perfect, the best photo retouch app. YouCam Perfect lets you apply beautiful effects to your selfies, crop and filter your images, and even retouch the background elements of your photos. 


In the YouCam Perfect app, you can apply animated Clueless-themed stickers to your photos. Decorate and enhance your photos with Cher’s flip phone, fuzzy pink pen, shopping bags, 90s choker necklace, and even Cher’s iconic catchphrase “Ugh, As If!”. You can add stickers and arrange in your photo to create a unique, Clueless-inspired shot.


Get Your Perfect Cluess Selfies Now!

With so many amazing 90s-inspired makeup looks and iconic photo add-ons, these Clueless-themed filters are sure to take your photos to the next level. Download the YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect apps to create your ultimate Clueless look and access 90s beauty inspiration.

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