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3 Best Blemish Remover Apps for Video in 2022

Sep 30, 2022 · 3 minutes read

We always want to look our best on our social media videos, whether that be for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform. But sometimes there’s one small thing that prevents it — a blemish! We all get them, and it’s equally annoying whether you’re creating videos for the first time or you are a seasoned pro.

Blemish remover for video

Blemish remover apps can help you:

  • Fine tune your videos.
  • Give you the confidence your video will shine.
  • Focus on the most important thing - your content.

Read on to find out the best blemish remover apps.

In this article:

3 Best Blemish Remover Apps for Video in 2022

So you want a blemish remover that works on videos — not just photos — but where to start? There are many options available to you, including:

  • YouCam Video
  • Facetune
  • VSCO

We’ll review all of these options soon, just keep reading to learn more about each one.

Blemish remover for video

When we’re looking for a new app to use, most of us rely on a recommendation from a friend, or even better, reviews from others. Many video editing apps:

  • Can't remove blemishes from videos
  • Don’t allow for face editing

We’ve gathered a list of some apps here for you to showcase their differences and what’s available to you right now.

1. YouCam Video

Blemish remover on video

Score: 4.7


+ AI technology instantly identifies blemishes for quick removal

+ Conceal, brighten & smooth wrinkles

+ Retouch facial features easily

+ Tons of other effects & features to enhance videos


- Retouch can look airbrushed

- Lacks more in-depth video editing functions

Blemish remover on video

If you’re looking for an app to use to remove blemishes in your videos, we suggest looking to YouCam Video first. One of the reasons it is the supreme choice is because it offers multiple features for blemish removal — face smoother, concealer, smoother, and brightening.

  • Smooth skin & remove wrinkles in a tap
  • Remove lip wrinkles
  • Brighten skin for a glowing complexion
  • Plump lips

Blemish remover on video

2. Facetune

Score: 4.6


+ Smooth skin easily

+ Conceal blemishes in a few ways

+ Touch-up with makeup


- Retouch can look fake

- Less control over amount of retouch in comparison to other apps

Like YouCam Video, Facetune also offers a few choices for removing blemishes. You can use retouch, smoother, conceal, touch up, or one of the makeup tools to cover anything that you deem unsightly.


Score: 4.7


+ Filters for days

+ Can adjust skin tone


+ Can't retouch blemishes

+ Retouch features are limited

Those who have considered editing their photos or videos in the past will have likely heard of VSCO. Although the app does offer many features, VSCO only has basic video editing tools. While you can adjust skin tone, you cannot remove blemishes specifically.

How To Remove Blemishes On Video Step By Step Guide

Should you choose to utilize YouCam Video for your blemish removal, these steps to do so are very simple.

Here’s how to use a blemish remover app on your videos:

1. Download YouCam Video

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Remove Blemishes On Videos

First things first, you’ll want to download the YouCam Video app on your preferred device.

2. Upload Your Video

Blemish remover for video

  • From there, upload the video you’d like to edit.

3. Cut & Choose Orientation

  • Edit the length of your video.
  • Portrait videos work best (9:16), but square is also good.
  • A clear headshot works best.

4. Remove Blemishes!

To remove blemishes:

  • Tap on Retouch at the bottom of your screen.
  • Remove blemishes with concealer
  • Brighten skin with brightener or smooth skin with skin smoother.

Blemish remover for video

Choose from the various retouch features available to remove your blemishes:

  • Smoother
  • Concealer
  • Face Smoother

Blemish remover on video

5. Save & Share Your Video!

  • Save your video in HD, 720p, 1080p, 2k & 4k.
  • Edit bitrate
  • Edit frame rate
  • Save your video & share it to your favorite socials!

Download YouCam Video: The Best Blemish Remover App for Video

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Remove Blemishes On Videos

We all need some retouching on our videos, especially if it’s to remove a pesky blemish! To edit them yourself in just a few taps, simply download the free and easy-to-use YouCam Video app for iOS or Android app now to get started.

Best Blemish Remover App for Video: FAQs

1. Is it possible to retouch a video?

You may have thought that editing was only limited to photos and still images, but you might be surprised to learn that you can also retouch a video! There are several apps and websites on the market that can make it happen for you without too much trouble.

2. Can you beautify a video?

You can beautify a video! Editing isn’t just limited to lighting, frames, or cropping anymore. You can change your hair color, adjust features on your face, and even add AI effects with an app like YouCam Video.

3. How to retouch a video on Android?

Sometimes it can be frustrating to hear about an app that allows you to retouch a video, only to discover that it isn’t available for Android devices. Luckily, the YouCam Video is available for both iOS and Android, so anyone can take advantage of its technology.

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Remove Blemishes On Videos

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