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New Year's Eve Video: Try out Virtual Makeups on Your Shorts
Video Editing

New Year's Eve Video: Try out Virtual Makeups on Your Shorts

Dec 29, 2023 · 3 minutes read
New Year's Eve Video: Try out Virtual Makeups on Your Shorts

New Year’s Eve is a time to party; find your perfect New Year’s makeup look for those countdown videos and create a special New Year’s TikTok to share with your friends and family.

New year's eve video

YouCam Video: Best Video Editing App for New Year’s TikToks

2024 New Year's Eve Video

New Year’s Eve might be the most important celebration for most people. The gathering, writing wishes, partying until the first ray of sunshine, and of course, showing the most beautiful makeup looks on TikTok.

Whether your makeup is still on point by midnight or you want to try a cool makeup style, you can create a NYE-worthy look with few simple clicks.

The YouCam Video app will help you get the perfect look without putting too much thought into it. With countless ready made makeup options to choose from, it’s never been easier to go viral! Upload your favorite TikTok video and look fresh and stylish with these one-tap makeup looks.

How to Create Memorable New Year’s Eve 2024 TikToks?

Get ready to dance, experiment with different transitions, and share your video on the YouCam Video app. The excitement begins after the upload. Follow these steps:

  • Record your video and select your favorite take to upload to the app.
  • Now, dive into the fun part with the unique makeup looks we've curated for videos.
  • Discover our top five favorite makeup styles to craft the perfect New Year’s Eve video!

New Year's Eve Video Ideas and Looks

1. Golden Glam

New Year's Eve Video TikToks

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with golden times. Is it even New Year’s Eve if you’re not rocking a sparkling champagne look?

But instead of actually dealing with glitter and making a mess, we have a better option. The YouCam Video app can help you glow while celebrating New Year’s Eve with your family and friends.

This look gives you a golden eyeshadow with a touch of sparkly accessories. It has a bit of glamour but not so much that it might seem overly dramatic.

2. Gilded Glam

New Year's Eve Video TikToks

Tired of the same dull makeup looks? On the YouCam Video app, you can have a variety of makeup looks that look like it was done by a makeup artist. Go for a bedazzling look without having to spend a dime on rhinestones.

Gilded Glam comes with exotic eye makeup that lets everyone know you're ready to party into 2024. It also includes a shiny pink lipstick that adds a highlight to your lips.

3. Gold Glitz

New Year's Eve Video TikToks

Glitz and New Year’s Eve go hand-in-hand, and we love every second of it! Sometimes achieving that perfect golden eye look can be tricky, so we added a complete gold glitz eye makeup look for you.

The Gold Glitz gives you a more subtle appearance, adding a touch of golden eyeshadow and cat-eye eyeliner to make your eyes pop. It's perfect for those who prefer a natural makeup look.

4. Silver Shine

New Year's Eve Video TikToks

Cold tones can be the most intriguing ones to catch on New Year’s Eve, but they sure do make an entrance. Everybody loves a gold-silver moment, and you can undoubtedly get yours with the YouCam Video app.

Instead of the usual eyeshadow applied above your eyes, the Silver Shine brings silver eye makeup to your lower lash line. It's the ideal makeup for a party or night out on New Year's Eve.

5. Plum Glam

New Year's Eve Video TikToks

If you don’t care too much about eye makeup, why not go for a bold lip instead. Plum Glam is created to enhance the lips of anyone who wants to go for a more dramatic NYE makeup.

The Plum Glam may not be everyone's cup of tea. It's better suited for those girls who want to experiment with a more daring look in 2024, featuring purple eyeshadows, curled lashes, and shimmery purple lips.

More Highlighted Features

Try using our preset features to add the 2024 New Year vibe with just a click. 

You can also remove your video background to throw in different New Year Eve's settings!

Try the Best Video Editing App to Create Stunning NYE Videos

Have fun with your TikTok videos this year using the best video editing app! Download the YouCam Video app and get started.

New Year's Eve TikToks

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