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Introducing YouCam Video the Best Face Editing App for Video
Video Editing

Introducing YouCam Video the Best Face Editing App for Video

Dec 30, 2022 · 3 minutes read

In the spirit of creating TikToks or video clips you can't stop watching, we’re excited to introduce you to YouCam Video, the world’s first full makeover and retouch face editing app for videos.

Whether you're creating videos for TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, or any other social media you’re on, YouCam Video can help bring your content to the next level.

👀YouCam video at a glance:

Create your ideal style on your videos, easily edit your face and videos as much or as little as you like to create the look you want.

Retouch or reshape your face, apply makeup filters, create your own makeup filter, edit your videos with filters, effects & more instantly with YouCam Video.

▲ Highly detailed face editing tools you can use to perfect your videos.

How can you edit your face instantly with YouCam Video? There's a whole host of reshaping & retouch tools you can use to edit your videos in just a few taps. 

  • Smooth skin & remove wrinkles
  • Remove acne blemishes
  • Reshape your face, eyes, lips & more

Remove wrinkles, smooth skin, remove blemishes & acne blemishes on video.

Besides skin retouching & reshaping, you can also: 

  • Apply full virtual makeup looks
  • Create your own makeup filter
  • Try preset beautifying face filters

Try makeup face filters on your videos

If you want to take your TikToks, IG Reels, or YouTube Shorts to the next level you can also try out hair color filters for your videos. Choose from a wide range of hair color filters including:

  • Single color
  • Dip-dye hair color
  • Ombré hair color
  • Rainbow hair color, mermaid hair color, unicorn hair color & more!

Read on to learn more about this easy to use face editing app for videos.

What Is YouCam Video?

YouCam Video is an exciting new app available for iPad, iOS and Android devices that lets you make over your selfie video in a matter of just a few taps. Using the power of smart AI technology, there are tons of amazing face editing & video editing features to make your selfie videos stand out including:

  • Makeup
  • Hair color
  • Face retouch & face reshape
  • Beautifying filters
  • Animated filters & effects
  • Video editing tools

YouCam Video selfie video editing app

For the first time, you can beautify your selfie video all in one place with in-depth makeup editing, including:

  • Lipstick
  • Eyeshadow
  • Contour, highlight & blush
  • Eyebrow shape & color editing
  • Eyelashes & eyeliner
  • Hair color

YouCam Video also features full makeup look collections with face art for special occasions.

Retouching features include:

  • Face slimming
  • Skin smoothing
  • Nose reshaping
  • Eye shaping
  • Lip shaping & more.

Get plumper lips on video with YouCam Video

Why Is YouCam Video the Best Face Editing App for Video?

You can edit selfie videos with a whole range of makeup features, face retouching, and filters, from anywhere up to a minute for free app users. Premium users can edit any length of selfie video.

Face reshaping, lip plumping & more

Slim your face on videos with YouCam Video

YouCam Video's in-depth face reshaping tools let you:

  • Reshape your face
  • Slim your face
  • Enlarge your eyes
  • Change your nose shape
  • Adjust your jawline & much more.

Reshape your lips, plump your lips, and more

Lip plumping and reshaping with YouCam Video is also effortless with tools including:

  • Lip plumping
  • Change lip height, shape, width & more
  • Remove lip wrinkles.

Skin smoothing & retouch

Smooth skin, remove wrinkles, airbrush your skin on video

Fine tune your selfie video with easy-to-use retouch features including:

  • Skin smoother
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Conceal blemishes
  • Brighten skin & more

YouCam Video has in-depth retouch tools to remove any blemishes or wrinkles.

Makeup filters

Try a range of makeup filters and beauty filters for your videos

Express yourself with a wide variety of makeup looks, including:

  • Preset makeup filters
  • Makeup looks including face resphaping
  • Natural makeup looks
  • Glam makeup looks

Create your own makeup looks on your videos.

YouCam Video lets you create your own makeup filters.

Not only can you try preset makeup filters, you can also create your own makeup filters using YouCam Videos makeup tools including:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner, eyelashes & eyebrows
  • Lipstick
  • Blush, highlight & contour
  • Face art

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Download YouCam Video Now

Hair color

Try hair color filters on  your videos

If you’ve ever wanted to try a new hair color, you can do that too! Try a range of realistic hair color filters including:

  • Single color, natural & colorful hair colors
  • Two-toned & dip-dye
  • Ombré hair color
  • Multicolor hair color & more

Filters & effects

YouCam Video has a wide variety of filters and effects for your videos including:

  • 700+ video filters
  • 450+ animated stickers
  • Filters including kira kira sparkle, glitter, galaxy effects & more

Try animated filters & effects with YouCam Video

Video editing tools

Not only does YouCam Video have creative ways to edit, but it also has classic editing tools including:

  • Brightness, contrast, light/dark
  • Exposure, sharpen, saturation
  • Blur background

YouCam Video also lets you add those final flourishes too including:

  • Add text
  • 70+ fonts
  • Add music
  • Library of 750+ songs

Add text to video

What Makes YouCam Video Different From Other Video Editing Apps Like Facetune?

YouCam Video the best face editing app for video

YouCam Video, unlike other video editing apps such as Facetune, has a whole host of makeup & retouch tools for you to retouch your selfie video.

  • Adjust eyebrow shape & color
  • Change hair color (single color and ombré)
  • Apply eyeshadow in many patterns
  • Try lip color & textures
  • Reshape eyes, nose, lips & more.

Try preset makeup filters with makeup & face reshaping

  • YouCam Video has an extensive makeup collection with one-touch looks you can try and adjust; Facetune only has lipstick colors you can change.
  • YouCam Video has a detailed collection of retouch and reshape tools powered by smart AI; Facetune's reshaping and retouch tools for video are not as extensive or powerful.
  • YouCam Video lets you edit videos with basic editing solutions like trimbrightening, contrasting, and more; Facetune only focuses on face retouching.
  • YouCam Video lets you use dramatic and stylish AI-animated effects to all your selfie videos; Facetune doesn’t have options for animated overlays or effects.
  • YouCam Video has no limit to the video length you want to edit; Facetune has short video length options.
  • YouCam Video has a free option with plenty of filters and retouching options; Facetune has limited tools you can try before subscribing.
  • YouCam Video lets you play with your hair color and hair effects; Facetune doesn’t have options for hair editing.

Try a variety of filters for your videos including animated glitter filters.

How Does YouCam Video Work? What Is the Tech That Powers It?

YouCam Video is built on powerful AI technology from the popular YouCam Makeup app. This means users can see highly accurate results on video edits instantly in real time, and there are no tedious processing times so you can get your video edits without waiting. 

Does YouCam Video Cost Anything?

Create your own makeup filters or try preset makeup filters on your videos

YouCam Video is free to download for iPhone from the App store. Free users can enjoy many makeup tools including:

  • Lipstick
  • Blush, foundation & highlight
  • Eyebrow editing
  • Hair color filters
  • 100+ video editing filters & effects to create your aesthetic selfie video.

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Download YouCam Video, best free video editing app for video filters, adding music to videos, and video beauty filters.

Premium users can enjoy extra features including:

  • Eyeliner
  • Eyelashes
  • Extra lip color textures including, gloss, metallic, holographic & more.
  • Unlimited uses of face reshaping & retouch tools
  • Access to special premium makeup collections, effects filters.

Try preset makeup face filters

Why Should I Download YouCam Video?

YouCam Video is available for iPad, iOS & android devices and is a unique way to express yourself in your selfie videos for IG, TikTok, YouTube, tumblr and more. 

  • Create your own unique aesthetic video clips with a range of makeup and beautifying filters that can be as heavy or as light as you want.
  • If you want to only add an aesthetic filter, YouCam Video can do that.
  • If you'd love to try a different hair color, YouCam Video can do that too. 
  • YouCam Video is a place for you to create whatever aesthetic or look you want in your own way.

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Video Now

Want to find out how you can create your own amazing selfie videos? Download YouCam Video for free and start creating your own aesthetic makeover videos now!

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