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How To Send A Happy Holidays Message with Video

Dec 4, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How To Send A Happy Holidays Message with Video

If you can’t get together with your friends and family this holiday season, send them a special holiday greeting! You can go with traditional Christmas cards or step it up with a Happy Holidays message on TikTok you can share with as many people as you want.

YouCam Video has all the features you need to give your video a festive touch to send love and well wishes to everyone you care about this season. Create a unique and fun selfie video with your whole family to send using the YouCam Video app.

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YouCam Video: Best Video Editing App for Creating Special Holiday Greetings

YouCam Video is the best video editing app for adding effects to your selfie videos. You can choose which features to change, add background effects, and include animation. All you need to do is select the options you want to apply and you're away.

You don’t need any fancy equipment — YouCam Video is free! Make your message sparkle with a huge collection of edits to add to your video, whether you want animation, background effects, or makeup.

How to Add Creative Video Effects to Your Holiday Messages

Making edits to your holiday videos is easy with YouCam Video. All you have to do is follow these steps to get started:
  1. Download YouCam Video.
  2. Choose the video you want to edit.
  3. Explore all the ways you can create a special holiday greeting video below.
  4. Download the app!

1. Holiday Sparkle

This simple effect adds a soft, shimmering to your video to make you shine like gold this holiday season. You can add a little extra brightness to your TikTok holiday video by going to AI effects in YouCam Video and choosing Bling. You can explore many options for sparkle animation that you can add to your whole video or a specific part!

Happy Holidays Message

2. Shining Stars

Make your loved ones’ holiday season brighter with the shining star effect! These colorful stars decorate your video with soft blues, purples, and pinks. Watch them fall around your selfie video for a magical look. You can add this effect by selecting AI effects in YouCam Video under Bling and choosing the shining stars option.

Happy Holidays Message

3. Starry Night Scene

When you don’t want animation, but you do want to add something extra to your video, the starry night scene gives you the atmosphere you’re looking for. Add the evening sky to your video with a deep blue and black sky and whimsical, vibrant yellow stars in the background around you. Get the effect by going to AI effects under Scene and find lots of scenes to choose from to give your holiday message a cozy vibe.

Happy Holidays Message

4. Shining Outline Effects

The shining outline has a fantasy effect that surrounds you with holiday magic. The outline gives you a subtle, soft look that makes you appear to glow. You can find it under AI effects when selecting Border and many other border effects that make you stand out in your holiday message!

Happy Holidays Message

5. Sparkles Like Snowfall

If you’re looking for a seasonal effect, these snowy sparkles will give your holiday greeting a festive, wintry touch. These sparkles fall like Christmas snow around everyone in your selfie video, and the animation makes it look like you’re really in a winter wonderland. Plus, you can start a TikTok trend without having to brave the cold! To get it, go to Effects and scroll along the bottom options to select it for your video.

Happy Holidays Messages

Try the Best Video Editing App to Create Stunning Holiday Messages

Now that you know how to make your videos shine, explore YouCam Video to get all the video effects you need to make a creative TikTok holiday greeting. Download YouCam Video for iOS or Android to get started!

Happy Holidays Message

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